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Hi everybody, I'm DeltaRomeo. I love vore and write very occasionally.

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The New Fetish

Part 3

Ann held a hand over her face hiding her giddy smile as she skipped towards the break room. Her sneakers screeched as they skid across the floor, reminding her to slow down in the store. Busting through the door startled her coworkers Amanda and Alice into nearly jumping out of their chairs.

“Samantha has a belly!” Ann exclaimed with a squeak.

Samantha rolled onto her back, her belly moving with the struggles of her son. Grabbing her nipples with the tips of her fingers she bit her lip, moaning softly and uncontrollably.

“God this feels so good” she whispered as she pressed her hips into the bed, arching her back. Her plump child filled belly reaching up. “I don’t want to let you out baby” She speaks loudly and in a high pitched seductive voice so Tommy can hear “Mommy wa

Fiona had scrubbed every corner of her room. Every nook and cranny was clean enough to eat off of but she continued trying to improve it all the same. “He’s coming home” she whispered to herself “My tiny brother is coming home!”

“Knock knock!” Fiona’s mother Jenny proclaimed as she slowly opened the door.

-The Commitment is the continuation of The Test Run (Part 2 I guess). I hope you like it!

“It’s time to come out little one”. I remember how his soft words woke me, even from inside. Muffled as they were I heard them clearly. Feeling him cup his balls with his hand like the last time, he caressed my body through the fleshy walls. He wasn’t holding me, just gently preparing me for what was to come. My room started

Sweat dripped down nicks forehead,
stinging his left eye. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” He
desperately murmured as he sprinted down the hallway, looking for any
place to hide. “There!” he exclaimed, just before he darted into
a broom closet. He didn’t have the strength to close the door so
he jumped into a mop bucket, hoping to all heavens that it was a good
enough hiding place. Moments later he heard the thundering footsteps
of his gorgeous pursuer pass just outside.
“Nick? Wher

I still have a
hard time believing it. Like it was all part of some elaborate dream.
Clouded in acts to unspeakable, and at the same time too wonderful to
possibly be true. The sun was hard to bear as I walked to my ride, as
if it had been weeks since I’d seen it. I paused and looked back.
Thinking to myself “do I really want to leave?”It had
been months since I started roleplaying online. Trying every vore
scenario I could. I even tried to play pred but I never much cared
for it. As a tin

The house was quiet. Peeking through
the hallways, Tom slowly poked his head out of his barely open door.
“Hello?” Tom asked with a nervous reverberation. A moment passed
with no reply, he was certain enough that he was alone. He quietly
closed the big door as best he could then scurried over to his
mother’s laptop, quickly opening several tabs of porn. Incest was
the perversion of the evening, specifically mother and son. He was
not necessarily attracted to his mother, it was more the tab

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So 8 months is a a bit long, I get that but thanks to a comment from Jimbolimbo I decided to update people. I know I'm late but this is my way of saying to people (I'm still here, and...) I am still thinking about the next NF (or new sexy mommy/incest vore, which needs more rep). Lot's of ideas, which is sort of a crutch... Something is coming soon! Tell me what incest stories you're interested in! (This is not a guarantee that you'll get what you ask for, but it helps to spark the creative flame! Give me your ideas!)

Thanks again for reading my stories and for letting me know i'm not alone in this crazy life that sometimes makes no sense. You are all beautiful people and deserve to be loved!!!

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Been a while since your last update. Just wanted to stop by and say I'm still looking forward to your future work whatever it turns out to be.


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Hey, I love what you've done here! No pressure, but I'd love to see you finish The New Fetish with Tom getting digested


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