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Gryndle (Monster herm cockvore) By Vera

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My evil monster girl, Gryndle. She stuffs human souls (which become physical in the ghost/monster realm she rules over) into her massive cock, sucking them directly into her uterus where they are sucked of their old forms and reformed into monsters to repopulate her world.

This is only one of three ways that Gryndle can reproduce. She also eats human souls through her mouth, then her leech or lamprey-like mouth, which is attached to her head like hair, lays them as balloon-shaped eggs, carefully spreading out its teeth of which are otherwise used to engulf people and absorb them into her stomach; is located inside her "hair" along with most of her other organs. Yes; the mouth where her eggs emerge is also the mouth she eats with.

Her torso is mainly filled with her "normal" reproductive organs, where her uterus can hold up to 12 human souls for a few weeks before they turn monstrous and emerge. She does this by stuffing them into her vagina and births them the same way. Much like unbirthing, only it takes longer and the victim doesn't come out the same way it went in ;)

She doesn't require sex to reproduce as she mainly only transforms souls into monsters, but she does produce her own eggs for fertilization in her torso's uterus. Other monsters may impregnate her this way. Generally, her young produced from a male monster rather than human souls are larger, but weaker.

No, I wasn't on drugs when I made her. :B

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Posted by kitsun3chao 8 years ago

She's hot :3

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Posted by taito 8 years ago

That's super cool. Does her hair have a mouth...or is that some sort of tail? ^_^

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Posted by steven1950 8 years ago

*stairs in aw*wow just pure wow and what a creative spark you have

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Posted by Alexander_the_ant 8 years ago

Very... interesting... ^^;

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Posted by SagiMewtwo 8 years ago

Those are some lucky souls. X3

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Posted by EveAra 8 years ago

I love this sort of setup, neat!

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Posted by Gloom 8 years ago

Mmm. Great design for her, love both description and artwork!

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Posted by Max_C 8 years ago

This is really great. I love the point of view and the overall softness you gave her. I really can't stand the sight of a penis, but in this case, since she still appears to have a vajayjay, I'm just going to go ahead and imagine that's an enormous clit. :)

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Posted by Sukanar 7 years ago

wow! that concept is fuckin AWESOME! :D

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Posted by Imrhys 7 years ago

OMG *bows to master of both drawing and putting story to their artwork*

Since most of what I rp, daydream up as far as stories go, and try to write is Heavily influenced by soul voring, manipulating, and transforming... now only do I love this artwork, but the use of CV for taking souls, the perverting them and dragging them off into another realm as its monsters... OMG

The detailing you have for how and where and even why for this pred's means and ways... wow. Thanks for sharing your twisted creative "thoughts" <3

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The Swarm

Posted by The Swarm 7 years ago


I love this pic.

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Posted by LoveLeavs 7 years ago

nice keep up the pimp work

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Posted by LoveLeavs 7 years ago

That just beautiful and very SEXY ^_-

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Posted by Silhouette 7 years ago


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Posted by Scruffymatt 4 years ago

Very hot, hope we get to see a lot more of her and what she can do :D

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