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Rex wasn't the sort of dog that got dressed up very often. In fact he never wore clothes in his own house and he was rather reclusive so that's where most of his time was spent. But when he had been invited to a party for his friend Max's 30th birthday at the new gourmet restaurant Canines' Cuisines he felt obligated to find something fancy to wear. After a breakfast of two beautiful calicoes he spent some time rummaging through his wardrobe until he found one of his old tuxedos and dress pants. When he tried to put them on though he found that they didn't fit. It was possible that the two felines in his belly had something to do with it but it was obvious that he had put on a lot of weight since he had last dressed up. Rex didn't mind being fat, in fact it made him feel like a successful predator to have reduced so many prey to paunch around his stomach. But he did want to be able to fit into his suit again, if only for one night, that combined with the fact that Rex was eager to make room to sample as many of the fancy felines as he could lead him to the decision to skip lunch that day much to the disappointment of all the cats in his pantry whom he might have eaten. After his breakfast had digested Rex was feeling a little thinner and once again tried on his tuxedo and was pleased to find that, although uncomfortable, he was just able to squeeze into it and fasten the last button.
When Rex entered the restaurant he could tell that the night would be an exciting one. The entire main room seemed to be segregated into two parts. The felines servicing the left hand side of the room were all females while the males dominated the right side but every single one of them was stark naked. In the back there were several curtains which Rex supposed led to private booths. Canines co-mingled throughout the room enjoying the company of each other and of the felines. There were stages on either side of the room that were decorated with stripper poles and many felines dancing erotically. Interestingly though none of the felines were the common house cats that Rex had eaten all his life, instead there were exotic and strange cats such as lion, tigers, cheetahs, ocelots, leopards, jaguars, and even some cats that he didn't know. However, unlike the gigantic cats of the same species that lives in the wild and would have most likely made a meal out of Rex rather than the other way around, these felines had all been genetically modified. They were all scaled down to bite sized replicas of their former selves and on top of that they all actually enjoyed being eaten by their canine customers. Everywhere he looked Rex saw debauchery and chaos as dogs made love to each other and dined on the felines.
Rex saw his friends waving him over from next to the females' stage and he went to join them. When he reached them he saw that Fido, ever the ambitious eater, had three different felines' tails protruding from his mouth. As Rex approached Fido swallowed and what had to be a painfully large bulge made its way down the shepherd's neck, but as soon as the owners of the tails were tucked into his stomach Fido shrugged it off like it was nothing and welcomed Rex to the Party. Max, the dog of the hour, was a tubby little corgi who, despite his small size and even smaller belly, always insisted that he could eat as much as any of the other, larger dogs and was constantly getting himself into trouble trying to bite off more than he could chew. Even now he was desperately trying to stretch his jaws to accommodate three lynxes just to prove that he could keep up with Fido but soon gave up. Even he had to admit that three cats at once was impressive. The party continued as more guests arrived. Eventually cake was served and some of the guests began sharing funny stories about Max all of which he fervently denied which only made it funnier. Most of them were content to watch the show of beautiful, female felines up on the stage and a few even wandered over to where some of the female canines were gathered. Rex had no interest in the females of his own species, he was not interested in any kind of long-term relationship, any sexual desires that he had were satisfied by the cats he ate, and he did not need the complication of pups in his life.
At one point a lioness invited Max to join her up on stage and the small dog eagerly joined her watching her as she rhythmically moved her body in the most inviting ways and Max soon grabbed the lioness and forced her head into his mouth. Even though she was much smaller than her wild counterparts and would have barely made for a mouthful for any of the other dogs the lioness was nearly as big as Max himself and the corgi choked and gag around his large meal as she slowly slid down his neck but eventually Max closed his jaws around her feet and gulped the last of her down as his belly bulged out as it stretched to accommodate the large meal until it looked like he was about to burst. It took Max a few moments to catch his breath afterwards but as soon as he could breathe regularly again the first thing he did was to ask for another lioness.
Eventually the party began to die down and some dogs began going home but Rex had not had the chance yet to indulge in any of the exotic felines and while he had eaten a slice of cake during the party it had not been nearly enough to make up for skipping lunch. Rex decided to leave what was left of the party and rent a private booth.
