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didn’t have to dress up like that.” Judy commented as Nick
entered the small soundproofed cabin she had found on the ship.
While his smartclothes were no different from his usual outfit the
fox was sleeved as a fox with a white and faded black coat that
almost seemed to glow in the UV lamps. The sleeve also had an
underlying bone structure that seemed to be sculpted with perfection
and the normal musky fox odor was subdued by a faint scent that
seemed almost like rabbit testosteron

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“I know what you’re all thinking.” The briefing, as it were, was being given by a Mares Ranger sleeved in an “Alpiner” morph polar bear. “You’re here thinking that this post will be taking potshots at decade-old Warbots and Headhunters, allow me to disabuse you of that ridiculous notion.”
Judy, sitting in the front row, couldn’t help but be reminded of the drill sergeant she’d had at the police academy back in Old Zootopia. Harold Wolford had advised send

After a month of retraining and acclimatization to her new sleeve, including a crash course on the differences between Old Zootopia’s laws and the hypercorporate Species Consortium’s, Judy was assigned to rotating security duties around the business districts of Valles- New Zootopia. It would give her a chance to see the largest domed canyon-city on mammalkind’s designated new homeworld, while also allowing potential FauxFur customers maximum visibility of the morph she modeled. She h

Family Ties
I wasn't sure what was more surprising, that the Praetor himself would call upon a lowly private investigator like myself, or that he would call me the day after I saw his assassination on the evening newsfeeds. It had been the top story for the past 20 hours, I must have seen clips of that fox's blood boiling from his ears and staining his black and white fur a dozen times since then. They said that his microbots had been hacked by his own doctor, instead of maintaining his brain

Farcasting wasn’t much like physical travel. You sat down and let an Ego bridge grab your head, waited a few minutes, then suddenly found yourself in a different body on a different world trying to adjust to your new skin. Nicholas Wilde had done it dozens of times and there was still that awkward transition period, especially when sleeving into a radically different morph, like the lion he had ordered this time. Usually he could play it off in some way, especially when his cover mandate

Valles-New Zootopia, Mares, 10 AF
Gazelle was at some Oligarch’s weekly party when her muse chimed in with a none-too-welcome interruption. [Ma’am, I’ve found a rumor on social media that you might be rather interested in.]
  Scanning the crowd, the celebrity singer and dancer gauged that she could go off in the corner and see what had come up without taking a hit to her f-rep. As she pulled up the screencaps and clips her muse had found her ey

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There have been a number of published vore comics, but shockingly few written works. Most writers of vore stories have only posted their work publicly on the internet to sites such as this one or Fur Affinity. I will not deny that there are a few, such as the "Seek and Hide" novella series published by Swallowtail, or the "A Lady's Delights" novel currently running a Kickstarter for a paperback edition, but the selection is still rather scarce.

The furry fandom has a significant and growing market in novels and anthologies that has been going for decades now, so I...
[ Continued ... ]

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