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The sun had just started to rise and began to shine it's light on Miranda's bed, albeit that most of her bed now was dominated by her belly. On one portion she lay on her side and on the other was her engorged stomach, taking all but a sliver of the mattress space to the right of Miranda's body.
Her occupants lay still inside, one her child and another a man that she had just met were both inside of the stretched midsection she now sported. Two distinct bulges had formed in her belly to tell them apart, one was Zach who was curled within her dominating the space in front of and below her vagina barely reaching to her knees. On top of him was her daughter who sat on top of Zach so to speak her head was close to her mothers breasts.
Within her upper girth came a few bulges as her daughter began to try and stretch awake inside of her. Absentmindedly placing her left hand on her gut she rubbed her daughter soothingly as she still slept. It had been almost a full day since Miranda swallowed her daughter in an attempt to get her to behave and while this wasn't the first time it was certainly the longest, as the daughter hated being curled up and confined. On top of being eaten she hadn't really had anything to eat since last afternoon, she certainly wouldn't misbehave for a while after this ordeal.
Her struggles seemed to go unnoticed as Miranda wasn't even bothered to be awoken by it. Instead her body's autopilot attempted to soothe the wiggly daughters boredom as she sat in wait, waiting for her mother to wake.
Miranda was finally awoken to bulge beginning to form on her upper belly as her daughter frustratingly pushed herself outwards stretching the already tight skin.
"Ouch! Stop that or you *hic* get another 30 minutes." Miranda's eyes were beady with moisture, still trying to adjust to being awake. Her stomach resisted the struggle and tightened it's grip once again on the girl as her body was brought to her original position once again. Miranda patted her daughter on the head as she tried to shake her hand off disapprovingly.
Feeling cold she tried to find a way to pull another blanket onto herself but couldn't find the strength to move easily. It wasn't uncommon for Miranda to swallow people, even multiple but something was strange about it this time. Lifting up a leg it felt weak as a contraction shook through her body.
"Oh shit. Why the hell does my body want to push Zach out already." Now she had to find a good position with her legs weakened and practically disabled with what she assumed was a night of micro contractions. Feeling down to her vagina it felt pretty open and upon further investigation she felt some hair that was definitely his.
Well at least he was well on his way out of her body. Now all she needed to do was to find a good position to rebirth him in because laying on her side wasn't going to cut it.
"Hm... welp here goes nothing. Brace for impact you two." She began to heave with all of her strength. Rolling over with an engorged stomach with one was hard work but with multiple people.
In the past she had assistants or she was kept in a easily maneuverable position as she began to wonder why laying on her bed was a good idea last night. With a mighty heave her belly was pointed up in the air and the momentum she created kept swinging to the left. The inevitable happened as her stomach anchored to the floor and took her along with it.
"AH!!!" The impact mostly affected the bigger 'Zach' portion of her girth as his head was forced along with one sudden motion. While it had sped things along quite nicely, the sudden pain of an adult head passing through her vagina that fast caused her a fit of pain.
Feeling a hand down to her vagina she felt her vaginal lips had spread tightly around the crown of his head. Miranda would have preferred to keep him inside longer but she kept on pushing him out not knowing what his plans were for the day.
Her face twisted in pain as a large contraction coursed through her body, sliding his head out to barely his forehead. She tried to regain her composure as her body 'reset' itself in preparation for the next contraction. Miranda hated rebirthing because her body behaved as if she was really knocked up with someone and the whole ordeal would leave her raving like a pregnant lunatic. Another downside of rebirthing was that her vagina would be much tighter then normal. If it didn't happen that way she could probably have him pushed out in 20 minutes, about the time it took her to unbirth someone but pushing him out would take hours.
Not to mention the fact that Zach was about an entire foot taller than her which would result in a much longer rebirthing process. It was getting kind of pointless to dwell on her unbirthing prowess as she kicked her legs a little wider and rode into the next contraction. She gripped her bedside table as the painful contraction rocked through her. It ended almost as quickly as it came, her vagina had most of it's nerves focused on the pain or was numb so she couldn't feel how far she had gotten by that.
