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"Yes. Twilight and I will be taking a leave of absence from our posts, for very important and very private reasons!" Princess Celestia wasn't one for having to repeat herself. Goodness knows, when most ponies heard her talk, they would all but kill themselves to make her will a reality. So why wouldn't the crowd of reporters accept that she had legitimate reasons to 'leave' for a while to enjoy her honeymoon with her newly minted lover and fellow alicorn, Twilight?
Okay, so the part where she outright admitted that she didn't know how long they would be gone didn't help. And the part where Luna would be taking over. The reporters and crowdsponies below the royal announcement balcony began to babble once more, their flashbulbs turning into a sea of twinkling and blinding stars in the process.
Twilight looked like she was ready to cry from the attention, standing intimately close to Celestia's left flank. Luna, on her right, bristled and stood taller as she growled her irritation at the crowd. "Forsooth! Why doth thoust all persist in antagonizing our sister? She hath EARNED a vacation, and a long one for putting up with thine antics for a millennium alone! And when she finally finds love, thoust all harasseth her without end!"
The crowd stood silent, shocked by the violence of Luna's outburst. Celestia slowly pulled Luna back from the edge of the balcony by the tail with her magic, laying a wing on her sister. "You're letting them get to you more than I am." Celestia nuzzled Luna against her nose, getting a fiesty snort of defiance from the younger diarch. "Besides, you'll have all the time in the world that you want to spend to reform the standards of reporting."
Luna's eyes flickered up and down Celestia's form, knowing what would soon be happening to the solar diarch, and the lover of the sun. Luna had to squirm in place, feeling her other set of lips leaking a bit from the thought of it all. "Yes, sister. Are the two of you ready?"
Twilight nodded, perking up a bit at the thought. Celestia laid a wing upon her young love, pushing her through the doorway into the private room beyond that was already set up for the ritual. Celestia thought to herself, wondering what it would feel like to have all choice taken from her, what it would be like to just be part of somepony else. It had preoccupied her thoughts for some time, ever since she had finally released the Cutie Mark Crusaders from their servitude as part of her body fat. And here she was, about to become something much baser, lewder, and far more interesting when seen in public.
Luna watched her sister and friend disappear into their private room, much like they would be disappearing into her. She turned back to the crowd, addressing them once more. "I apologize for my earlier outburst, it was unbecoming of me. Celestia and Twilight Sparkle will not be completely out of contact with Equestria. In fact, they may remain inside its borders for the duration of their leave of absence."
She waited as the crowd murmured once more, silencing them with a hoof. "Yes, you would like to know how they will stay in contact with me. They will be transferring the bulk of their power to me, so that they can rest in peace without fear. I will be discolored by this, likely by my wings and belly developing white patches, along with purple ones in places. This will be a byproduct of their magic within me, and will fade in time until I am colored in my own way once more."
Somepony in the crowd whistled lewdly, as if imagining an even bigger Luna showing off all of her spots in his head. Luna spotted him ducking down suddenly, and fired off a spell that turned his coat pink with purple polka dots. She spoke over the shouts of dismay, smiling at her tiny bit of revenge. "He will be fine. It will wear off in a week. The transference of power will open a link between myself, my sister, and Twilight. If I ever need them, they will be no more than a thought away. I hope that everypony understands, and that they will come to love and respect me as much as they have my sister. Thank you for your time."
Luna bowed to the crowd, hoping that they would understand. But something unexpected happened. As she rose from her bow, the stomp of a hoof against marble echoed through the courtyard. And another sounded, and more beyond that as the crowd began their thunderous applause for Luna. The lunar diarch could feel her eyes watering up as she discovered the love the ponies of Equestria were willing to give to her. With her wings fluttering, and her knees unsteady, it was all she could do to immediately run from sight while sobbing happily at the realization that all of the stigmas and prejudices were gone.
Inside, Twilight and Celestia had already gotten to it like little minxes. The private lewdity room of the princesses was lit up like a room full of mirrors caught at high noon as Celestia's mane rippled with light from her impending orgasm. Not long after the pair had retreated indoors, they had come to the room, and started playing their games.
Celestia had let her lover lick her nethers for several minutes before easing back on her weight, pressing Twilight into her love canal. The purple alicorn was already in up over her wings,her forehooves just barely visible beneath the thick, enveloping cheeks of Celestia's royal plot as the solar alicorn rubbed around atop Twilight, feeling her pressing firmly against her cervix. Fluids dripped down around the alicorn's body, running down from Celestia's uthera and the glands within her vagina as she licked deep within.