When Rex pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the room at the back he was surprised to see how large it was. A large ring of cushioned seats circled the room and in the center was another stripper pole. The lights were dimmed to create a romantic atmosphere and several menus lay in a basket by the door. Now that he was alone Rex removed his tight suit and stripped his pants off no longer seeing the need for decency. He picked up a menu and began flipping through it, admiring the seductive poses that the felines took in the pictures next to a description of how they were prepared. It wasn't long before a waitress came in.
"Can I take your order, sir?" she asked him
Rex looked up to see that the girl in front of him was a very beautiful, very feline, and, of course, very naked ocelot. He stole a glance at her plump bosoms at looked back up at her "Well, you look very delicious. Are you on the menu."
The ocelot smiled at his compliment "I'll be serving you tonight, sir, but I am included as a free dessert if you order three or more other felines... If you behave yourself that is." she added with a playful grin.
Rex returned her frisky smile. "Awe, can't I have just a little taste? Just to see what I'll be getting."
"Oh, alright," she replied hesitantly, "but just a little taste." popping her hips she stuck her rear into the air and pointed it towards the hungry dog.
Eagerly, Rex lapped over the ass she had presented him with and slowly ran his tongue up her back. The ocelot's flavor was unlike any cat he had every tasted before in his life, her new and exotic taste washed over his mouth and his empty stomach growled hungrily demanding to be fed the source of this sumptuous, mouth-watering flavor. But Rex knew that he wasn't allowed to have his meal yet. Instead he turned back to the menu to make his selection. "I'll have the cheetah, the panther, and the tigress..." He chose three felines at random before adding, "and the ocelot for dessert."
"And what personalities would you like your meals to have?" she asked.
"Personalities?" Rex wasn't sure he understood, as far as he knew all cats came with ony one personality which was horny and ready to be eaten.
"All of our felines come with your choice of a personality." the waitress explained. "Some dogs get off at eating cats with certain characters."
Rex still wasn't certain he understood so he shrugged his shoulders. "Surppise me." he said as he handed the menu to the waitress. She smiled at him and took his menu heading off to prepare his meal and Rex sank into one of the cushioned chairs and began to doze off as he waited.
"Ex-excuse me, is t-this the right room?" Rex was roused by a quiet, trembling voice and he looked to see a small feline head poking through the curtain. Rex suddenly remembered how long it had been since he had eaten as his belly rumbled at the sight of her. "D-did you order the cheetah, sir?" she asked again.
"Yes, I did." Rex assured her, "Come in here and let me take a look at you." The small feline did as she was bid, entering the room she stood in front of him rather bashfully. She heard Rex's stomach rumbling as he sized her up. At first she tried to cover her breasts and nethers with her paws until she remembered that she was on display for her customer and exposed herself for his viewing pleasure. Her fur was very soft and clearly well-groomed, her tits were very perky even at their impressive size and she smelled as if she had been bathed in sauces and flavoring before she had arrived.
"You're a nervous little snack, aren't you?" Rex asked.
"Y-yes sir. You were told that the felines here had different personalities, mine is timid." the cheetah explained.
"I see." Rex said in understanding
"Sir..." The cheetah began, "a-are you going to fuck me before you eat me?" Rex only raised an eyebrow inquisitively at her "It's just that... well... this is my first t-time being eaten," Rex almost rolled his eyes at the obviousness of the statement, "but I've never been fucked before either."
"You mean to tell me that a beautiful feline like yourself is still a virgin?" Rex asked in disbelief.
"Everyone that they serve as food here is." the cheetah explained, "We're kept fresh for our customers. All the breeders are kept separated from the rest of us. I've always heard that sex is amazing and I wanted to try it before I was eaten."
"Well I am really hungry," Rex stated, "but you look so cute. Then again you'd look even cuter as fat bouncing on my belly as I fucked my next meal." he said incisively. Rex had already made up his mind but he wanted to build suspense with the small feline as she eagerly awaited his answer. Another grumble from his hungry stomach told Rex to hurry up and eat his little snack. "Why don't you show off what you've got down there while I make up my mind." Rex encouraged her.
