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A Cluster of Vore - The Sequel! 9/9 By FidchellVore

Looks like that's it for this part! Will there be another? We shall see down the road...

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Posted by Achilles 2 years ago

Nice. I will gladly see, that Kuva get out of here somehow. :D


Posted by Greennyy 2 years ago

Id LOVE to see more of this.... after waiting for so long to see it finished, i only wish for it to continue. Ahh, the problems of reading good comics.... its hard to satisfy everyone with how they end.


Posted by Demicus 2 years ago

I'm imagining the outside view, as everyone keeps moving around, with pinball machine sounds for extra comedic value. :3


Posted by IsistheKitsune 2 years ago

Nice too see Kuva get a meal


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 2 years ago

Yay! I would.. like.. YES TO MORE!

This is awesome!


Posted by TheCrystalDemon 1 year ago

Voreception is great~