"Fuck! I hate this so fucking much!" Her straight blonde hair stuck to her sweaty forehead as the pain she had experienced just a moment ago began to fade away. Her work in the fetish field had netted her a lot of cash but her work was kept to swallowing people whole or unbirthing which came in at a much higher payout. Miranda couldn't imagine stuffing someone up her ass but more then a few requests had been made for her to do it. Even though rebirthing was painful she didn't want to ruin her only good hole left with anal vore.
She laughed for a second at the notion before her body tensed again with a contraction. Maybe anal vore wouldn't be so bad she thought after it had passed. If rebirthing was this painful how much would it hurt to stuff a person up there or push them out whole for the first time. Miranda took the off time to think about how she liked swallowing and regurgitating people but her few special requests for digestion were amazing. It left her a bit chubby after the times she had done it but it was a really special experience nonetheless. The slow process of digestion was beginning to turn her on before a huge contraction hit.
Miranda whimpered in pain as the wave of pain rode past her ending at her already weak legs. It happened a few times before it was over and she felt a hand down to feel her progress on pushing out Zach. His forehead was sticking out as she felt his eyes barely pushed outside her vaginal lips. He squirmed instinctively as she poked him in the eye by accident.
"Oh shit you're awake aren't you?" He couldn't really respond besides moving his arms and legs inside of her tight womb.
"Don't worry I'll push you out soon here and we can talk" She rubbed his head reassuringly, it was kind of strange for him to be honest. Zach had never imagined being pushed out of a woman's vagina again, let alone be conscious while it all happened. The whole idea of it had made him insanely turned on as he began to harden inside of her.
Her slick and squishy womb walls were enough to start driving himself mad with pleasure, what amazed him even more was the tight feeling he got when her body contracted all around him trying to push him out. Miranda had certainly felt his excitement and took her right hand to begin helping him out. Past all the pain and numbness of her overburdened vagina she felt his tongue lick at her dutifully.
Greedily her vaginal muscles began to force itself all over his lower head as her body was having a contraction as they were both in the midst of giving pleasure to one another. Miranda had resorted to panting heavily, nearly desperately as she was the lifeline for 3 people including herself. Zach shook in and out of consciousness as the lack of air and immense pleasure was getting dizzying. On top of his own pleasure being inside of Miranda had caused an umbilical cord to link between them, sharing the building volcano, soon to erupt so to speak. Zach felt a tinge of Miranda's pain but right after the sweet feeling of orgasm flowed over him.
The stomach surrounding him felt skin tight as her vagina came with him, filling his mouth and nostrils with her juice. On the outside Miranda shook violently as her cum streamed down her thighs and flowed thickly over her belly. Miranda struggled for enough air, distracted by both her powerful orgasm and contraction. As the intense pleasure and pain died down she rested her head for a second before trying to feel her progress.
Before she could reach a hand down to feel she felt his warm breath exhale onto her stomach as she sighed in relief. Zach didn't really have the ability to talk with her vaginal passage squeezing his throat and from the umbilical cord attached to him. His whole head was popped outside of her birth canal as his chin rested against the top of her vagina.
"Try to point your shoulders down and tuck them in." She managed to utter that before a steady contraction came easing out his neck. The girth of his head had widened her out as his neck came out relatively easily. Zach bent his head and began to lick away at her exposed labia, sending waves of more pleasure through her weakened body.
By instigating her, by extension he was giving himself more pleasure. Miranda couldn't really stop him from doing it, even as she began to push out his shoulders he was still in reach to pleasure her.
Her breaths became more and more separated as she was building up to another orgasm. Not even the frequent pain of her contractions could stop her and soon enough she felt the same feeling a few moments prior. The pain seemed to dull as she they both came harder then the first, most of her juices made it into his mouth as she orgasmed through the tough contraction.
After things had settled down, both the orgasm and the contraction she could feel his shoulders skin tight in her vaginal passage as the organ ached with passing Zach out again. The contraction gave Zach more room to move his head now that his neck was nearly all out and he decided the most comfortable spot was to recline his head back and rest on one of her ass cheeks.
"Oh you little shit, this isn't a time that you get to relax!" Miranda teased as she rubbed his matted hair, he was still unable to speak as he responded by pushing his head further into her cushiony backside. Again she reached out and grabbed the wooden legs of the bedside table as her most recent contraction managed to push his shoulders out past her vaginal lips. Letting out a sigh of intense relief after she recollected herself to speak to him.