Luna stealthily opened the door the rest of the way, using her sister's energetic moans to hide the noises of the door as she shut it back. Creeping forward, she admired how the thick, syrupy noises from the netherlips of her sister slurping on the same few inches seemed to fill the air with lust. Of course, the setup was perfect for her to begin, as well. She crept closer, watching with some slight alarm as Twilight slipped in another few inches in a bone-crushing slurp of celestial nethers.
Twilight, inside, was lost in a haze of hormonal lust as the musk of her mentor burned its way into her nose. A few seconds before, an extra-hearty shove from Celestia had rocked her inwards over most of her paunchy belly, wrapping Celestia's lovelips around her cutie marks. Her head had protruded into the womb of her mentor, where the Crusaders had been reborn, even if accidentally as a trio of alicorns instead of their original species. She considered pulling herself in the rest of the way and letting her be slowly regressed back until she was nothing but femcum for Celestia to squirt all over Luna.
But that wasn't her role. It was Celestia's role, to become a thick and steamy broth in her, though. The thought of swallowing up her mentor, maybe to never see her again sent thrills down Twilight's body that had nothing to do with the peristaltic movements of Celestia's birth canal. The hot wetness had coated all but her lower legs, churning about her and breaking down her self-definition slightly. It wouldn't take much for Celestia, or somepony else to transform her body into a part of their own, but that was the-yeeip!
Oh, was Celestia swallowing her hind hooves? She couldn't tell, but with no motions in her prison, it didn't seem like it was Celestia. Twilight wriggled her hooves, feeling the sudden clenching and a rush of fluids pressing in around her. Oh. Ooh dear. Luna was being a greedy gut and had already begun. She just hoped that Luna would pull her out, and let her very sexy lover watch her becum Luna's new dripping cock. She was already starting to stick to Luna's uthera...
Celestia continued to fondle herself, rubbing her clitoris as she felt Twilight wriggling back and forth within her nethers. Nngh. Nngh! She tried to pull Twilight all the way in so that she could tease her and threaten to turn her into girlcum. But it was almost as if she was stuck. She couldn't pull Twilight in past her rump, as if something had ahold of her legs. The solar diarch opened her eyes, her every pant releasing a small puff of steam as she heatedly tried to control her lusts. She turned her head just in time for Luna to hilt herself against her soft white posterior in a titanic thrust that rammed Twilight against the front wall of her womb.
The lunar diarch smiled pulling Twilight back and forth within Celestia in response. Each thrust pushed a grunt of pleasure from Celestia, and every tug pulled a sigh of relief from her, slowly and steadily picking up speed as Luna's new passenger and appendage wriggled about within Celestia to get her to orgasm. "S-Stop, Luna! I-I w-want to t-NnGH!- Twilight!"
"Cum for me th-augh!" Luna squealed as her sister screamed in ecstasy, crushing Twilight more than a little within her folds. The nerves that connected Twilight's body to Luna's had already formed, letting the lunar diarch get more than she bargained for. Luna fell back, pulling Twilight part of the way free as Celestia's body body clamped down on the alicorn turning into a cock, preventing her from moving out past her wings. "C-celly, leggo. I can't pull free."
Celestia concentrated on the squirms coming from Twilight within her vagina, feeling her already shifted somewhat. She had become soft, and squishy... It would be so easy to- no! Celestia dragged her trembling legs forward, slowly slipping off of Twilight's shifting body with wet slurps as inch after inch of soaked purple fur became visible. Aftershocks rippled through her form with each movement of Twilight's forelegs as the junior alicorn's wings tickled her with each of their feathers as the pair of appendages slipped across the inside of Celestia's folds. "Gnngh... gmmmmmm- ah-ah- Aaaaaaaah!"
Celestia came again as Twilight's horn rubbed rubberly across the roof of her vagina, spraying her lover in the face with clear runny fluids. Twilight blinked, surprised at the unexpected spray of fluids. She folded her wings upwards as she did, letting them lie against Luna's barrel as had been decided upon in their plan. They pressed against the soft and still rubbery belly, ruffling and wetting Luna's fur for a moment before they sank in and left two swirling purple stains upon Luna's fur, suspending her by a growing band of flesh upon her back.
Twilight looked down, past her belly to where her legs were slowly merging together. Already, other than a small triangle at her crotch that held her anus and femslit, her hindlegs could no longer be called as such as they nosily bubbled with transformative magics, shrinking down and merging together into a single trunk that curled rubberly up into Luna's uthera. Twilight smiled, rubbing the now furless flesh there, coughing for a moment as a new reflexive action shivered through her form. Luna moaned sensuously at the sensation, hoping for more.
