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Daughter/Mother non sexual, digestion, non furry, oral vore
  Rachel comes home from work and sighs seeing the state of her house. Vikky was going to get it! This house is a pigsty! Meanwhile Vikky was upstairs jamming to music on her computer when she hears her mother yelling for her downstairs. She lifts her 150lb butt off her bed and throws on a bra and some leggings to cover her shapely ass and her DD breasts. She boasted an hourglass figure that would make most

The Demoness’s son 2

Her purple eyes gave over the people in the store. Her son dozed soundly in her womb, and her stomach was screaming. True to their deal she kept him safe inside her womb, and he would give her as much cum as he could to keep her from jumping on the first living thing in sight. But it was still very hard. She needed life energy. She was very past due, and without it, she would end up birthing her

She was on the prowl, her purple eyes scanning for signs of life, for a meal. She was hungry. The forest was dark; the sun had gone down just an hour ago. The succubus was out in her natural element. Following the scents of prey she comes across an encampment for wolfmen. But there was something wrong… blood… death… Destruction. These wolfen had been attacked, and slain to a man. There was nothing left but carnage death and destructio

A Wolf’s hungry
F/M, Sex, Fatal, Unbirth, Cumification,
Willing, Anthro Fox, Feral Wolf, Fox Prey, Wolf Pred,
She needs him.
Walking through the forest the male
fox wanders along; hoping today would be the day he found a mate. He
stood just over five feet, his fur as orange as ever. It was a
beautiful day, perfect for a nice walk through the city park’s
path. He strode along on his footpads, enjoying the jiggling breast
of the occasional passing female jogger, and admiring a few rump

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It has been a couple days since I have last posted. Got some bad news last night. I am living on a military post with some friends, watching their kids in exchange for pay and rent. The regulations here however say that the family in the military house can only have the soldier, the spouse and the kids, no one else may live here. But we are anyway. Unfortunately some asshole reported us and now we have just this week to get the fuck out, or the soldier here will be demoted, given an article 15, and banned from on post housing forever. None of us want that, they are family to me. Thankfully I do have somewhere to go so that is what I am going to do. As soon as I can get my truck running. Its only about $30usd in parts, but right now i have less than 1$ to my name. Hopefully someone is...
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