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Ganeshia vs. the dragon 2 By Strega -- Report

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The dragon's orgasm distracts him for too long; before he can recover, the elephant woman has her meal.

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Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

This is more nudity then I expected. Not a bad thing, though. Her post on the first panel (on the very top) is actually pretty cool! Not a eating position I remember seeing out of the many many drawing you did. Very nice drawing. -Eka


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

Aww.. poor sexy dragon type


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

Poor, sexy, soon-to-be-digested dragon type. 83


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

hmm must operate... wheres a scalpel :P


Posted by Anonymous 14 years ago Report

i am in agreeance with the first poster about the first panel...that is a way-sexy position for a pred.


Posted by yourprey 9 years ago Report

would love a bj like this! looks amazing! and to cum while being swallowed, whooo. hott. ^_^


Posted by MrBlue 8 years ago Report

this is to nice o.o


Posted by tailsjordan 7 years ago Report

LOL this is one of the most easy ways to catch a prey xD a good one, indeed


Posted by Kali 6 years ago Report

I wonder what would Ganesha say about this :p


Posted by nc 1 month ago Report

In my eyes Ganeshia is one of the most gentle and yet ruthless predators you can find in the Stregaverse. There is something especially about this page that makes me return to this story again and again even after years.

First of all it is her facial expression, especially the look in her eyes. I see such a soothing almost maternal quality in them. There is no greed or malicious intend in them. Just the calm knowledge of what her place is - and what is yours.

Then there is the way she physically subdues you by pressing down on the arms, making squirming and flailing around impossible. She even keeps the wings under control by this.

And to top it all? She distracts your mind, too, forcing you to focus on more... shall we say... primal instincts. The knowledge that you shouldn't give in... and yet it is just too tempting not to... ah, that is so delicious.

I really love Ganeshia. She is physically strong - and yet so elegantly soft in the way she hunts her prey, that it steals my breath away. Wonderful piece of work.


Posted by Strega 1 month ago Report

You are pretty open minded about a lady who from all appearances meant to eat the dragon from the moment she met him. 83


Posted by nc 1 month ago Report

I blame you for it as you drew her this way:
She convinced me with a bat of her soft eyes :)