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I Love Chinese Food By DarkArtist -- Report

Fun fact, I was sketching this, and was noting how well it was coming out. It was almost done being sketched out...

Then the power went out.

Suffice to say, I was repeating a phrase I had learned from a game about a certain lanky skeleton for a while afterward.

"Save it Now, or Risk Doing it Again!"

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

I don't think his stomach cares if you're Korean or Chinese :3


Posted by DarkArtist 1 year ago Report

Indeed. I take great pride in not seeing race...rather I prefer taste <3


Posted by JeremyTN 1 year ago Report

Hehe, all the same once they're ass padding!


Posted by Nibor 1 year ago Report

Ah yes, the Catchphrase of the Three Mr. Hydes in the Nightmare Before Christmas game.


Posted by DarkArtist 1 year ago Report

Indeed, a terrible lesson all artists must learn when doing digital art.


Posted by Nibor 1 year ago Report

good advice for writers, too.


Posted by klonoa723 1 year ago Report

Oh man, one time my drawing program crashed, and I was like "Well, I'll continue from when I last saved".

Last time I saved? Oh wait, I never remembered to save...

Lost, like, two hours of work. Dang.

Really nice drawing there. I like it! :)

"Soul robber!"