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Goodbye kiss aftermath By Strega -- Report

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And up come the indigestibles.

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Posted by Psycho 14 years ago Report

Verrah Awsome Vore Series

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 10 years ago Report

I'm having trouble find the other parts. Can you help?


Posted by Strega 10 years ago Report

They are all on this page:

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 10 years ago Report

yeah I'm sorry I didn't think that through before I replied. Thanks Strega.


Posted by 176809 8 years ago Report

i wonder if there could be a story for this somwhere along the lines of nyessa had a mutation so rare it was allmost mythical that she could swallow things whole. her pals had bet she could not eat a whole roast hog at a beach party which she did. the idea of actualy eating someone repused her immensly,that was untill her family had been caught by terrorists and brutally slaghterd to make thier point.the goverment agencys were at total loss to capture the terror ists and had tried everything offering vast sums of money for reward to no avail untill, someone said it's a pity they could not just vanish off the face of the earth. after alot of reserch of ancient hitory and genioligy nyessa the second was traced . she was one of victims having lost those dearest to her.when she was confronted by special agents and was asked to sign an official secrts act. she was really puzzled at what they were going to ask her.....would she be thier new secret weapon.... a honey trap... still full of loss and grief this tuned into anger and hatered and she said yes .can any one turn this into a story? just my thoughts?


Posted by Delten25s95b2 7 years ago Report

Could stalbon the dragon be vored?


Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

He's awfully big for a little vixen to eat. 83


Posted by redsquallff8 6 years ago Report

ill pay to date her


Posted by Casdan1492 4 months ago Report

LOL, this was posted in 2005! This item is literally older than YouTube, to put it into perspective :O


Posted by Strega 4 months ago Report

Vore is not a new fetish. Bill Levy was drawing vore back in the 70s and even has a published book about it. 83