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“Just yourself tonight?” Rachel looked up at the vixen standing on the other side of the cafeteria counter. She was wearing an apron and a name tag reading “Gwen” over about 200 pounds of red-coated flesh. In contrast with the white rabbit who barely reached 100 and was carefully picking out the components of a salad over at the bar.
Dabbing a bit of light ranch dressing on her pile of lettuce and veggies, no cheese meat or croutons, Rachel responded. “Yeah, Stacey had some kind of

“Now, Sagria, I understand that you might have some trepidations about your first contract. But you must understand that these arrangements are vital to the continued prosperity of our House and in time you will see…” I blink twice and the image of my mother’s carefully controlled expression vanishes from my field of view. Nagging me about breeding contracts again. As if there weren’t already enough black and white foxes under the three suns, but no, I have to contribute my Founder-

The first sign was the blood, ruddy rivulets streaming underneath the door’s threshold in their drying strings of browning crust. With hesitation, you slowly pry the door open, cracking the crusts open and allowing a new layer of garnet fluids to dry. Your eyes follow the crest of blood across the floor to a recessed area with a drain at the bottom where the fluids should have flowed away. You are so focused on following the trail that you don’t notice the hanging chunk of meat until your

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Earlier this week I premiered my new collection of full tour-based vore stories on Amazon, Taking the Vore Tour by Zarpaulus with a cover by KitNip over on FA.

U.S. link:
Look on your country's version of the site for "Taking the Vore Tour", or "Zarpaulus". I seem to have an odd number of sales from Japan.
A rabbit asks a mouse's help in exploring her predatory side.

A fox couple experiment in the bedroom.

A werewolf hunter gets the tables turned on her and fights to escape her quarry's bowels.

A bunny learns some strange things about his vulpine...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Foxgut 8 months ago

Thanks for the fav. I settled on writing that Krystal story out in part because of the comment you had left a little while ago on one of my journals.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 9 months ago

Thank you for the watch!

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Posted by z3d 1 year ago

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If I am faving the same thing more than once, probably connection problem. That or I'm trying to fav on mobile, and tends to be slow on faving things


Posted by TastyTales 2 years ago

Thanks for watching me, I hope you enjoy my stories :3


Posted by Vorishsuicune 2 years ago

Thanks for watching me! c:


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 3 years ago

Ahh, I see. I suppose a sequel should be in the works then. o.o;


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 3 years ago

Ah! I'm glad you liked the pictures enough to watch me! May you find happiness throughout the day if even in little bits! And cover up at night, it's cold!: o


Posted by selomon 3 years ago

Thanks for the Watch!


Posted by Skittles209 3 years ago

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Welcome, uh ok. Yay? I don't know what I am supposed to say/do about that. Congrats?

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Posted by kimeria87 4 years ago

Nice to meet you and thanks for watching! <3

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Posted by TheInquisitor 4 years ago

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Not a problem at all, friend. I like the articulation and detail you show in your stories. I hope to see more :)

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