"Here's what I want you to do for me right now, try to pull your arms clean out with my next contraction so you can push yourself out of me faster. Got it?" He tried to puff out his shoulders within her as she gasped by the sudden pain. Almost mockingly she felt his chest heave in and out as he laughed still halfway inside her.
Her legs were practically numb with most of her energy gone to the rebirthing process and her orgasms. Trying to wake them up as best she could she felt the familiar increasing increments of pain as the next contraction hit her hard. Her body loosened it's deathgrip on Zach's body as he was able to pull his arms out completely from her birth canal. She didn't know his hands were out until he put one over hears, it was still warm and wet just recently removed from her body.
"Ah there we go... you can start pushing yourself out now." He instead smacked her ass hard with his newfound freedom, "Don't make me!" She teased as she experimentally pulled him in a little as he pushed against her to keep his position.
The rhythmatic contractions continued for a few hours, just pushing him out centimeter by centimeter until both their tired bodies gave one last push, sending him face down onto the floor. The umbilical cord began to shrivel up as her aching body began to restore itself from the whole rebirthing ordeal.
Wiping the sweat off her brow she rolled off of her still engorged stomach and laid against the table that she held onto for support moments ago. Her daughters position shifted downward and covered her still closing vaginal passage as the last of the contractions pushed the shriveled up umbilical cord out of her womb.
"I know you are still recovering but can you please go and get me a wet towel and a glass of water." Zach was shaky as he was able to stand up on his own two feet after being curled so tightly for so long. He looked at her still mute as he turned around to go to the kitchen. His head had been clouded and swimmy ever since the umbilical cord link broke.
By the time he made it to the kitchen he collapsed into the sink and began heaving up loads of fluid. Once he was sure it was all over with he started to feel better, able to breathe clearly again and getting rid of his exhausted feeling.
After navigating where her glasses and towels were he had to go through the trouble of once again finding her room. He stood in the hallway absentmindedly looking in either direction, wondering which one led to her room. Choosing the left side he walked in on a room with a single bed, some camera equipment/stage lighting and a gaudy sign reading 'Miraculous Miranda the Man-eater' complete with a cheesy cartoon drawing of her in the midst of swallowing someone.
He would definitely have to come back to this room later as he walked in the other direction passing by a bathroom and what he assumed was her daughters bedroom.
Miranda sat in the afternoon light, it had been a whole 5 hours since she began the rebirthing process and it had taken a toll on her energy. She looked truly beautiful as she gazed at the window absentmindedly, running both of her hands over the curled up form of her daughter. Walking up carefully he tried his best not to interrupt her as she looked his way thankfully, taking her hands off her stomach and now reaching out for the items he had brought her.
First she downed the whole glass of water, tossing it aside halfheartedly and after she folded the towel into a much smaller square. She gently rubbed her forehead first, then the entire expanse of her belly before she laboriously began to try and stand up. Zach rushed over to her side, helping her get to a standing position on her still shaky and weak legs.
"Thanks... do you mind cleaning the mess up while I go lay down again." her eyes drooped as she collapsed onto the bed and pulled a thick blanket over her body. Miranda had quickly fallen asleep as Zach understood where he got the intense feeling of exhaustion from. He put the towel inside the washing machine with his clothes and walked back to the room to watch her sleep in peace.
She woke up to his hand stroking the expanse of her belly, or at least the side he could touch as her daughter just lay still inside. The afternoon had quickly become evening as she gently propped herself up and stretched.
"Ah... I feel much better now." she smiled as he propped himself up and went in to kiss her suddenly. It shocked her a little bit before a violent struggle erupted from her stomach, she was clearly displeased with being left to digest inside of her mother for nearly a day and a half now. Miranda broke the kiss as she looked at Zach lovingly, bringing his hand back to feel the moving and soft skin of her overburdened stomach.
"Want to get something to eat now?" He asked her innocently before she burst out into laughter. Even inside her daughter seemed to laugh at the stupid remark he had just made.
