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Amanda made her way out of the private entrance of Giovanni’s, her stuffed belly sloshed with each step. Waiting for her was a custom-made extended SUV with tinted windows, large doors, and her professional driver. She waved to him, and passed him a carryout container she had for him. “Thank you for your patience James. I ordered dinner for you and Tara.”

James smiled and nodded. “Thank you for your gener

Giovanni’s was a busy Italian restaurant. It was known throughout the town as one of the premier places to take your family. The portions were huge, everyone had to have carryout containers. The servers were professional, friendly, and well taken care of by the company. Rumor had it that Giovanni was rich from mob connections from the old country, but you’d never guess that from speaking to the man. He was older, jovial, and a plain delight when he’d visit the tables. He lived

Deep within Lilith’s thick body, her stomach churned harshly. Acids mixed with soda and bread formed a mush island at the top of her stomach. This island kept some of Evie’s upper body out of the caustic mix. She moaned, partially from arousal and also from pain. When she’d first splashed down to join Lilith’s lunch, she had one orgasm after another, but now the burning was getting to be too much. She could hear Lilith and her sister going at it, and every time Lilith cha

Evelyn sat her bags down on the kitchen table as she heard Lilith rush off to her bedroom. Only once the bedroom was shut did Lilith speak. “I’m so sorry you walked in to see that...”

“You don’t have to apologize about that. We’re both adults. Hell, I knocked one out about 30 minutes ago myself! Haha” And then, quietly, she said, “Isn’t that right?” and patted her firm,

“Oh fuck. Fuck! Fuck!” Hayley screamed hoarsely, dropping into a full blown panic. Laying in the grass, unmoving, was Linsey. Her legs and arms had open sores, accompanied by blood as it seeped out.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve just left her to die in my gut. Now Danielle’s going to see her like this and she’s going to hate me for eternity,&

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My chances to write are few and far between still, but I do still enjoy writing when I can. But I'm at a bit of a crossroads concerning the tone and direction of the Freshman. If you've read my most recent addition to Rift City, you know it's getting darker. And it's going to continue that way for some time. But with the cliffhanger at the end of the last chapter of the Freshman, it can go a more lighthearted direction, or I can take it darker. But I'm curious, what do you all think? Any comments or suggestions?

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Posted by Dracon_Kitsune 10 months ago Report

Heya, I don't normally bug writers for more content, but I enjoy all your stories, and am looking forward to your next submission, whenever it is.


Posted by thecheese01 1 year ago Report

Hey, thanks for the favs. Your Freshman series was a big part of the inspiration for Anna's story.


Posted by Whatisaname 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To nap25

Thank you for the compliments. I try to keep a balance between normal people and twisted psychos. Helps keep the reader and characters on their toes.

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Posted by Whatisaname 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the faves! It means so much. The Freshman was one of the things that inspired me to start writing myself.

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Posted by Orion1084 1 year ago Report

It's great to see you writing again! I'll probably sound like a fanboy, but is there any possibility of more Freshman in the future? :)


Posted by Nalzindar 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the favorite and watch^^


Posted by VoidInVoid 2 years ago Report

Thank you for watching.


Posted by supernova 3 years ago Report

I appreciate the watch, thank you!


Posted by Orion1084 4 years ago Report

Just checking in to see how you're doing. I've been dying to read more Freshman, lol. I know you're busy, but I'm holding onto the home that you haven't abandoned Holly & Lindsay. :) Take care!


Posted by JackNoName 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! What story did you like in particular? Any feedback is welcome too!


Posted by Orion1084 5 years ago Report

Hope you're doing well! Great to see you back in action, and looking forward to seeing some more Freshman! :)


Posted by VixieMoondew 5 years ago Report

Great to see you again!!

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