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The Five Goddesses: Chapter 6 By Nobodyman

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Chapter 6 of the Five Goddesses, in which Demi reminisces about her old master

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Posted by BlueMarvel611 11 months ago

Hey Nobodyman, long time no review. Sorry for not being involved with your writing as of late but I had my own things to take care of. Mostly to getting a job settled and applying for it as well. Not to mention a lot of stress to go with it too. Anyways I'd like to make up for it by reviewing your latest chapter here on DA. I hoped that it would be enough as this involves me focuing on your main character Demi. I'll review briefly on the story in general and then the chapter. Here I go!

Okay I got to say man, that I'm surprised that I did not become interested in this story before long. This story's world has gotten me intrigued given how Terrania is like. I guess I sorta loved fantasy stories to the core given how it involves the goddesses and how they use the elements themselves. Not to mention a force of darkness using their oldest overlooked sister Kalia who gave herself to said force...and began make her fellow sisters into meals. It's really something with how she devoured three of the goddesses into her stomach and how she gains their powers. But it's also well thought out given the way you used flashbacks and all. Demi especially was the star for most of the chapters and I can't wait for the next one.

Now onto today's newest chapter. From what I'm seeing this is a rather impressive focus on Demi's past. In chapter 2, I really got a good impression on her character but from her flashbacks with training with Minerva and Thora, to name a few. But this session with Tiama really opens up a lot of things for Demi's character. Like how she was once a very feral character doing what she can to survive. And also how she got knocked out by her master, Qi despite his age. But it also gives us a view of what she's like when she was training under the former swordmaster. We also got a glimpse of who Master Qi was before being a farmer and....his tragic backstory. Hard to imagine a tough guy like him losing his wife and child like that.

What's more is how it helps to develop in Demi's character. As time passes and memories moved on we see just WHY Demi wouldn't open herself up. Having to seen how much Qi suffers from his disease and how she tries to keep up her spirits through it all, it's no wonder. No wonder why she is afraid to open up to love again. Not to mention how she became so stubborn too. But that's kinda understandable given how she grew up surviving in the woods. But glad she was able to open up to love again while being treated by Tiama. Now she's going to listen to the tale of the goddess...with ONE in particular.

All in all I'd like to see how this turns out, NB. I can't wait to see how the next chapter turns out. Your story shows good promise and it got me hooked to see more of its world. Magic and all...XD Keep up the good work!

Elias Azule
The Blue Marvel