The cheetah turned around and lifting her tail she bent forward exposing her most intimate areas and shaking her hips seductively. Almost immediately she felt something long and hard being shoved between her thighs and up into her pussy. She had no idea how the dog had gotten behind her so fast but that didn't matter as she savored the intimate feeling of having her insides stretched open for the first time. She threw back her head to wail in ecstasy but before she could a pair of jaws clamped down around her head. As much as Rex loved the tight, unused folds of the cheetah's cunt he enjoyed her unique and exotic flavor even more. He had meant to bring the little morsel to her climax before stuffing her down his gullet but as his belly grumbled impatiently yet again he found himself involuntarily swallowing her before she had finished and very soon nothing was left of the cheetah except for her tail which swished back and forth excitedly outside of his lips.
"Pathetic" remarked a sleek, black panther who barged into the room without so much as knocking.
Not wanting to talk with his mouth full, Rex slurped in the cheetah's tail and gulped her down sending her down his neck towards his hungry belly and finally satisfying his hunger. "What's pathetic?" he asked, assuming that the panther was the next course in his meal.
"You are, you big, greedy predator." she spat at him "I was watching from the next room and I saw you eat that cheetah up like she was nothing." she gestured at Rex's belly, "All she wanted was a little sex before you ate her but you couldn't even give her that." the panther put her paws on her hips. "You're supposed to take the time to enjoy your prey as much as you can, not just gulp us down."
"I skipped lunch, I was hungry." Rex said defensively. He was a little taken aback by the feline's attitude, she was rather cute though the way she stood up to him and tried to act imposing even tough she was less than half of his size.
Rex was caught off guard though as the panther reached out with one paw and grabbed his scrotum and squeezed making him whimper as she took complete control over him. "Well you're not going to eat me like that," she demanded, "you're going to fuck me silly until we're done, and we're not done until I say we're done. Understand?" Rex whined in pain as he nodded his head. "Good."
She let go of him and Rex was left trying to massage some feeling back into his poor testicles. "If the cheetah was timid then I'm guessing you're aggressive." he groaned
The panther gave him a sultry smile as she laid on her back and spread her legs wide "Come find out just how aggressive I really am." she tempted, but then gave him a scowl, "And no eating." she reminded him.
Rex had expected the panther to tire quickly with her small, slim body but he was surprised to find that she remained vigorous and horny even after hours of intercourse, and she certainly was as aggressive as she claimed to be. Eventually the cheetah in Rex's stomach melted into nutrients and made her way further into his body. Rex was beginning to feel hungry again and was tempted to try to eat the panther that laid on top of him. As his stomach began gurgling again Rex licked at the feline's feet. She responded by spitting the dog's cock out of her mouth and turning her head to glare daggers at him over her shoulder. Rex whimpered but obeyed and didn't try anything else as his would-be snack continued sucking him off. Another hour went by and Rex was beginning to feel afraid that the panther might just starve him rather than let him eat her, the thought occurred to him as the panther was propped against the wall with Rex's member jammed so deep inside of her pussy that it made a visible bulge in her stomach every time he thrust into her. As Rex groaned and came inside of her for the thirtysomethingth time she gave a sigh of contentment and exhaustion and collapsed in a sex comma on the floor. Rex's mind was so hazed by lust and hunger that he continued screwing her motionless form several more times after she had passed out. When he finally noticed that the panther was asleep he licked over he face, testing to see if she would wake up, when she didn't Rex grinned and opened his jaws and stuffed the sleeping feline face first into his maw. He was once again pleased to find that the panther had a delicate and wonderful flavor that was completely different than any other cat Rex had eaten before, her hot and sweaty body accentuating her taste and she slid down his throat. Rex put one finger on her ass and pushed her even further into his jaws as he swallowed again. Finally her legs slipped into his mouth and she was gone forever.
No sooner had the panther disappeared than the next course of his meal entered the room, a voluptuous tigress. But unlike the last two felines she didn't enter alone, she was carried in by two canines from the serving staff. What was even more strange was that she was struggling and crying, begging the two waiters to let her go. They ignored her pleas, one of them produced a small length of rope and proceeded to tie the tigress to the stripper pole then turned to leave. The tigress pulled at the knot desperately looked up at Rex from where she was bound with a look of fear and hopelessness on her tear-stained face. "Please don't eat me." she begged him. Rex looked at her in confusion for a moment before putting a paw on one of the waiters shoulders to stop him before he left.
