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Mother vore By TinCanMan

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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Tags: belly bulge Comic Digestion F/M Incestual Vore Mother Mother/Son Same Size Soft Vore son Vore Edit

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Request done for dinnertime007.

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Posted by etrius 8 years ago

cool its awesome


Posted by sniprpenguin 8 years ago

Nice lil Twilight Zone reference.


Posted by Glaive 8 years ago

Was this a Twilight Zone episode?


Posted by Houyo 8 years ago

Nah, but Aliens had a book that humans discovered. It turned out to be a human cook book. To cook humans. So the book that she's holding is the reference.


Posted by Psyman 8 years ago

I think the title of the book was "To Serve Mankind" then the protagonist finds out it is actually a cookbook.


Posted by TinCanMan 8 years ago

Hehe! Didn't think anybody would get my little nod to Twilight Zone, seeing as it was pretty vague.

"It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook!"


Posted by Psyman 8 years ago

That was one of my favorite episodes! Don't know if I would have commented on it if sniprpenguin hadn't said something.


Posted by Sarbiton 8 years ago

What a tweeeeest!
I really think you've got a snazzy artstyle and this was pretty nice. Thumbs up.


Posted by DancingQueen6281 8 years ago

Always loved family vore, and your art as always is fantastic.


Posted by Gentle_Grounds 8 years ago

Nice comic. Love the plot here, but isn't her belly kind of small when dealing with a full grown man or teen in the belly?


Posted by TinCanMan 8 years ago

True, but the same could be said for all my other same-size vore pics.


Posted by Gentle_Grounds 8 years ago

I've been so amazed by your awesome power that I dare not question to now.


Posted by Omicron_xd5 8 years ago



Posted by xblurp 8 years ago

Great art,but I wish I could have seen the actual eating as a bonus.


Posted by Frakass 8 years ago

great art, I love it ^^


Posted by CosmicDinosaur 8 years ago

Amazing job, as always. =3


Posted by dinnertime007 8 years ago

Thank you for the great picture. I got the Twilight Zone reference too, so it definitely worked well.


Posted by Quantium 7 years ago

I love the guys facial expression when his mother salts him xD xD!

Also I lol'd at what the mother said at the end "you have been in there before".

Very nice, keep it up^^

the lone Drow

Posted by the lone Drow 7 years ago

great pic, and I love the twilight zone reference XD


Posted by TheRenic 11 months ago

Is it me or does he look like chriton from Farscape, in the episode where he was having the loony tune stuff going on in his head?