Soon, Celestia would feed herself to Twilight, planning on traveling in and pressing against the cockicorn's womb. She would invert it, turning it into a new ballsack where she would merge into Luna as well, becoming nothing more than a set of balls and cum for the lunar di- no, the monarch of Equestria, for however long she wanted to keep the pair for.
Maybe even forever.
Celestia shivered, crawling around as Luna stood up. Celestia shimmied beneath her sister and soon to be host, going straight for Twilight's untouched vagina, determined to give her lover one last girlish orgasm as the changes progressed.
"Lick me, Celestia! I wanna-wanna-oooo-ooo-oooooh!" Twilight could only moan after that, as male and female sensations ran through her body. She couldn't even really fondle her mentor as her horn sank down into her head and her forelegs found themselves compelled to wrap themselves around her body. The swelling continued, as more of Twilight's bones dissolved into temporary cartilage. The remains of Twilight's crotch slowly pressed down onto Celestia's face as Luna pushed down, pushing against Celestia's horn and burying her muzzle up to eye deep in purplish flesh. Luckily, Celestia had already rendered her horn soft and floppy for the occasion, allowing it to sound Luna's new cock without fear.
"OOOh, my. Even this far gone, and you're still wanting attention all to yourself, Twilight? I may have to keep you longer than even I thought." Luna sat down as she taunted her cock, pulling Celestia down to the floor in the act. Luna kept her pants slow and steady, enjoying the way that Twilight raggedly drew breath as she was transformed. She kicked off her royal shoes, laying flatter against the floor as Celestia wordlessly ate Twilight out while she still could. Blue hooves slowly reached down, rubbing at the new medinal ring that Twilight's forelegs had formed as they sank away entirely.
"I-I- I wanna be a cock!" Twilight screamed out her declaration as she came over Celestia's face far too easily.
Luna growled, enjoying the power she was developing over Twilight. "Say you want to be my cock forever. Say you want to be pleasured by me for my pleasure as long as I live." Luna withdrew her hooves, denying Twilight the male orgasm she was starting to need, enjoying the sight of seeing a sheath slowly forming around the cockicorn up to her neck. Below her ribcage, Twilight had completely changed save for her crotch, which pouted while waiting for the soon to be balls to squeeze into the purple cock's slit.
"Aww, now dont be like that Luna. If you keep her forever, how will you get to enjoy this again?" Celestia slowly licked the loving mess from her muzzle as she laid herself against Twilight's shifting form, feeling how her lover had lost every bone beneath her neck. Hay, it was slowly getting harder to tell where Twilight began, and where Luna's cock ended.
"AH-ah-I wanna... ah- be forever." Pleasure was maddeningly shooting through Twilight's mind, leaving her uncaring of the consequences of her oath. Besides, Luna could always adsorb the rest of her friends so they could have an orgy forever... She opened her mouth to say something, and found that nothing was coming out. Twilight bent her neck as best she could, looking down to see everything beneath her new ring had either disappeared into her- no, Luna's sheath, or had completely transformed.
A thick bulge ran along her underside, where her soon to be connected plumbing had formed. She could feel the pocket where her stomach used to be, a spot Luna had transformed into a secondary reservoir to let her cum without cumming whoever she was going to stick into off and across the room. Twilight tried to wriggle her lower muscles, seeing stars instead as she pleasurably smacked Luna's belly. She couldn't wriggle back and forth, at least not on her own. But she was a cock, purple and swollen and hungry for Celestia. She wasn't supposed to move unless Luna fapped her with her hooves!
The lunar diarch smiled, licking Twilight's swelling and softening face lovingly. "Good to hear, cock. I bet you're hungry. Can't let you say goodbye to my sister's existence as a big fat cakeball without being able to see her, now can we?" Luna's hooves gripped her sheath, wringing magic into it out of her hooves to begin transferring some of the prodigious bulk of her lower cock up to stretch Twi- her cock out into it's proper shape. She looked up, grinning at Celestia as her elder sister stared at her grumpily. "Oh, come now. You know I'm not going to let the two of you go. Well, not this year..."
Celestia smiled, rubbing a hoof against the underside of Twilight's chin. The ex-alicorn stiffened, her eyes watering at the pleasure of the sensation. "Ooh, Twilight... are you ready for me to join you?" Twilight nodded as roughly as she could as the two inches of motion she had left in her muscles rapidly faded away.
Twilight's head was slowly flaring out, developing into the meaty plunger of a horsecock as Luna continued to stroke her. Each languid, teasing stoke wasnt enough to get her to orgasm as a male part for the first time, but they kept her errect and rigid as the last of her motion faded away. More importantly, each stroke sent thrills of magic through her, pulling and tugging at her flesh and slowly shrinking her diameter down to a mere six inches across as she was pulled. What was once just a hooflength between her former shoulders and the back of her head had slowly spread out to two, and then three as she was tugged out into a massive prick longer than Luna was.
