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Hi there! I am an aspiring voice actress here on Eka's. I've been at this for almost a year. and the responses are encouraging. I am hoping to become successful with a little help from my fans and friends. Feel free to take a peep at my Patreon. Thanks for the support and interest!

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Hey there, Human! What are you doing out so late and in a dark forest at that?

*A dark chuckle.*

Haven’t you heard about all the disappearances going on around here?

Oh? Think that you can handle whatever’s out here do you?

The Dreaming City



Ebony Meyer:
Radio host, runs the radio station/podcast “The Dreaming City”, also the nickname for the city.



 I was slowly coming back to my senses. Or was it simply coming to them? I was not sure if I ever had any before. Emerging from a deep slumber, I had no idea neither where nor who I was. My whole mind was feeling like a foggy mess full of pain and flashing colors, and each attempt to move a muscle was a painful failure. However, deep from within me, I knew I had to wake up. It was as if my consciousness was standing on the edge of the abyss it had just emerged from and about to fall back in

[General voice notes: female, mature sounding- a bit of ara ara in there.. Not too strong an accent if possible. Should give the impression of knowing more than you, being in control of the situation- a little mysterious, and a little bit teasing. This applies throughout the entire script as is the basic character voice.]
[Opening setup- general voicing notes here is to play up the mystery and teasing for this section, get the listener interested and draw them in a bit]
Oh, you're fi

Hello, did you enjoy the show?
certainly hope so, I could see you swatching, so intent on seeing
every little movement.
which one of us caught your eye the most?
it Crimson Fox? She’s always been the fan favourite.
Me!? No no honey. I’m just a backup dancer, you were supposed to
pay attention to Blue Cat and the others.
I’ll admit it’s nice to finally have a fan of my own.
you were so intent on watching me, how about I give you a real close

Even brave knights meet their match. You had defeated the evil Morgana, rescued the princess and won her hand in marrige. Yet now, standing with your coming bride in the highest tower of the royal castle, you faced defeat.
"I *will* wear the necklace, and that's final," said Princess Isolde. "The ruby is gorgeous - and what better way to show that the old witch is dead?"
You yourself had taken the necklace off Morgana as she lay dead in her lair, yet you didn

Seductively Sweet. Almost pitiful
No need to be angry with me for eating you, obviously SOMETHING on that was more important than where you were walking. Was it that thing in your hands? That little screen your eyes were glued to, chasing some digital creature, veering into the grass.
Not ONCE looking up to see me looming ahead with trap wide open, drooling at the treat headed right my way. It was hard to keep from laughing as your steps brought you to me. It was just that

Tentacle couple play

(This is a script of a girl showing her boyfriend a tentacle chamber, she uses for masturbation)
Word count: 382

Tags: consentacles, tentacles, gentle femdom, vanilla couple, anal, tentacle on male, tentacle on female,

Okay, no need to be nervous, trust me it s gonna be fun. Let me open this *tentacles grab the boy* Woah they grabbed you hard hehehe. It s okay! it s okay! Calm down, they are just scared because you are new. *pause* Yep, they are 100% real

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Hey there everyone !
I am absent minded at times.
I know that a few of you had sent me some scripts and narrations to do.
Sadly, I have gotten buried in e mails and messages and can't locate the requests.
If you had sent me a request, please re send them to my personal e mail.
I appreciate it :)
Thanks in advance.

P.S. if you haven't had the nerve to send me a script or story, please do so.
If it's something I am not comfortable doing, I am always willing to compromise.
Ya never know until you try.

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Posted by Creepergonnakill 1 day ago

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You're welcome. Although it should really be me thanking you, high quality audios are kind of a rarity in this, uh, "genre".


Posted by Barbara93 10 days ago

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Sorry for late reply. You are welcome.


Posted by Raven5689 1 month ago

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no problwm'


Posted by Xinless 1 month ago

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Thanks for the lovely voice work you do! ^w^ //

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Posted by thebigcat 1 month ago

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No problem!


Posted by vivious 1 month ago

<< Reply To Hestia042

Of Course! I love what you do and I hope you get well soon! :)


Posted by thelazyknight 1 month ago

<< Reply To Hestia042

I decided to find out who voiced Zoe and found you.

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Posted by cloudrunnerteeny 1 month ago

wonderful work on cakeinferno's RAADD stuff lately!! <3


Posted by UnattainableSnack 2 months ago

<< Reply To Hestia042

My pleasure ^,..,^


Posted by shikastorm 3 months ago

Thanks for sticking with us love <3


Posted by JamCat 3 months ago

Happy New Years!

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