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It is the twenty-second year of
the New Holy Era. With the fall of the previous age brought about by
human folly, lawlessness runs rampant and disorder rules the world.
But here in Shinjuku, the City of the Beasts, any creature who would
harm another must contend with us one and all. Our wild blood runs
hot tonight. Hyper Police, to the rescue!!!
“But Sakuraaaa!”
“No buts, Natsuki! Just stay
Natsuki whimpered, her cat ears
drooping despondently. She was so exposed out on th

Syndulla Chronicles
5: Making Adjustments
*Gamma quadrant,
Sector XIII*
*Planet Earth,
Undisclosed location*
“Okay, I gotta
know; what is THAT?”
Clefto looked up
from where he sat working at the kitchen table. Chelsea’s face was
incredulous at the sight before her. The ‘it’ in question was the
large tangle of metal, wires and lights currently occupying the
majority of usable table space. Chelsea had gone out for a few hours
to grab some groceries and had come back home to th

The Syndulla
Part 4:
quadrant, Sector XIII*
Earth, Undisclosed location*
“No! Stay away! STAY AWAY!”
Huffing and panting, Chelsea ran
full sprint down the dark alley. Terror spurred her on like a
horsewhip as the noise behind her, echoing footfalls, came closer and
closer. Other noises, screams of pain and terror, peppered the
atmosphere with malice. The alleyway seemed to continue on and on
forever, the end nowhere in sight. Heart pounding Chelsea

Syndulla Chronicles
3: Predatory
quadrant, Sector XIII*
Earth, Undisclosed location, 9:02 AM*
buzzing forced its way into Chelsea’s brain and jack hammered her
eyelids open. Groaning, she hit the sleep button and spitefully
peeled the covers off. Wiping her face with her hands, she sat up on
her bed in a post-sleep stupor. Stripping down, simply out of routine
and instinct, she entered the adjoining bathroom and began shower

The Syndulla
Part 2: New
Gamma quadrant, Sector XIII
Planet Earth, Undisclosed
location, 8:43 pm
Slowly, Chelsea’s eyes began to
Propping herself up with one elbow,
she rubbed her eyes with the other to ward off the last remnants of
drowsiness. Her whole body felt numb, like her foot failing asleep
spread through her body. Looking up at the sky showed her it was now
reasonably late.
“Ugh. What…what happened?”
Chelsea tried to stand, but found she couldn’t.

Syndulla Chronicles
Part 1: Arrival to
*Deep space, Gamma quadrant,
Sector XIII*
*Border of the Milky Way Galaxy*
The kaleidoscope of spectral energy
finally subsided for the first time in several hours outside the
Kaliea’s canopy, signaling its departure from null space.
Easing on the yoke of his ship, the red-skinned pilot sighed. Whether
or not it was in relief or apprehension, he didn’t know yet. Gazing
out at the stars off the Kaliea’s starboard bow, the pilot
took in the b


Cheryl looked up from her tax returns, smiling down at her slightly bulging midsection, larger than normal due to the five-month-old fetus inside.

“Sounds like someone's hungry,” she said, standing up from her chair in the living room. Glancing at the clock, Cheryl noticed it 7:30; she'd lost track of time during her work. Oh well, she thought, now's as a time as any to have a late supper.

As she walked the house, one hand on her stomach, Cheryl once again noti

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