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Know your place! By livinlovindude -- Report

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again, doing this because I don't see much standard colored renamons doing AV without impossible stretching and same size thing. this is a prequel comic to's commission

This also has a written story written by Razure as well as modified a little by me.
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One could cut the tension in the air with a knife. The conflicts between Renamon and Rika had been growing worse, the strain between them was mounting; even Renamon’s patience had its limits and this girl was getting dangerously close to breaking it.

It all finally came to a head one night, Renamon had come in late and Rika had taken that as an excuse to lay into her again. But this time, things were going to be different, the digimon felt something snap in her mind. She no longer cared this was her partner, she no longer cared they needed to work together; she needed revenge and she was going to get it! In a flash Renamon grabbed Rika by the shoulders, pulling her in close with a heavy snarl. “You insolent brat! I’m tired of your rotten attitude, Rika!”

The shock of Renamon’s sudden shift alarmed Rika, cutting off her arguing instantly and feeling her heart sink, she knew she’d just crossed a very dangerous line. “Renamon! Let me go!” She eeps out with a fearful expression; so surprised that she can’t even will her body to move away.

The girl is no match for Renamon, she forces Rika down on her front and stands over her for a moment. “Shut it! From now on you’re gonna be beneath me!” She had meant that literally in this moment of rage, but an idea flows into her head having said that. The idea curbs her rage quite a bit, thinking of a much better way to deal with the situation… “Now you'll be kissing my ass!~”

Rika was too scared to get up, staying down on the floor and only looking up after hearing Renamon’s vague plan for her. She was just about to ask what Renamon meant by that but is interrupted by the sight of a very up-close furry crotch in her face and a hand on the back of her head. She had intended to say ‘what?’ but it ended up being muffled into an “Nnnmph! Nnnmph!” as her face got buried into Renamon’s rump.

Renamon licked her lips as she forced Rika down, keeping that tight hold on her head and not letting her up. This felt so… primal, so forceful and dominating…! The emotional power she felt from this was only amplified by the physical sensation of the human’s struggles. Rika’s hands pushing on her legs, her mouth rubbing on her pucker as she tries to say something to object, but only ever able to make out little sounds at best.

There was strong warmth on her face, but Rika noticed she was also feeling a bit of a chill… With her face held firmly against the furry ass and nethers as a rather powerful distraction, it took her a while to understand what it was, she was sliding right out of her clothes as she shrank down! She would have questioned it a lot more were it not for the fact she was too scared to ask how this was possible!

In truth Renamon was rather surprised to see Rika shrinking down as well, but was more than happy to go along with it. "What's this?" she raised a brow as a bluish glow enveloped her tamer, Rika's form beginning to decrease in size. It wasn’t until the girl was quite small that she figured it out, a connection with the digivice… she felt it even though it was in the pile of clothing left on the ground. It was possibly only temporary, but Rika was accepting her role being under Renamon, she was the tamer now! And just as Rika could affect Renamon with it before, now Renamon could affect her with it! Their roles had been reversed!

Rika’s eyes go wide as she continues to drop in size, what once took Renamon’s entire hand, now only needed a finger! A massive blush of embarrassment sweeps over her face, she was so small now! She yelps just in time to feel that one finger slide her head right inside of the large rump! She pushes out against the furry body as much as she can, struggling hard but she just can’t free herself from the tight muscles within, still unable to speak as they hold her head hard; as if proving that Renamon’s ass itself was more than enough to contain Rika.

Renamon keeps Rika’s head in like that for a short while, murring in bliss before finally pulling her out, fully intending to taunt the poor girl some more. Rika gasps for fresh air as her head is released, the musky scent of Renamon's rump lingering in her senses. The fox wasn’t even upset anymore, she was much too focused on making Rika pleasure her. “Hm… that gave me an idea~” She teases the shrunken human even before noticing the blush she was wearing, easily holding her in one hand.