Veins were still spreading over her form, though they were subdued in nature. Twilight still had a bit of her sense of smell left, and she could smell herself muskily stinking up the room like a stallion ready to rut. Actually, she WAS a stallion ready to rut, or at least part of him. She could feel the comforting tightness of her sheath, her future home, squeezing around her lower body like a wrapping snake, making stars appear in what was left of her vision. The flesh of her muzzle was puffing up still, having already obliterated her nose and removed her jaws. There wasn't any bone left in her, save for her brain case as it kept her identity safe until Luna could transfer her mind to a less exposed location.
Celestia stroked Twilight's changing face, nuzzling her lightly before turning around. It was time. Twilight stared out past Luna's chin, twitching as the jerks running through her phallic new form bounced her against the chest and neck of the lunar alicorn. Celestia slowly offered up a hindhoof, rubbing it gently against the slit that her lover's mouth had transformed into. With slow and steady pressure, she slowly pressed her hoof against the center of that slit, spreading it apart around her hoof. Heat blushed about Twilight's now entirely furless form as she reflexively gulped, dragging the hoof a little deeper.
"O-oh. Easy now, Twilight. Don't get too greedy. I think you'll only get to gulp me once, if Luna has her sexy and devilish ways with us." Celestia pumped her hoof deeper and pulled it back out, cyclically sounding Twilight's new cum-tube for a minute. Each time she pulled out, the suction against her grew a little harder, rythmic lumps of swallowing motions running down Twil-the cock's form as it grew hungrier. At last, though, it had a firm enough grip on Celestia's leg, catching her at the deepest plumbing of the uthera yet and trapping her there. "MMmmm. I guess it's time to add my other leg then, isn't it?"
Luna nodded, nipping at the nape of Celestia's neck as she nickered hungrily at her. "Get in, balls."
A blush spread across Celestia's face as she was reminded of the fate her sister had planned for her. The solar alicorn slowly slid her other hoof up to the slit of the cock, pressing it in tightly against the first. The cock slurped it down rapidly, pulling it straight and flat against its brother with hunger, and wrapping tightly enough against them both to prevent any movement at all. The cock's still barely visible eyes trembled with pleasure before a great tug of motion jerked Celestia back two inches, pressing her closer against Luna in the process. Celestia was into the flesh up to her knees, and there was still much more to go.
Luna grunted as she mentally commanded her cock to tug again as she rolled over atop Celestia's back. The motions within the rod of flesh began to increase, and a second tug quickly followed the first within thirty seconds. A third followed again in half the time once more, beginning to steadily pull Celestia in. Luna lustfully growled over the wings of her new balls, speaking into her ears. "Oh, I would say you have maybe ten minutes before I pull you down to be my balls. And then, you'll be mine forever."
Celestia nodded as her breathing slowly became more and more erratic. Twil- The Cock was working over her upper thighs, and she knew it wouldn't be long before her ample rump became nothing more than a lump. Slime began to well up between her disappearing legs, precum oozing up from the prostate that had been transformed from the cock's old body parts. The hotness glided up a little higher and the tide of ooze pressed against her still sensitive slit. Celestia found that she couldn't resist, and her forehooves slipped to her crotch to nurse at her folds even though she knew that if she did, she would lose them to the cock's insatiable appetite.
And so she did as Luna growled out her pleasure and pawed at the pillow flooring of their pleasure room, grunting every few seconds as her now bulging cock swallowed up against her soon to be balls rump. The giant thing squished and pressed against the slit, needing streamlining to get in.
Celestia sheepishly looked back, feeling the cumslit trying to work over her rump still. She wriggled about, hoping to push herself in over the base of her tail, and past the soft mire of flesh that Twi- no, the cock was trapped in. She had to stop thinking of her lover as a pony, after all. Twilight was just a part of one now, just as she would be. A tingle spread against Celestia's legs suddenly, making her look back once more just in time to see her sherbert tail get pinned against her rump as the cock glowed magenta with a spell. The widely stretched cum slit slowly yawned open further with elastic stretchiness, sliding up over the dense and downy white fur of Celestia's rump, pausing as it halfway reached over her cutie marks.
"MMmmm, don't stop now. OOoh, almost to the point of no return! Soon to be big jiggling balls for a naughty queen of the night forever! Oh, woe is me!" Celestia winked as she bumped her sister, enjoying the heat coating her lower portions. Luna growled sexily once more, and planted her hooves on Celestia's shoulders as she got that the older alicorn wanted to play rough.
"Oh yes, now get in my testicles!" Luna shoved with all of her might, sliding the white alicorn in up over her belly. The six hooflengths of Luna's new cock were all bulging with Celestia trapped within, the view disturbingly sexy as Celestia's hooves began to push the balls out from the triangle of exposed unchanged flesh at the base of the cock. Luna's new scrotum began to press out, expanding out as the the second to last trace that Luna's cock was once somepony was obliterated by the pressure of Celestia being secreted into her new home.
