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Well, That's One Way Out... By Plinko

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Not the most dignifying of exits... But it could be worse.
Unofficial follow up to:

Wow, this one took me awhile... six hours for the sketch and eight for the coloring/shading/sliming, etc, plus a slight scare when my computer refused to start a few days ago... (Freaking dependence on technology will kill us some day)

I am thinking about making an alternate (fatal) ending to this where I don't make it out in once piece... Let me know.

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Posted by Variant 3 years ago

Not a scat person here, but I love the artistic merit here! Very well done.


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago

Thank you for the comment~


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago

Well poor Bloom sure is going to need a shower followed by a long bath after this ordeal.

As for the question: I'd love a fatal version.


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago

P.S: Especially if the *ahem*, Remains. . . include Pink('ish) scraps of cloth.


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago



Posted by Leshana 3 years ago

I'm not sure which is better. I of course approve of prey being digested, but the sheer indignity of being forced out in a pile of sewage is also a great sight.


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago

Hehe~ Thanks~
Yeah, it's not the dignifying exits she could have made~

"Ah really hope nopony sees this..."


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago

Well I have some bad news... Featherweight just said he lost the foto of this moment he took and which he promised to never show anypony... Acording to the rumors then everypony in Ponyville have seen or heard of it by now.


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago

*Apple Bloom hides under her bow*
"Great ...Looks like Ah'm movin' to Appaloosa"


Posted by DarkPinkie 3 years ago

*Hands her a big suitcase.* "If it helps I already packed for you. The next train leaves in 15..." *Picks up a poket watch out of nowhere and looks at it for a few seconds.* "Make that 12 minutes. Have a nice trip.

"I better get running back home. Pinkie baked brownies today! They are my favorites!. . ." *Looks over to Applebloom and becomes slightly green in the face.* "Urgh. On second thought, I just lost my appetite. I am just going to go home and lay down for a bit. Urk!" *Vacates breakfast in a nearby bush.*

(P.S: Meet Darkie Pie, A little filly based on my old abandoned Tumblr ask blog (Ask Dark Pinkie). Age wise (physically at least) she should be a couple years younger than AB. She is a red eyed earth pony filly with a fur coat that is Charcoal coloured and her messy mane is dark gray with a white stripe in it. She does not have a cutie mark yet but it will be a glittering cloud with several Z floating away from it. . . And now I want to draw my Darkie Pie.)


Posted by marader4 3 years ago

I'm the type that says go for a fatal version, but also gotta say this version came out rather cute with the way she's just hanging there and such at the moment


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago

I am very likely going to be doing a fatal version next.

In the RP I took this idea from, that's actually how it ended.

Thanks for the comment!


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

A dirty trip can really do a number on one's coat. That'll take a while to clean off!

Can't say I'm a scat person myself either, but I love how you got the look of viscous fluid around her down very well! The intestines have a lot of their own lubricant, definitely.

Great work! Always nice to see more full tour stuff.


Posted by Plinko 3 years ago

Hehe~ Thanks!

Yeah I love a good messy and sloppy ending~


Posted by ViperBits 3 years ago

Let's see how the fatal one stacks up!


Posted by CG22 2 years ago

wow !