The shrunken girl fidgets and tries to struggle in the large fox hand she found herself in. “No! Please, don’t put me in there! I promise I’ll treat you better!” Rika squeaks out in concern, feeling her face heat up intensely at the idea of that actually coming true, and she knew there was no hiding anything from those keen eyes boring into her…

“You seem to be secretly enjoying this~!” Renamon coos down to her prey, her mouth open with tongue and teeth exposed. That may not have been the hole she intended to put Rika inside of, but those predatory instincts made it fun to show off. “Look at that blush!” She taunts further, the red showing prominently on the human’s face; which Renamon further teases by rubbing her tongue along Rika’s face as she squirms in the large hand. “Oh I know you’ll treat me better~! I’ll see to it that you treat me better!” There was a kind of delight Renamon was getting from using Rika’s own words. This was more than just physical domination, there was a mental part of this was well, messing with the small girl’s head~

Rika gasps as the large hand gets a firmer grip on her, pinning her arms to her sides. “Ugh… What are you… gonna do?” She shivers and fidgets some more, especially as the tongue runs along her face. She already knew the answer to that, but she had to ask since part of her brain wasn’t fully accepting it was going to happen yet.

Renamon sits down and leans back, legs apart and in the air. “If you're not too keen in sucking my ass… so how about my ass sucking you instead~?” Her entire body tenses up and shivers as she forces the small human’s legs into her rectum, feeding her in backwards~ “And since you're in to this, I’m gonna indulge you.” The large fox lets out a long moan as Rika slides in up to her hips, making sure her hands are pinned to her sides for maximum containment. “You’re gonna see how you’ll get sucked up my ass~!” It was so easy to push her in at this size, yet it still felt so wonderful. It wasn’t just the physical sensations though, it helped in large part that it was specifically Rika she was doing this to.

“Aaaaaahn… no! I don't like this at all!~” She reflexively struggled, playing exactly into what Renamon wanted, bumping and rubbing around on the inside of the muscular walls. Before she even knew what had happened she was up to her chest in Renamon’s rump. It was slick and slimy in there, the tight compression of the walls around her was helping push her inside. If anything her blush grew bigger as more of her body gets swallowed up by the large fox butt, her struggles getting her further coated in anal slime.

Renamon chuckles in her throat as she continues to feed the shrunken human to her rump. “Are those moans I’m hearing? You’re a terrible actress!” She taunts, inching Rika in closer to her tight destination and getting the most pleasant of shivers flowing up her spine as a result. This felt so much more natural and right than being yelled at by her~

Being chest deep in Renamon’s ass was a… bizarre sensation to say the least. With her breasts being squished up against her by the pucker Rika looks around with the strongest blush she’s ever had. Her brain is too flooded with sensations that she can’t even process this well enough to speak, merely making grunts and embarrassed noises as the insides of the anal tunnel slowly drag her in, her body feeling so wet, so tight, so hot, so… good…?

“Almost… gone…~” Renamon is happy to just let her insides suck up Rika the rest of the way. Using her fingers to rub around her hungry rump instead of actually pushing the girl inside, a by proxy massage to aid in her puckers’ need to swallow up the helpless girl. Mouth wide open in physical and mental delight~ “Oooh…~”

Rika opens up her mouth as if to scream or beg… but not much comes out, just a weak murmur ; “It’s so… warm… and sticky… hnng…~”. She still can’t bring herself to object, even as that pucker works it’s way around her head. Her body struggles inside of the fleshy tunnel even if her mind is having trouble catching up, the sounds of that inside movement is becoming much louder to her the closer her head gets to being sucked inside as well. She can only see walls of yellow fur to her sides and under her; Renamon’s legs and tail, and the last bit of the shrinking world in front of her. Her room felt so far away all of a sudden… especially as another anal ‘swallow’ pulls her in a bit deeper, seeing the sides of the pink tunnel now.

She was past the pucker now, mouth still open, still trying to get herself to protest even as the slick slime coats her hair and runs down her face a little bit. Her view on the world was nearly gone, just a point of light at the end of a fleshy tunnel that crushed her just shy of the point of pain. As if giving one last taunt, Renamon uses a finger to spread her pucker back up, giving the poor girl a slightly better look at the outside. "Enjoying the view?" she teased, feeling Rika's struggles intensify… Rika finally protested, "No no no! Renamon! Don't suck me in-", her words cut off as Renamon's flesh engulfed her as she clenched, her ass swallowing Rika up and in so deep that even with the pucker opened up, she can’t see outside anymore. There is still light, but it only serves to show off the glistening tunnel walls.