"No... no I was thinking. Well I could tell when you were connected to me that you loved me..." they both broke eye contact nervously, both were still very young. Zach was only 20 years old and Miranda was 25 with her 6 year old daughter.
"So I was thinking that maybe I would digest her completely for you..." She pointed at her stomach which jumped up in response to this, "And that we could start a family of our own. It would be tough to start out but I have enough money to send you to school and live like this for another 8 or so years."
He stared at her, baffled at the offer she just made. She had to have known that he had a kink for pregnant women but he had never imagine seeing a human swallow another whole and the feelings of intense sexual drive it gave him just thinking about it. She had known even before he had that he liked what she did to her daughter, that he would want more of it. This whole experience was shaking his world in every direction but she grabbed his head and locked him into a deep kiss.
After it broke he managed to utter "I would love to...". She beamed happily doing her best to hug him tightly as he tried to return it around the obstacle of her stomach. They sat in each others embrace before he felt a wet fluid begin to flow down his naked chest. Miranda broke the hug and cupped her swollen breasts, they looked heavy with milk as it dripped down thickly on her belly.
"Would you like a drink? On the house." She smiled playfully as she guided his head to one of her breasts. At first it came in light flows but as he got more into it and began to suck the warm fluid began to flow down his throat. It had tasted better then any beverage that he had ever had, the taste was rich and relaxing as he gulped more until her breast was depleted.
"Well we don't want them uneven now do we?" Her breast had shrank a little bit, as she guided his head to her other one. Again it mesmerized his taste buds as it began to flow freely out of her breast. She played with his hair in the meantime, as she nursing a full grown man after a long rebirthing process. If she had to say this was probably the best part of the unbirthing/rebirthing process besides the hyper inflated sexual drive she got from it.
Her daughter had finally snapped out of the shock that her mother had planned to keep her digesting within her body. Miranda's belly began to move in odd directions as her daughter fought hard inside. This only served to elevate Miranda's sexual state until she was moaning with the vicious struggles of her trapped daughter.
The movement of Miranda's belly and her moaning had caused Zach to harden quite quickly as she welcomed both their feelings of lust. She grabbed his naked body closer to hers as she maneuvered their bodies into a comfortable sex position. She lay on her side on the bed, her legs splayed wide open revealing her remarkably tight vagina for it just recenlty pushing out a 6 foot tall human through it.
Remarkably it felt just as tight as when he had sex with her last night as her vagina's wet cushiony walls began to drive him to orgasm once again. After ejaculating hard into her he fell into the bed, his entire body was sore as he knew hers was also. She slunk down into the bed sheets once again as he followed suit, covering himself up. Zach couldn't keep himself awake as he closed his eyes next to her and fell asleep. She smiled at him lovingly before planting a kiss on his cheek goodnight and tried to find a comfortable position with her side of the bed with her belly in mind.
Miranda had woken up before Zach, getting up when the sun had barely started to shine it's light on the world. She felt well rested as she got up, noticing she was still naked and feeling her daughter begin to struggle very weakly inside of her. Miranda's brother had lasted nearly 3 days if she remembered before her digestive fluids filled up her belly completely, drowning and killing him altogether even though it took an entire week for him to digest completely.
As Miranda walked to her closet to throw on a night gown she felt her stomach probingly, all but around her daughters neck was dulled out and much softer, presumably filled with her bodies fluids. While Miranda was probing some of her daughters digested skin began to flake off and flow up into the digestive stew just beneath her head as she whimpered softly, almost completely out of energy and starting to numb.
Walking out of the room now she got to the kitchen and began to brew a cup of coffee, placing a soothing hand on her daughters head. Located just underneath her two breasts the shape of her daughters head pushed out a little as she desperately tried to communicate and get her mother to let her out. Miranda just stood there and rubbed the head up and down as she waited for her coffee to finish brewing.
Most victims she digested went through certain stages and this was the last one before their death throes, where they would struggle desperately with the last of their energy, regardless if they were willing or not. Her daughter would hit that stage soon but for now her stomach was relatively rounded out and still as her daughter lay there waiting for the inevitable. The coffee finished as Miranda poured it into two respective cups.
