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Weed-Eaten By Shax -- Report

Uploaded: 8 years ago

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Part 2 of yesterday's submission:

Figured I'd try and head off all the inevitable follow-up requests.

Just a quickie while I try and figure out which of the many projects in my queue I want to start on next.

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Posted by cownugget 8 years ago Report

Absolutely excellent!!


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

Thanks, Nugs! Long time no see :D!


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

I'm sure she'd move it if she could >;).


Posted by Gignova 8 years ago Report

I get the feeling she is; I mean she might as well make the best out of the situation right? :x


Posted by Angel 8 years ago Report



Posted by Conn 8 years ago Report

I'd say its certainly worth the wait when your pics are as quality as this is!


Posted by Kiyoa 8 years ago Report

Impressive work, both on your part (because this is awesome) and the pirhanna plants (for somehow getting Daisy out of her clothes), hehe.


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

Well, as the previous picture shows, they weren't too delicate about it :D.


Posted by V 8 years ago Report

Excellent as always ;)


Posted by klatuk4u 8 years ago Report

It is really great to see such a talented artist again! Great work!


Posted by Slash 8 years ago Report

Wonderful stuff man!


Posted by thorondraco 8 years ago Report

shrugs, can't blame someone for wanting to see the inevitable aftermath of a vore scene, lols.

very well done. hope she ate a green mushroom before she got in there. am very curiuos where all of those piranah plants come from.


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

I really CAN'T blame 'em, considering I'm one of them! And yeah, at the very worst, Daisy'll just have to start this World over again :D.


Posted by thefazoob 8 years ago Report

Good thinking! Well done!


Posted by PrinnyDood 8 years ago Report

Fantastic! One of the better 'bulge outline' pictures I've ever seen. in fact. Kudos to you sir!


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

Took a little tinkering, and I'm still not completely satisfied; you want a nice outline of the figure, but you also want the stem to look like it's capable of HOLDING said figure. This started out a lot more wrinkly ^^;.


Posted by Reciprex 8 years ago Report

My, an unexpected treat! Certainly goes down smooth, though. As ever, great to see your work!


Posted by didhejustsaythat 8 years ago Report

beautiful, just like everything you draw <3


Posted by roscoso 8 years ago Report

Wow amazing bulge work.


Posted by Sharue 8 years ago Report

Very nice bulge there.


Posted by Shax 8 years ago Report

Think Daisy deserves most of the credit, there :D.


Posted by Sharue 8 years ago Report

True! though I don't think she will be available for comment any time soon. It's been a long time since I've done up a parana plant or fly trap vore. Should work on one. Thank you for sharing!


Posted by thesadonion 4 years ago Report