Twilight could barely see past the flesh slowly welling up in her vision, let alone the blinding pleasure. She could feel her newly elastic form spreading out around the rather impressive amount of pudge and fat remaining on Celestia's form from her fattening filly feast four months prior. Her thick, meaty flesh rod was stretched out around Celestia's bulk enough that hints of color from inside could be seen as she slid over the beach ball gut of her mentor and food. She could feel the oof of discomfort as she squished down on Celestia's soft flesh just behind the solar alicorn's ribcage, and she worked her slit with the teensiest of muscle control she had left, gumming it to pleasure Celestia. Hay, even her thick new sheath, which would normally bunch up to an inch thick once she retracted was stretched thin, radiating the heat of her work into a musky haze of hormones around the tri-no, duo as it was slowly being reduced to a single.
Celestia tried to wriggle again, finding that the bulk of her body within the shaft gave her enough leverage and strength to squirm against the crushing pressure. Thick squelches of gooey goodness slurped as she worked her rump from side to side. She could just barely make it out just ahead of where the sheath swallowed up Twilight's form. She moved her forehooves about in her slit once more, wriggling them beneath the surface of the cock and deeper into herself with an unf of pleasure. She could feel herself working up again as she found the tips of her wings buried within cockflesh, and she hoped that she would cum about as her neck would be getting swallowed up.
Luna watched, feeling herself siphon off some of Celestia's essence to spread her new ballsac out. She had rolled onto her back, having slid her new meal just to one side of her head as she let her prodigious cock swallow Celestia up atop her. When she leaned up, she could see Celestia's hooves still pressing out her sac, expanding it ever so inevitably towards a size that could fit all of her sister into it. Oddly, like her sheath and shaft had remained purple in fur and skin, her scrotum had bleached to a creamy pinkish white, much like her sister's disappearing coat.
She felt a pulse of energy rushing up her cock, and she shut her eyes just in time to avoid getting a splattering of thicker pre getting into them as her cock erupted around Celestia. The white alicorn rose up and out for a moment, before slipping in two hooflengths deeper, her wings vanishing entirely into the sorid and slimy depths of her former student. She and Luna were both utterly coated in the almost cum-like pre, the salty fluid running down their forms and speeding Celestia's descent as she slipped ever more quickly inside. Luna grunted as she rolled her head over, the sensations leaving her almost entirely at the pair's mercy. Nibbling at Celestia's ear once again, she huskily whispered into it. "Escape attempts will add a month to your stay in Luna Inn..."
"W-wouldn't nnngh- dream of it." Celestia looked down at herself, seeing how far she had come. The musky scent of the cock burned at her nose as it crept up her shoulders, plowing over a lovehandle and sucking it inside. Leaning down, she licked her eraser from the tip of its cumslit out to the rim of its flare, slowly dragging her tongue across it and swallowing up the salty taste. "MMm-nnnNNGH- ah-ahh... almost there, Twilight. Erase me, swallow me up, churn me up!"
The cock seemed eager to continue as it slowly snugged tight around Celestia's neck, choking off some of the alicorn's air. Celestia's rump had slowly vanished into the base of the cock, and had emerged with her outstretched hindlegs into the slowly spreading ballsack of the former pony, slimily wriggling as it was released from the sphincter that chinched the sack shut. The solar alicorn bent her head back, narrowly avoiding poking Luna in the eyes with her horn as she grinned upside down. "Like what you see, sister? I bet you'll see much more of me spread all over you, soon."
Luna nodded, slowly and unsteadily rocking over so she could stand upright for the last part of devouring her sister. The mobility in Celestia's neck was slowly robbed from her as she was slurped and swallowed down, her mane billowing around the flare of Luna's cock like a solar typhoon. Luna craned her neck down, watching Celestia as she bobbed upside down within the shaft containing her. Half of her body was in the already churning sack at Luna's rump, swelling it and thickening it as lewd gurgles of a special digestive liquid thickly pouring in and sticking to Celestia as she sank rumbled out.
Celestia tried to bend her head back to look at the ground, and couldn't, feeling the pillowy hotness of Luna's flare pressing up against the back of her head. She bent her neck forward, finding enough give there to reach Luna's neck, and licked across the lunar alicorn's breastbone teasingly. Luna reached down, nuzzling her sister as she sank deeper yet. The bulges in her cock were slowly vanishing as Celestia disappeared down into the sack she would become. Her neck barely pressed out the flesh of the former alicorn wrapped around her, and her forequarters were passing the medial ring heading for the sheath where they would disappear altogether.
