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I try to write vore stories as often as possible.

I also like to hear comments/request but as for requests I really don't do anything hard vore or male vore. I kind of like giantess but size difference and same size are both of my favorites.

And as always criticism is always great for me

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“I DEMAND that we cross through
the ‘lost sea’, hell ,we might even pick up more cargo if you
ship-hands weren’t so superstitious…” the merchant spoke
confidently, not believing in these sea dogs legends of the so called
‘lost sea’. As legend told this particular shortcut to the main
continent and trading hub of Esyx the land heralded to the royal
dynasty and current rulet King Esyx the XII. His reign was
controversial compared to past rulers but his trading tariffs and

“Food is ready! Come and eat
girls!” A womanly voice resounded from the table as excited yelps
were heard from the other room. Soon enough the pitter patter of
steps grew increasingly loud as the teenage girls made their entrance
into the kitchen and marveled at the feast strewn about the table.
The scene would look like any other thanksgiving table arrangement
except there was one major difference.
Instead of a host of fall favorites
like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and so on there were

Completely naked she sat on all fours, preparing for a stunt that had never been attempted before in the porn world. She was going to try and take a full grown man into her anus, yes all the way up there. She had been on a strict cleanse of her body, her body was now rid of all food in the various stages of digestion over the course of days and lots of laxatives. Her stomach gurgled loudly as it begged to be satiated... It had been a full 3 days since she ate anything and she was in a hazy zone,

The sun had just started to rise and began to shine it's light on Miranda's bed, albeit that most of her bed now was dominated by her belly. On one portion she lay on her side and on the other was her engorged stomach, taking all but a sliver of the mattress space to the right of Miranda's body.
Her occupants lay still inside, one her child and another a man that she had just met were both inside of the stretched midsection she now sported. Two distinct bulges had formed in her belly to

Running off the beaten path had started to take it's toll on your body as the overgrown weeds had slowed and exhausted your waning hope for escape. The will had been sapped from your body as, finally you had collapsed on the ground. Just barely could you hear the sliding and resting just barely on your hands/knees you could see the human shape shadow form above you.
Not wanting to turn around and face your impending doom you could feel a tear fall off of your dirty and battered face, ab

It was a pretty mellow morning in the grocery store that he had worked in. At this point he knew the busier times as he walked to one of the restrooms to sign off on some sheet that no one ever checked but needed his signature just in case in some rare instance they checked the sheet... he would be prepared.
Once inside the bathroom he did a quick glance if anything was too wrong but it was the same as when he had left it an hour prior. It wasn't until he started to open the door that h

*fwoop* the dart soared through the air, connecting with the minion that valiantly tried to raise his club to block it. It looked fine for a second before the minions body started to violently react, puffing up grotesquely until his skin began to pop. The minions normally blue blood had turned a sickly purplish red as it spilled over the beaten dirt of the lane.
Teemo loaded in another dart and prepared to fire at another minion to press his advantage when he heard a faint rustle in a n

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I wont be having a computer again until this November/December or so. The bad news is that I can't publish stories and even if I could I type much slower on my phone and I get frustrated about not being able to make rough drafts. But in spite of not writing sfories I have taken up creating an interactive story.

It's really small right now but if you put a watch on it the next time I write a page it will include some vore in it.

I still need to think out the storyline but cor right now I'm focusing the story on a teenage boy who is thrown into a world where people are eating each other as he tries to desperately survive and get answers.

Here is the link: ...
[ Continued ... ]

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