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Drena Tailvore Animation -SCAT WARNING- !!! By RenaAyama

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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Just a silly try...
I don't think so many people will like it lol.

However, the first time scat on my work... well, I really have no problem with scat at all, its part of vore for me and I kinda like it, but its nothing I really wanna draw myself *shrugs*

Drena belongs to Forceswerwolf

Comment on Drena Tailvore Animation -SCAT WARNING- !!!


Posted by miranda_dragon 8 years ago

Ok so tailvore not my thing but...

My goodness do I LOVE how you did the finish of this.

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Posted by RenaAyama 8 years ago

Its funny, I knew you would comment first on this animation *laughs* thanki

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Posted by miranda_dragon 8 years ago

Oh, am I that predictable. >_>

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Posted by Lithalya 8 years ago

Love the animation. I'm still not sure how tail vore is supposed to work,

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Posted by Gelus 8 years ago

It' a shame you're not that into it yourself, since someone as talented as you showing an interest would make it a lot easier to find nice aftermath stuff. That said, interest of the artist is foremost, and don't let anyone else tell you any different, people are too demanding of folks who spend their time and effort honing a skill.

PS: This is, probably one of the best animations I've seen, both in terms of skill and content <3

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Posted by Cougar 8 years ago

I like this animation!

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Posted by Slash 8 years ago

Whoa. You've been busy. Sweet animation Rena.^^

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Posted by komaru 8 years ago

amazing Animation ^_^ love the way you drew the end

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Posted by Kaliera 8 years ago

Great animation!

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Posted by MilkChocolate 8 years ago

This has my vote for best animation of the year(since i havent seen anything else this year) XD


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Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 8 years ago

this is very...very...good

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Posted by keyblademark 8 years ago

an awesome animation, and well... the scat part is a natural step on vore and digestion so i think that there is not problem ;)

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Posted by temporos 8 years ago

Heh heh... Swift won't ever live this one down with his friends at the bar. I suppose that'll teach him to be more careful of which tail he starts sniffing. ;)

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Posted by Waggajab 8 years ago

Brilliant animation, well bloody done!

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Posted by Sempai13 7 years ago


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Posted by bloodwolfvamp 7 years ago

{I am not much into scat but i love everything else}

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Posted by deleteduser301 6 years ago

Great job! Looking forward to more, did you use flash?

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Posted by RenaAyama 6 years ago

no its just an animated .gif

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Posted by deleteduser301 6 years ago

Very nice ^^

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Posted by haossonic 6 years ago

will there be more like this..? i love the way you animated the scat!

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