"Almost gone." Luna sat up, one foreleg pulling her cock as hard as she could against her belly and chest so that Celestia would sink in the rest of the way quickly. The pulsing bulges of muscular contractions rippled around Celestia as the cock sensed it's host's intentions, picking up the pace for Luna. Celestia opened her mouth to retort to her sister, only for Luna's dark tongue to dart inside as she found her lips locked with Luna's own. The two moaned into their kiss as Luna put more pressure on, diving down with Celestia as she sank away.
Cockflesh obliterated a pair of white ears, flattening them and folding them forward until their owner couldn't hear. It surmounted the base of a massive horn, rolling over the magical appendage thanks to it's transformation into a soft and rubbery substance. Pre welled up against a pair of eyes, stinging them and making their owner close them as the slit slowly chinched tight around the last of a great muzzle. A nose and chin bobbed within the edges of the puffy oriface like a ship about to sink, trying to hold onto the kiss from Luna as long as they could. The dark furred muzzle followed it in, latched onto those lips until it could press no farther in as the base of it's owner's horn snagged on the edge of the slit and could go no further.
Luna struggled, trying to bury her head deeper into her newly transformed cock, anything to keep contact with Celestia for just a little longer. Her dark tongue quested as deeply as it could, stretching out to keep in touch slimily within the wrapping folds of her uthera as Celestia was pulled away deep down towards the sack, where she would be twisted and transformed into testicles and cum. Luna stayed there, licking needfully for her sister for an indeterminate length of time, until the languid lick of somepony's lustfully lubricated tongue dragged itself up the most sensitive edges of Luna's flare. Startled, Luna jerked free of her cock, finding herself blushing crimson as the tinkling laughter of Twilight's mirror clone made light of Luna's new makeup.
Sparkle pushed Luna over with a hoof, climbing onto her side as she inspected the bulge of Celestia's head slipping into Luna's sheath where the last distinct signs of it vanished. She had convinced Twilight to change her color scheme at one point, and she bore a color-inverted form of Twilights colors. Useful, as her pinkish-white fur would hide cum stains far easier than Luna's muzzle, which was stained white with pre. The cloned pony crawled a little further back, resting comfortably atop the mountain of bleached fur that was Luna's new cumsack. She made a great show of kneading it and turning around on it before laying down and laying an ear against the flesh to listen to Celestia be churned down into Luna flesh and cum.
Luna panted, feeling stirrings of a male orgasm tingling within her newfound cock. "S-sparkle... how?"
"Sheesh. I know everything Twilight knows, remember? Mentally linked clone-twins? I borrowed the lock codes for the door from her mind just before her nummy change made me start screaming in the hall." Sparkle spread her hindlegs, showing how they were coated with femcum. The dark stains dripped still, oozing down onto Luna's ballsack as its occupant finished arriving. "Oooh! She's in! And she's twisting around and- oooh. Wow, she's still not satisfied, or she's putting on a show for me. She rolled onto her back and dove right into her muff!"
Luna wished she could rub her sack with her hindhooves. It was bigger than she was at this point, and would be until she and Sparkle completed The Spell. But its size as it had finished swelling with her sister had become too much, and her hindlegs were spread like the centerfold for a playcolt magazine as her obscene new set of equipment tossed and turned with internal movement, jostling Sparkle up and down atop her. The gurgles grew louder, like a tub of jello swallowing a pony up as her sack began to swell and smooth by the floor as Celestia began to immediately change within. Her cock grew harder as she imagined what Celestia must look like, already coated in at least a thin layer of cum transformed from her flesh.
"I wonder if I should ask you to tell me more, or if you should be driving yourself home on my big fat stick?" Luna wriggled her eyebrows at Sparkle, who needed no further prompting to crawl forwards towards the flare of Luna's dick. It had long since finished changing, with no hint that it had ever been anything other than a cock. Just the way Luna wanted it for the next year that she had to host it. The Spell would drain that much energy from her and Celestia, preventing them from turning back for that long. But it was perfect.
"I think I can do both." Sparkle slowly slid down the slickly slimed shag of Luna's chest, crawling forward the last bit of the way to position the spread of her rump against the flare of her lover and mentor's cock. After she had been successfully resurrected from her goopy state in Celestia, she had slowly drifted towards Luna, taking up a relationship much like Twilight's own with the lunar alicorn. In fact, if it had been Luna who had fed herself to a nice ballsack to turn into hot, thick cum, she probably would have gotten herself turned into the prick to be fed full of Luna. "Everything is in place. If we consummate, Equestria will be put under The Spell instantly."
"MMmm, why wouldn't I?" Luna rammed her hips forward, spearing Sparkle with the still six inch girdth of her temporarily ex-sister. "The chance to eat anypony in Equestria? The chance to turn their bodies into toys for myself, to twist and change them into pudge and flesh? Mmm... clench on me."
