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study habits 3/3 By Shinnigami -- Report

(Edit: looks like the votes are in. Tsuki-kun is an average sized student, and it looks like Ms. Tachi is a proud gigantic faculty member at this school)

Looks like things have gone even less than Tsuki-kun expected. A twist and then a turn. Seems Ms. Tachi is no stranger to students hitting on her, but is not far from having a little fun with it, especially if she can put her student in a better place of learning. After all, where better to learn inside a teacher herself? Ms Tachi certainly seems to think so, and is more content to offer herself up as study material for the biology exam coming up. Now back to grading those papers, while Tsuki-kun hits those books with less distractions.

I'm sure there's some sort of protocol for teachers having overnight study sessions with students, this is a prestigious academy after all. Ms Tachi's gotta make sure he gets in all the studying he needs tonight. don't worry though, he'll be back at his desk come the bell the next morning, most definitely with a new understanding of the, erm... overwhelming body of academia her study sessions provide. Her methods are "fast tract" to better grades for any student willing to go the extra mile (or so... large intestine.... insert vore pun here.... man its late...)

This setting sort of takes place in a world where people of mixed sizes congregatate and live together, so you'll find mismatched sizes in many classrooms. I haven't entirely decided if Ms. Tachi is a giant teacher or Tsuki-kun is tiny, though I guess its all based on perspective. Heh if you have any thoughts onto which might fit better, lemme know in the comments: Giant teacher or micro student.

Ok, so this was a set mostly done more out of appreciation of the macro/micro theme rather than any desire to create fap material, mostly humorous. Obviously I cannot dictate what it will be used for, but I know what it was made for and I just wanted to put that out there. It was nice enough that the artist allowed me to post up this commission, as she almost never likes her stuff appearing on other sites, so in keeping with her wishes, please keep the comments clean and productive guys. She wishes to remain more or less anonymous though, so if you know who this is please keep it to yourself.

Tachi and Tsuki belong to: Myself and

Art by :

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Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

Good to see more teacher vore.
Great short comic.


Posted by SeekGr 6 years ago Report

Great work~!


Posted by Chaos 6 years ago Report

I love manga-style vore. Fantastic work


Posted by TiffanyIsa 6 years ago Report

Wow. Excellect comic. The quality is just wonderful. ^^ Good job.


Posted by artimus261 6 years ago Report

giant teacher ;) she's gorgeous and itd be awesome to know shes gigantic ;D


Posted by Frednurk 6 years ago Report

Well whoever the mysterious artist is, they're fantastic


Posted by Kreeyz 6 years ago Report

Really nice one ! :D


Posted by Shinnigami 6 years ago Report

Honestly I'd love to commission more work in this setting in the near future, sort of have a bit of a mental world built up in my head that has a good slice-of-unusual-life setting at this school. If anyone ever wants to go in halfsies on a comission or is an artist and wants to do a work or two in this setting by all means call me. God only knows we need more school setting vore comics, especially when giant students and teachers make up atleast half of the haculty/studentbody.


Posted by Shinnigami 6 years ago Report

Oh and for the record, i'm calling the vote results here. Tsuki is indeed a regular sized human, and lets just say that Ms Tachi's parking faculty parking space is in itself the size of a small parking lot :3


Posted by calin22 6 years ago Report

This comic is amazing!!!


Posted by Argo 6 years ago Report he going to die from this?


Posted by ObsidianSnake 5 years ago Report

Your tags are making me lose it over here! I hope "WHAT A TWIST" becomes a real tag someday