"What is this?" he demanded, "I can't eat her. I won't eat someone who doesn't want to be eaten."
The small Dachshund looked up at him with a knowing grin, "She does want you to eat her, sir." he informed Rex, "This one's personality is unwilling, but it's all just an act. You may do whatever you want to her and she'll enjoy it all."
"Hey! Don't give it away, you'll spoil it" shouted a voice. Rex turned in shock to see that the tigress had ceased her cries for help and was now instead grinning playfully at him from where she was tied. He stared at her, slack-jawed for a moment before she realized what she had done. "Uh.. I mean... no! Please, let me go!" she quickly recovered her façade.
Rex continued to stare at her in disbelief as the waiter whispered to him "Besides, who ever heard of a cat that didn't want to be eaten." before adding "Enjoy your meal, sir." in a voice loud enough for said meal to hear, then exited.
A smile of recognition spread across Rex's features as he understood,but that smile soon gave way to one of predatory malice.He wasn't a cruel predator and he would never even consider consuming a cat that wasn't as excited to be eaten as he was to eat them, but given the opportunity to pretend that he was eating an unwilling meal without actually breaking his moral code had awoken some ancient instinct inside of him, an instinct to hunt and devour his prey, the instinct to be a predator.
Rex dropped to all fours and stalked around the room never taking his eye off of his prize. The tigress watched him as well, fearfully observing his every move, wondering when he would pounce. Circling around the room Rex got behind her so that she had to crane her neck to be able to watch him. From this angle he was able to admire her tailhole and pussy and despite the long hours of sex that he had just enjoyed with the panther he again felt his length beginning to harden at the sight. Eager to begin he leapt toward his helpless victim. The tigress let out a small cry as the large canine flew at her. Landing on top of his meal Rex pinned her rather uncomfortably to the floor. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, "Hello my little morsel. Are you ready to be eaten?" then he dipped his head toward the small of her back, opened his mouth and ran his tongue from the base of her tail up her spine all the way to her neck getting his first taste of her flavor. At the same time he slid his paws along her sexy curves, feeling every intimate detail of her body and groping at her breast. Rex felt the tigress shiver underneath him as he caressed her and he smacked his lips, spreading her wonderful flavor around his mouth. "Mmm, tasty." he taunted her.
Her face held such a convincing look of panic that Rex forgot for a moment that she was only pretending, but then he thought back to the coy smile that she had given him just a few moments before and remembered the game. She was such a good actress in fact that Rex wondered whether she had purposely broken character earlier just to help ease his conscience. "Please don't eat me, I don't want to be food." she begged pitifully.
Rex laughed at her request, "Ha ha. But I'm a predator and your my prey. You belong inside my belly just like every little cat does." he grabbed her head and pressed it to his stomach. Her head sank into the fatty folds and she found herself being smothered by the dogs stomach. As she listened she could hear a deep gurgling coming from inside as the panther was digested only inches away from her on the other side of the fleshy wall. She struggled vainly in her captors grip but Rex held her tight for a moment more before releasing her. "But don't worry. I'm not going to eat you... Yet." Rex told her. She looked up at him inquisitively with a brief flicker of hope in her eyes. "A body as beautiful as yours should be indulged in in more ways that one and I can't easily fuck a bulge in my belly."