Sparkle grunted noisily as she clenched, milking the thick purple dick. She could feel the veins beneath its surface pulsating with Luna's blood as it slid home a little deeper. Sparkle let the odd quirks of her body shift her intestines around until the massive member could slide ever inevitably deeper into her, soon to run her clean through if Luna had her way. "Or the chance for anypony to come back for another go from being eaten, or for our friends to find out what its like to all be in a single body... this is for everypony, Luna, remember? Just too bad that Celestia and Twilight are going to be stuck getting shafted."
Luna giggled as she caught Sparkle's pun, wondering why she was seeing a number of supernovae in her vision. She could feel her sack compacting a little, trying to shoot a load forth into her delicious and stretchy lover. Inside, she could feel how Celestia's horn had already melted to cum, and her body was homogenizing as Luna's new semen worked into her. The lunar alicorn shook her rump, letting her sack shake a little around its new balls. Her new balls, which were clenching and ready to squeeze themselves out. Luna's breath began to hitch and quake as her lower leg was slowly overrun by the softening squishiness of her sack, buried beneath rippling and churning flesh.
"Come on, Luna... I've just about got The Spell ready. Hang on, don't cum yet!" Luna blearily blinked her eyes open, wondering why it had been such a good idea to stick her still virgin and hypersensitive shaft into Sparkle so soon. She could feel it squirming, trying to convulse with orgasm as she held it back. Her sack was so soft, and yet rock hard filled with cum. She could feel that the overload of sensations was blacking her mind out, along with the magic trilling through her package in a triple-hued purple, magenta, and golden glow. "N-n-NOW!"
Luna came. She came with a force that sounded roughly like pudding being launched at hypervelocities into a beach ball. Which wasn't all that far from the truth as the thick pulses rushed up her shaft and into Sparkle, instantly swelling her beyond the girdth of normal ponies. Out, and out that belly swelled with a swirling matrix of life forces within it as Sparkle mixed the energy stolen from her sister and Celestia to cast a spell on par with the Elements. Luna could vaguely hear Sparkle screaming in pain, or maybe pleasure as she swelled up. Vaguely, because Luna's squeal dopplered in and out with each concussive clench of her sack; her legs kicking and her wings thrashing as her sac shrunk a hooflength at a time down and down, collapsing as the mass of Celestia-cum was drained away, leaving only the Celestia-balls behind.
Sparkle popped off the end of Luna's shaft with a squelch and a yelp, and a great white glow burst from her form, blasting out into every corner of the room.
And then, beyond.
Luna came to, covered in the sticky remains of most of her sister's former mass. She could feel Sparkle laying atop her, thankfully intact after The Spell's casting. She had very nearly burst, as evidenced by the angry mass of red stretch marks in many places still visible, left there after much of the mass of cum had been squeezed out of her by her own body and the spellcraft of The Spell.
The smaller junior alicorn rested atop Luna's cock, which had softened and shrank, but had not yet shrunk down to a reasonable size. Sparkle weakly opened her eyes, licking some of the white slime from her muzzle as her hind legs fondled the basketball sized balls within Luna's white sack. "Mmm, morning."
"Morning?" Luna looked up, seeing the rising sun through one of the cloudy, cum-splattered windows. "Morning."
"I may have sleep-casted it up. Still got a lot of ti-iii-ingles from Celestia's power in me." As Sparkle spoke, a golden crackling tendril of energy crept across her belly, showing how Celestia's excess contributions had crept into the cloned alicorn's magical reservoir. In fact, a warmth crept down onto Luna's sheath, tickling it sensually once more in a sign of just how much that power was effecting her. "Oh, wow. I hope my sister and Celestia are okay. They are okay, right?"
"Let me see..." Luna blearily turned her senses inward, searching for the souls of her sister and Twilight. She found them, thankfully, within her rump and belly, alive and already rechar- oh. Luna blushed crimson beneath her crusty fur, feeling heated all over as Sparkle found a familiar new appendage bouncing off her belly. "They are q-quite well. And they know about what we did."
"I hope they understand."
Luna nodded fiercely, her eyes wide as part of her consciousness was drawn into the two's mental activities on their constructed plane of consciousness. "They do. Ah-and the-they got me already. They seem to want to 'repay the favor'. With you. Uh-" Luna panted as she quite quickly grew errect through Twilight's mental ministrations, and as her balls churned and gurgled as they rapidly cooked up another batch of cum to try and fill Sparkle up with again. "Uh-uh-uuuuuh-uunnghh! Through me."
"Well then..." Sparkle shimmied off, flopping onto the floor atop her weak legs. She unsteadily stood up, lifting her tail and presenting her netherlips. "You can have another go if you think you're hard enough."
Luna was more than hard enough...
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03: Private Retreat By andrea -- Report

