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OLD SNAKES FARE WOO By Vitcent -- Report

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I found some pictures from... longs ago while browsing my old computer! Wooo typical snakes doing typical things! Lots of unfulfilled characters though :<

Heres a couple I sorta forgot about but thought was good enough to show xD I was thinking about finishing their series! Which ones do you guys think... The one on the top left or the top right?


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Posted by SerpentKing 10 years ago Report

Great stuff as always!


Posted by Ash_Pup 10 years ago Report

Unfufilled, or possibly eaten! X3!
Always good to see a seris finished, if you have time, that is! <3


Posted by Vitcent 10 years ago Report

Yesyes, thats where they went when I wasn't looking xD Poor girls..


Posted by Very 10 years ago Report

Oh my, I find these images to be quite sensual, actually. x3
Top left, maybe?


Posted by Vitcent 10 years ago Report

She is supposed to be hanging upsidedown from a tree, ahha. I think for that one I was playing with interesting angles. x3
...You would think a creature that is essentially a long stomach with a mouth would be easier to draw too. xD


Posted by Very 10 years ago Report

I got that kind of impression, yes! It works.

Ooooh boy, snakes. Those tricky markings, scales, the overall body shape; the head shape, especially those complex jaw structures... I've been thinking about doing snake vore even though it's not exactly my favourite, but a friend of mine lamented the fact that there isn't much decent snake vore around 8C


Posted by Vitcent 10 years ago Report

I can see why, drawing a aesthetically pleasing snake is hard enough, much more if its doing something as complex as eating someone. Its hard enough to draw hands and feet, things that are attached to your own body. xD

I want to do some that was sensual, like you said. Every snake-ish series I've seen always seems to have this "Oh no I'm being eaten with auspiciously high detail, nwuaah" motif going, its a little lame...


Posted by AnotherAnon 10 years ago Report

I believe I haven't come across your art before. I have to say it looks very promising.

The top left is my favourite :>


Posted by Vitcent 10 years ago Report

Thankjo~ x3

Hmm, I was thinking about redoing it a bit and drawing a short series for it now that I found it again.


Posted by NukeJr 8 years ago Report

I like it. Hope to see more like this.