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Fulfilling cash cows By BIGBIG

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A gift for foducool
because his new oc Cecilia is cool xD

Cecilia is a young Cecaelia who left the depths of the sea to live on the surface.
Once here, she quickly used her ability to change her skin color to pose as a human.
After preying on random thugs to feed herself and get some money, she now owns her
own tatoo shop, selecting her most rowdy customers as her next preys.

more is coming soon

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Posted by ironman362 4 years ago

Where can I learn more about this character? Seems interesting


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

you should ask foducool --->


Posted by foducool 4 years ago

Cecilia left the secure depth of the ocean where her kind dwells to explore the surface.
they're the apex lifeform down there, like humans are the most advanced creature on the surface

after being discovered and nearly getting vivisected, she escaped and disguised herself using her ability to change her skin pigmentation.

under the traits of a rasta girl, she opened up a tattoo shop, using the ink she produces herself on her customers.

her ink has multiple purposes, it numbs the pain, leaving the person it's applied to kind of euphoric. it also allows her to take partial control of the muscles where it's applied.

her clients are usually running their mouth the whole time they're on the chair. That's how she learns about what their clients do in their life and if they deserve a little vore or not.
using the mark she left on them, she follows them and partly paralyze them before swallowing them all.

she also likes to indulge in some unbirth with her friends, close people who know about her true nature and who she trusts not to reveal her secret to anybody else.


Posted by ironman362 4 years ago

Interesting, I'd love to read a story about her origins


Posted by foducool 4 years ago

I'll write it in her profile on my DA account someday ^^
I have a lot of OCs so it might take a while


Posted by Chamomile 4 years ago

What's causing her stomach to drip like that?


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

you see she has a line over there ... thats actualy a smtomach mounth .. you shoukld ask foducool xP


Posted by foducool 4 years ago

yeah, that's her belly mouth, to swallow big preys quickly ^^


Posted by Maneater1987 4 years ago

Ooohh I really like this one :) I don't know who is luckier though?