“Oooh…~ Now that feels good~ Now you think about your bad attitude while you’re in there~” With an extremely satisfied sigh, Renamon pulls her hand away from her ass, allowing the pucker to clench up, sealing away her bothersome human partner for good, or a long time at least. She stands back up, giving her rear cheeks a bit of a rub loving the idea that Rika had just passed between them and got locked away inside. “now think about your bad attitude while you're in there~, I'm going to give you plenty of time to think" A day inside at least… she weighs her options. Two days? A week? More? She giggles to herself as the idea, eventually settling on ‘as long as possible or unless a new option comes along’ when, or if that happens~ The girl inside was slowing down a bit though, and Renamon wasn’t done feeling her new living toy just yet. “Mmmm...Keep struggling!~” She demanded, clenching her rectal muscles as she walks a few steps, getting used to moving while feeling her prisoner inside.

She coughed as she inhaled the thick musky air inside Renamon, “You’re… squeezing me… ahh…” The movement makes the walls grind all around Rika, pressing and squishing everywhere, the sounds of the wet slime covering her and squishing nearly drowned out Renamon’s voice, but not enough to avoid hearing her demand to keep moving. She does so, but largely due to the shifting walls of flesh crushing her painlessly more than the verbal order. Rika still can’t bring herself to speak much, and as she feels herself sliding backwards even deeper into Renamon’s intestinal track, a bizarre realization hits her…

She couldn’t speak well because she kept trying to object… but both her body and brain wouldn’t let her. Even though she hadn’t realized it, after a point she hadn’t been fighting it, but rather just pressing up against everything. Her body had been moving a lot, but it had never been to escape; it had been to get used to and adjust to her new ‘home’. Her brain blocked any objections because deep down she liked this… to be owned by Renamon, to be humiliated by Renamon, to be inside of Renamon… this was right, this was how it was supposed to be. Renamon was supposed to be in charge from the beginning but she never knew it until right now. With an uncomfortable little whimper, she used her right hand to massage the walls and left hand to play with her own nethers inside of Renamon’s anal tunnel, the slick lubrication of the anal slime giving just enough leeway against the super tight walls to get her hand into position… She was Renamon’s pet… she was Renamon’s toy… and she was finally able to admit… that she loved it…~ “D—don’t stop…”

Renamon didn’t need to hear Rika say anything to feel that she was submitting, the girl new her place now. “Heh… knew you’d like that~!” She coos victoriously, they both knew this was how it was going to be from now on, Rika now lived only to serve her digimon partner, in whatever way she wanted. Renamon was in charge, Rika was the one being tamed, the pet; and they both knew this was how it was all meant to be~


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Posted by Zaltarous 5 years ago Report

Fantastic work!


Posted by livinlovindude 5 years ago Report



Posted by knux 5 years ago Report

this is rilly HOT!


Posted by livinlovindude 5 years ago Report



Posted by andy17 5 years ago Report

Looks like she is spending eternity inside that booty~ Right where she belongs, never seeing the light of day again ;3 Beautiful.


Posted by livinlovindude 5 years ago Report

I won't mind such a fate!


Posted by Zakkerus 5 years ago Report

I absolutely LOVE how slimy you made it look inside her bowels~! Great job! Heh heh, and the sequel image is great too.


Posted by livinlovindude 5 years ago Report

hehe thanks! Its not complete without slime!


Posted by maxpayne98 5 years ago Report

Luv it! :3


Posted by livinlovindude 5 years ago Report



Posted by Amnael 5 years ago Report

Heh right where Rika belongs for ever and ever x3


Posted by acejt 5 years ago Report

I love renamon x rika stuff. especially when it has anal vore or unbirth! great job!


Posted by Randomguy01 3 years ago Report

Great job


Posted by ButterBelly 2 years ago Report

Can I just say how great you drew that Renamon spread?


Posted by V0retex 2 years ago Report

I would not mind staying in there forever


Posted by CuddleSlut 2 years ago Report

Rather like the semi-willing aspect, but I'm not sure how I feel about the way you redesigned Renamon's head. You made it a lot less triangular and more realistic, with a defined brow and snout. I also notice you altered Renamon's eyes (the whites are canonically black), which I kinda think makes her look less menacing and predatory.