When Celestia and Twilight's coming out doesn't quite go according to plan, they come up with a plan to keep themselves quite out of the public eye on a 'private' retreat sponsored by Luna, in more ways than one. But, the Lunar Princess has plans for her newly adsorbed cock and balls, along with Twilight's mirror clone, Sparkle. Plans, that will give all of Equestria a kinky new way to express their love and friendship for one another

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Posted by PrissyHeartthrob 8 years ago Report

One of the best My Little Pony CTF stories I've ever read. Hell.. It's the best one I've read. Absolutely stunning, 13/10. <3


Posted by zarpaulus 8 years ago Report

Wait, the CMCs are alicorns now? The apocalypse is nigh!


Posted by andrea 8 years ago Report

Alicorns, and they end up demonstrating what happened to them to two particular ponies in Cheerilee's class when The Spell goes off. While Applebloom demonstrates what happened to them to two of them before the class as a primer on what just happened and why they all feel so ravenous.


Posted by zarpaulus 8 years ago Report

Only two? Then who would the third Crusader eat?


Posted by andrea 8 years ago Report

The other two crusaders, before getting eaten by Cheerilee for disrupting the class and being used as a study aid for the new digestive process.


Posted by Voslar 8 years ago Report

Not half bad... And I have to admit, The Plan fills my head with delightful images of being unbirthed by a certain timid pegasus and being turned into Fluttermilk.

Fluttershy would really, really get into unbirth, I think.


Posted by andrea 8 years ago Report

It could happen. But, in-universe, Fluttershy is planning on permanently turning herself into a part of Dash (no clue as to whether or not Dash will permanently 'permanently' keep her as her new cock and balls.


Posted by shadslayer 8 years ago Report

This needs a flash animation, that woul be a greeeat flash animation


Posted by Lobo 8 years ago Report

Nice to see it's arrived


Posted by Dark_phoenix 8 years ago Report

So.. Fluttershy will be Dash's 'undercarriage'
Diamond and Silver will both have an encounter with a CMC Member.
The two filled CMC's will be eaten by the third, who will be taken by Cheerilee.

Any other outlines you wish to share?


Posted by andrea 8 years ago Report

Rarity will be finding out if Applejack really tastes like Apples? And maybe getting more than a hat out of it as well.


Posted by Bailywick 8 years ago Report

Amazing story! I appreciate that you really went all out to make the scene feel as real as possible. It also doesn't hurt that this story checks nearly all the boxes of what turns out to be my absurdly specific fetish. Much thanks.


Posted by seadog-driftwood 7 years ago Report

I'm quite enjoying this series!

Now I apologize, but I have a habit of overanalyzing things. Still, I figured I might as well give a few tips.

Luna's dialogue has some serious grammatical errors.

"Forsooth! Why persist in antagonizing our sister? She hath EARNED a vacation, and a long one for putting up with antics for a millennium alone! And when she finally finds love, her without end!"

Firstly, "Thou", "thee", "thy" and "thine" are only used when talking to one person . For example:
"Thou vile cur! A pox on thee, on thy parents, and on all that is thine!"
For speaking to multiple people, it'd be "ye", "you", "your" and "yours". For example:
"Ye vile curs! A pox on you, on your parents, and on all that is yours!"

Secondly, "doth" is only used with "he/she/it". Here's how "do" works in Shakespearian English:

I do
Thou dost
He/she/it doth OR does
We/ye/they do

Similarly, the "-eth" ending is only used with he, she, or it. Personally, I'd go with "vex" or "assault" rather than "harass".

I'd rewrite it something like this:

"Forsooth! Wherefore* persist ye in antagonizing our sister? She hath well earned a respite**, a long one, for bearing your antics alone for a millennium! Now she hath finally found love, and ye pester her to no end!"

*(= why)
*(= vacation/rest)