All the arts in this folder have been commissionned by other users.

Before you check any of the art and/or folder, please Check for eventual content warning (CW) in the title.
If you feel like the art has not been properly CW'd, please PM to let us know.

Please do not:
- Request change or alt version with yourself or another character.
- Judge the idea, especially not to kinkshame anyone.
- Behave or speak in a mean way toward any of the character and/or the user commissioning the art.

Since these are commissions, we will not answer any question regarding any decision made on the content of the commissions.
You are free to ask your questions in the comment, but we won't be able to answer for the user commissioning the art.

Similarly to any of our other gallery, any inappropriate behaviour in this gallery will be reported to the admin of the website.

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