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She's the Boss! By CalinBeast -- Report

Here's an unbirth comic for ya, featuring Delores, a female wolf who clearly does not take no for an answer!

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Posted by MMPluc 4 years ago Report

Hopefully it is non-fatal like the last one, as she won't be able to enjoy him again if it isn't. But I can see it possibly is by the way she says he can come out later "When I say you can come out".


Posted by jacobgord12345 4 years ago Report

oh wow! your art is improving fast i tell ya calin! nice work on this~


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

Thanks, bro!


Posted by MirceaKitsune 4 years ago Report

Very cute and lovely!


Posted by Asaneman 4 years ago Report

Aww yeah facesitting, great stuff! What's your thoughts on AV? And for that matter, digestion/weightgain? Feral weightgain is incredibly rare


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

Anal Vore is just as good as unbirth in my opinion! (Hence why I love your work so much)
I don't normally do digestion, but part of me likes the weightgain aspect.

Maybe someday... d:


Posted by masterofvore1 4 years ago Report

could probably do a sort of "wind and unwind" effect,where someone ends up as fat for some time and then gets released somehow later(burping,etc) to sort of reverse the process, if preservation(and perhaps recatching the prey to toy with them) is the goal,haha


Posted by SpyIsSpy 4 years ago Report

You really, really caught my attention with this one! I don't think I've seen anything like this before.
The art, the facial expressions, they're just fantastic.
Thanks for sharing this, it's possibly my most favorite out of all the art I've seen so far!


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

Wow, thanks!
It's good to know that people appreciate my art. :D


Posted by HS 4 years ago Report

I really like this. Feral unbirth is so rare, and really good unbirth even more so!


Posted by CalinBeast 4 years ago Report

I'll most likely be doing more feral vore/unbirth in the future, look forward to it!


Posted by GregTheGrimm 3 years ago Report

I'd love more good feral unbirth on the site, not nearly enough <3