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Serve you right! By Frakass

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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He confused skinheads and punks... fatal error!
(especially when you stand in front of an hungry vorish-punk-girl... Now, let's listen some skacore while digesting!)

Ok... listen... I'm weak, that all, I'm just f-biiip-g weak...
I saw your despair, and rather than turning away from you with an evil laugh, my cloak twirling in the move, well, I just read your comments, decided they were fun/constructive/flattering (often simultaneously) and tried to improve my technique by drawing another piece to show you...

Shame on you!

Ok, so, what do you think about this one? ^^
(I tried to improve my coloring... I didn't use stark lighting like Gstef advised me -sorry-, but I was rather inspired by the style of the one I consider as my master in vore drawing, FrostByte, because I love it!

Edit : Thanks Diamonte!
the title must be "Serve you right" and not "Serve you well"... I'm not a native-speaker, and I was tired when I uploaded, so...
Edit 2 : I re-uploaded the pic with some minor changes (especially at her legs... I wasn't happy because they didn't looks very symetrical...)

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Posted by JeremyTN 1 year ago

Ohmigosh she's adorable and hot and I wanna see that gut bigger!


Posted by wiseguy288 1 year ago

We need more vore punks <3


Posted by demonbunny3po 1 year ago

Very nice pleated skirt.


Posted by Eurodex 1 year ago

It looks absolutely amazing. Great to see you are still around. XD


Posted by balanced-guy 1 year ago

Looks fantastic, love the character's design ^_^ The belly also looks great, I like large, bellies with some tightness/form fitting with the belly.


Posted by RavenXeo 1 year ago

nestled softly between those large breasts..

that bandage is cute.


Posted by gulpin 1 year ago

Beautiful work ^_^


Posted by neversurrender21 1 year ago

i think its pretty damn good. though i alwaysed loved your style of drawing. the shading looks really good and i really like that little kirby bandaid on her knee. gonna guess she's also a gamer


Posted by vore2412 1 year ago

I've always loved your work (shame on you for being weak and giving in to the endless flattery of your countless fans!) and think you improve every time I see new work, always look forward to seeing more (Until you decide to take that break again, but perhaps fun/constructive/flattering comments will draw you back :P)


Posted by martyr 1 year ago

Holy moley, she's a cutie.... >w<


Posted by DeathRize 1 year ago

awh i missed your posts ;p loved them back in the day & still adore them now <3


Posted by UnusualTwo 1 year ago

this is awesome!!


Posted by dcvfgb1234 1 year ago

I normally never post comments but I will make an exception here since I felt this warranted it. I have always really liked your artwork and you are one of my absolute all time favorite vore artists. I hence was really happy when I saw you had posted two new pictures. Always good to see new stuff from you and hopefully we will get more at some point in the future. I really love this picture and the other one and wanted to say that you keep doing a great job.
Really love this girl and would love seeing more of her.


Posted by Diamonte 1 year ago

Looks like fantastic coloring and shading to me. Awesome: curves, scene and poses, too. (^_^)

I think Gstef was right, the shading here is better than the shading on your pic yesterday (Which was also an excellent drawing). It sells the curves batter and her skin thickness looks healthier and more natural.


Posted by Diamonte 1 year ago

PS: No biggie, but if you were trying for the English idiom, it's "Serves you right".


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago

Corrected ^^
Thanks ;-)


Posted by Gloom 1 year ago

Tough cutie~


Posted by nnn4463 1 year ago

Oh shes cute
And i do always love a good burping pred
Nice job


Posted by Angel 1 year ago

It's good to see you're still around, Frakass. ^^

Love that belly bulge, it looks so natural and at the same time the prey inside is still recognizable. His head ending up between her boobs is also a nice sexy touch. <3


Posted by hamletvalley 1 year ago

I do miss your softer lines from working on paper, the colouring is very good though! But the soft pencil shading was always nice in your older work.

Nice to see you drawing anouther peice :3


Posted by Nazrax 1 year ago

Ill never get tired of your stuff.


Posted by algog8 1 year ago

What's the smallest pred to largest prey ratio that you've ever drawn?


Posted by Gstef 1 year ago

Don't worry about what I say! What's most important is really that you're satisfied with your stuff. I only hope my criticism was helpful, but what you feel works best is ultimately down to you. I'm just glad I wasn't unhelpful, I hope.
Cheers yo!


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago

your comment was very helpful, as it motivate me to work further on my coloring skills. I think I will try more "solid" shadowing in the future, to see how is the result ^^


Posted by nanocom 1 year ago

i like how you try to add smaller details like the bunny band aid on her knee, the skull hair clip and the sock. but know where to stop to keep the design from getting to busy the sign of a great artist. the coloring is also exquisite subtle and bold and very clear vision


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 year ago

I never saw anything wrong with your technique to be honest. I enjoyed the shading and how it helped it look 3d. In fact im having trouble with shading and planned to use your work as guidelines =)


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago

If you want any advice, you can PM me! ^^


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 year ago

I'd be honored ^^


Posted by morq 1 year ago

I personally think that the art is very good. The new style is definitely good as well, but I never thought your old style wasn't good as well. To me its just a different style and i like them booth.

I will say it does seem smoother though. And as always i love the way you draw :D


Posted by Bright 1 year ago

Must say I really dig the punk girl style there.


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago

♥ ♥ ♥


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago

Really wanna see what happens to her after she finishes digesting her. Shes adorable


Posted by donitard 1 year ago

If you feed on criticisms you will starve!

I totally see your frostbyte inspiration in lighting, and it looks 100% on the mark.

After staring down your drawing a several times all I can see that looks even the slightest bit off is the legs. The large belly, to me, makes me think the legs should be spread to support and make room for the wide weight. But this has never been something if you have done, that I can recall (and I've looked through your yahoo account). If the legs closer together makes sense to you then there is no sense in seeing it as an issue, looks amazing all the same.

As usual, in your infrequent droppings-by, everything is amazing, the pose, colour, shadowing, and express! You capture mood so well, in body language and face (though I think I've told you that). Oh, love the shadowing on the shirt, makes it looks almost transparent.

Hope you have time for a couple more, been missing your works.


Posted by smiley 1 year ago

Nice work!
She's cute :3


Posted by simonpetrikov39 10 months ago

I would like to take a digestive soak in her Frakass