She was a seasoned coffee drinker as she held the screaming hot liquid to her lips and drank a few sips. The heat didn't really bother her or harm her for that matter and she loved the feeling of the coffee gradually becoming room temperature with her body as it cascaded down her throat. Inside the coffee was still warm and poured onto her daughters head, giving her some indication that there was an outside world.
Taking a seat on her couch Miranda peacefully drank the coffee as she watched the sun rise further through the window. It was very calming for her as she outright ignored the weak struggles of her daughter within her. It had only been 2 days but her daughters time was nearly up as she gulped the last of the coffee down, placing the cup into the sink. She picked up the other one and walked back to her bedroom to see if Zach had woken up yet.
He was still sleeping as she brought the cup of coffee over, shaking him awake.
"Rise and shine sleepyhead, it's time to get the day started!" she shook him more as he shrank away from her, not wanting to get up.
"Well I guess you will miss the best part about me eating someone." He turned around tiredly as she stroked his face with her hand. Reaching for the cup he took a sip and propped himself up on the bed, ready to hear what she had to say.
"My digestive fluids are all but filled up in my stomach right now, it's about filled up to my daughters chin right now and pretty soon she's gonna drown from it." Bulges began to appear as the head shape between her breasts began to soften up. He placed a hand on it feeling the distinct shape of her daugher but he couldn't feel the rest of her so easily as digestive fluid had filled up the stomach space.
"If you want to hand me your cup you can watch the finale before you go into work today... that is if you have work." He nodded in approval, his shift had actually just started and he could just imagine all the missed calls from his angry boss. Obeying what she said he handed his cup full of coffee to Miranda as she reached around the back of his head, pressing it close to her belly.
He never imagined what it would be like to hear her belly, at first all he heard was digestive grumbles and her heartbeat but as she tipped the cup into her mouth he had began to hear her gulping. The soft whimpering cries of her daughter had turned into desperate calls for help in between the coffee/digestive fluid filling up her lungs.
"PLEASE MOM NO! PLE..." Her plea was cutoff by more fluid, she tried to swallow as much as she could but the little air pockets she would create got filled with more cascading coffee quickly. Her belly quaked in his hands as he felt the last struggles and cries for help as her daughter began to drown inside. With no more air the struggles began to die down until the last remainder of life within the daughter let out a twitch then an exasperated breath as she lay still.
Miranda moved the cup from her lips as she solemnly tucked her daughters breast from just underneath her breasts to the unknown expanse of her stomach. Her whole stomach seemed rounded off and tight as it began the true process of digestion now.
"Have a good day at work Zach..." Miranda couldn't help but tear up a bit at the death of her daughter, it was pretty natural he thought but if she had the will to digest and kill her daughter then there probably wasn't much love between them. Zach gave her a reassuring hug and a kiss as she let Miranda deal with her recent loss, as he headed off to work to quit and enjoy his new life with the fascinating new love of his Miranda.
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Follow up to the horrible part 1, I might use these characters in the future but for the most part it's just finishing what I started with the first portion.

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Posted by joeburp22181 7 years ago Report

Nice work man!


Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Wow, Miranda is a lot meaner in this chapter.


Posted by peypey18 7 years ago Report

Hope to read more about them, hopefuly miranda will unbirth zach again or maybe swallow him later(without digesting him of course)


Posted by AwesomeAustin21 7 years ago Report

Yeah Miranda will probably be a regular character in later soft vore/ combination but right now I'm trying to do a unbirth story and a anal, both are drastically different.

With the unbirth scenario it's a lot more about caring/regression but with the anal story so far it's unwilling/fatal and lots of dirtyness. I think it's coming out pretty good so far the both of them but I'm not finding the motivation to finish the both of them.

As always thanks a lot for the comment I appreciate it :D


Posted by Tunknownusert 3 days ago Report

While some may not have enjoyed the darker side of this story, I found it quite to my liking :) Keep up the good work


Posted by RisingMoon336 6 years ago Report

What an evil whore. Who cares so little about their own family?
These two should be forced to drink pure lye and given adrenaline shots so they can't slip into shock while they know the agony of being melted from the inside out. No death would be painful enough for these two vile pieces of shit.


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