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Desert Dilemma! By Shax -- Report

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Another oldie for you guys! Promise, I AM actually workin' on new stuff- more actively than I've done in years, in fact, but I had to toss this one up because a) I actually kind of thought I had posted it already, and b) I just tossed the accompanying fanfic for it into my Fics folder:

Done in 2006 at the (paid) request of Blindrift, former curator of the Quicksand Library Online Yahoo! Group! I've always loved good quicksand stuff*; been meaning to tackle the subject again.... Hmmm :3.

I was, and am still, inordinately proud of those tanlines. They're surprisingly easy to do with Layer Magic! 'Course, since I was still a total Photoshop n00b at the time, I'm pretty sure I did these by coloring Peach's skin the normal light tanline color, shading her entire body using it as the base, and then popping a new layer on top to do everything BUT the tanline. Doin' everything the hard way- it's a trademark of my style.

*well, not ALWAYS; I was terrified of the very concept of quicksand when I was a kid. Funny how old childhood terrors sometimes have a way of turning into adulthood kinks, isn't it?

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Posted by Leshana 6 years ago Report

I highly approve of quicksand stuff. I've met a few more people who are and I am considering it may be worthwhile to launch a gallery site for quicksand.


Posted by Shax 6 years ago Report

Well, there ARE sites; provided nothing TOO untoward is going on in the picture beyond the sinking, it'd fall well within DeviantArt's submission guidelines, and QSLO might be gone, but sites like still remain.

But man, it would be nice to be able to find quality quicksand art more easily!


Posted by V 6 years ago Report

There is also, although it focuses a lot on live action videos by guys like DIDVP (who also produces vore/mummification stuff)


Posted by shadowtheman 6 years ago Report

Your stuff was always great. Whether it was this kind of stuff or not. The legend returns. Keep it up.


Posted by Morphy 6 years ago Report

I remember QLO. Then again, I remeber a bunch of Yahoo groups but they all just sorta fade away and then get overrun by spammers. Ah well.


Posted by Shax 6 years ago Report

I was a pretty active member of the (surprise surprise) Peach Hentai Yahoo! Group back in the day, myself. Kinda fell off once the requests started getting a little TOO out-there for me; once the magic-wand-induced body-horror pic requests started rolling in, I picked up stakes and moved to DeviantArt :D. Still, in an age before r34, the 'Boorus and DevArt as we know it, they were extremely handy resources!


Posted by temporos 6 years ago Report

Helloooooo, nurs- uh- princess! X3


Posted by Shax 6 years ago Report

Oh, she's done that too!


Posted by temporos 6 years ago Report

XD Nice. Every time I see a Dr Mario reference, I think of the VG Cats comic.


Posted by chaos_guardian 6 years ago Report

I'd definitely approve of more quicksand stuff =D