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Serpentine Stuffing (CV) By EveAra -- Report

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Obix was a sly one, keen to never get cornered, but he quite suddenly found himself overwhelmed by the wiles of a quite determined Typhlosion one evening.

Lighter grinned with triumph as he threw himself upon the squirming vine snake, rearing up to straddle him once he was secured. Obix thrashed and clawed at the ground to no avail, he was thoroughly pinned. How embarrassing! Somewhere above him he heard devious snickering as Lighter roughly seized his flailing tail.

"What do you even want from me?!" the snake cried, but was only rewarded with a deepening round of chuckles from the smug Typhlosion. Next came a queer sensation of slickness upon his tailtip. Was he being licked? No, his tail was pointing downwards. And now it felt like it was being suckled.

"Ooh, such a silky smooth hide~" remarked Obix's captor. "You'll be down in no time!"

"Down where?" panted the vine snake frantically, his tail sinking another few inches further into a pulsing dampness. "What in the hell are you doing?!"

Lighter let his quarry shift beneath him for a better look, enjoying the feel of Obix's tail twisting around, his balls dragging lewdly across his wary conquest.

The snake could barely believe his eyes- at least 2 feet of his precious tail was wedged deep inside of the Typhlosion's cock!

"Now, just relax and this will be enjoyable for both of us," Lighter crooned. But Obix would not. The Pokemon shoved the snake back down onto his belly, and crawled around to deftly tuck the reptile's feet into the encroaching cockslit.

Obix had to grudgingly admit, something about this did feel quite erotic, however unexpected and unwarranted. He felt his own arousal peek forth as his calves became enveloped in the slick urethra of his captor, somewhat grateful that he could not quite see what was going on down there. Lighter seemed lost in his own world anyway, grunting and thrusting himself forth, holding the snake's arms to his sides so they too slipped inside neatly.

Obix squeezed his eyes tightly shut, tenaciously trying to drag himself away, trying his best to stave off the disturbing feelings of his body's betrayal as the lusty Pokemon advanced upon him. Inside, he fought the urge to come as the much larger member crept upon his own, gobbling him up in a perverse reversal of the usual insertion that the snake enjoyed with a partner.

"Just how deep is it in there?" Obix yelped, nervous yet outraged. "How far am I going to go?" he demanded, though he fully expected to not be dignified with answer at this point.

"All of the way," growled the deeply occupied Typhlosion as he struggled to his feet, his laden dick swollen with the shape of Obix's struggling lower half. Hot, labored breath filled his ear. "You're going to fill me out quite nicely," Lighter added, embracing the protruding snake possessively.

Gravity was now assisting with his descent, and with a subtle *schlrrp*, the snake's cocktip vanished completely.

The serpent seethed at the helplessness of his predicament, his fists balled up tight and forming hard bulges. Nothing he could do would matter now.
Lighter's dark flesh continued its hungry journey, the vine snake completely reduced to nothing but a mere toy to the incredible phallus...



Commission 1 of 2 for obix Starring gyro_ball :D

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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Very nice lineart.