The tigress' eyes widened as realization dawned on her at his words and at feeling the first poke from his penis between her legs. She desperately tugged at the rope that held her to the pole as she cried "Help! Someone help me, please!" but when she felt his massive girth push up inside of her she felt the wind knocked out of her lungs by the force of it. She fell limp and continued to sob quietly as the dog had his way with her. Rex moaned in pleasure, the fear coursing through his victims small body made her tight pussy even tighter, he could barely squeeze his erection into her and each thrust became more forceful as he approached his climax. With a final grunt he pushed as deep into the tigress as possible eliciting a weak cry from her before Cumming deep into her cervix. Rex pulled out of her as his jizz gushed out from her gaping vagina but he wasn't done with her yet. Moving around to where the tigress' hands were bound he put his groin in front of her face. At first she closed her lips tight and tried to pull away from him but she had nowhere to go and a powerful paw clamped down on the back of her head and gave her a small but firm squeeze. The tigress opened her mouth to cry out but before any sound could escape her throat Rex's member was stuffed into it. She found herself unable to breathe as Rex slipped his cock so deep down her throat that her airway was cut off. She choked and gagged as she tried to breath around the dog but Rex only bucked his hips against her as he used her mouth to pleasure himself. This went on for about a minute although it seemed like much longer to the tigress and she was beginning to pass out before Rex withdrew just enough to allow her to suck down a single desperate breath before resuming.
Rex found that he really enjoyed playing the part of the cruel predator hunting the helpless and unwilling prey. He would have to try some role-playing with some of his own cats at home. Perhaps Rex could play the part of the vicious dragon tormenting the countryside and demanding virgin sacrifices to appease his hunger. Then again he doubted that he could find any cats in his pantry who were still virgins, and even if he could they wouldn't be virgins by the time he was finished playing dragon with them. He was snapped back to reality by the sound of the tigress choking on his length as he put a paw on the back of her head and pushed into her until she was at the base of his groin as he came into her esophagus forcing her to swallow every last drop of semen before he finally slid his length out of her mouth and released her. The tigress collapsed on the floor gasping for air and sobbing uncontrollably. Rex gave her a pat on the head saying "Good girl. I like a good fuck before a meal. All that's left to do now is to swallow you up." she barely even heard him, she just hoped that he would finally be done with her. Rex licked over her a few times sampling different parts of her body. He tasted her ass, her snowy white furred belly, her breasts, all delicious but none compared to the flavor of her tear-soaked face. He could taste her fear in every tear that trickled down her cheeks and he savored every one. Finally though, Rex decided to start with her feet and stuffed them into his mouth. The tigress had lain motionless while he had tasted her but when she felt something warm and wet envelop her legs she looked behind her to see that she had already vanished up to her hips into the dogs muzzle and panic set in again. Exhausted as she was she struggled and kicked trying to free her legs, when that didn't work she desperately pulled at the knot binding her paws again even though by now she knew it was pointless. All she could do was watch as the dog's jaws swallowed more and more of her body. She felt his tongue licking over every inch of her fur, now exploring her nethers, now tasting her thin middle, now lapping at her tits. As he reached her neck the tigress realize that to the outside world she was nothing more than a head and a pair of arms protruding from the lips of a hungry carnivore. Helplessly she begged with him one more time, "Please don't eat me. I don't want to be food. I don't want to mmphmm." she was cut off as the tongue licked over her face as Rex again savored her fear and agony at becoming prey, then Rex swallowed and her head slipped between his teeth and was gone. Her paws remained, tied to the pole as they were. Rex wondered how he would get her untied, he didn't have anything to cut the rope with. He gave the rope an experimental tug and was surprised when it came undone releasing the tigress. The knot had not been tied very tight at all and it seemed even that had been part of the illusion all along. Rex was content to simply slurp up the rest of the tigress as he felt the squirming bulge in his neck travel down and eventually arrive in his stomach.
Soon after the ocelot waitress returned with his bill and asked him, "Did you enjoy your meal, sir?" In response Rex patted his squirming belly and gave a loud belch. The waitress smiled back at him "Good, and just as I said I'll be your desert this evening." Rex enjoyed the next few minutes having his belly rubbed by the cute waitress even though sometimes her messages strayed slightly lower than his belly, soon though the ocelot found her way into Rex's mouth and down his throat. As he slurped in the waitress' tail and swallowed the last of her down Rex looked over the bill that she had left him and was surprised to see how affordable the nights activities had been. He would have to remind himself to eat here again soon.
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Holy crap, it's finally finished. this is the longest story I have ever written. it was a nightmare to write and a monster to edit and I'm still not certain I caught all the little mistakes so maybe expect a few edits over the next few days. Still, I'm glad to have it finished and out of the way. I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter because a lot of work went into it

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated

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