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 Rex's belly gurgled loudly, complaining that it needed food. The wolfdog rubbed a paw over his round middle and looked up toward the door where he saw the faces of several cats bashfully peering into the room looking hopeful that they might be chosen to satisfy their master's hunger and possibly his lust too. Rex looked at the clock and decided that it was time for dinner, even though it wasn't much later than noon and he had only just taken his lunch a couple of hours ago. He knew he should probably take it easy since he was supposed to be on a diet, he knew that eating so soon he would be hungry again later that night and another meal would not do his waistline any favors. After some consideration, Rex decided that he should wait for at least another hour before he indulged his carnal needs. He was rather proud of his decision to at least try to be loyal to his diet but as another gurgling groan echoed out from his stomach he figured that wouldn't be enough, such restraint and self-control deserved to be rewarded. Rex would have to do something to treat himself for dinner. As he pondered what way would be best to satisfy his hunger his mind drifted back to a few weeks earlier when he had attended a party in honor of his friend Max's birthday. They had spent the evening at a restaurant called Canines' Cuisines where he had eaten some of the most exquisite cats he had ever tasted, not common house cats like the those that Rex kept in his pantry but exotic breeds of felines trained in unique ways of pleasuring their predators. The wolfdog's mouth watered as he decided he would pay the establishment another visit to see what other kinds of delicious treats they had in store.
  "Right this way sir" said the lynx behind the booth motioning to Rex. As she led him through the main area of the restaurant Rex was impressed with the scene of debauchery and gluttony as the other patrons gorged themselves on the cats being served, the crowd was even larger than it had been the last time Rex had eaten here. He wondered how the establishment was able to keep up if they were so busy all the time, but then it probably helped when the food served itself right into your mouth he realized as he watched a trio of cats make their way from the back to a table where a Rottweiler sat. Rex focused his eyes on his waitress's cute ass which swayed back and forth under her short tail as she walked. He had never eaten a lynx before and wondered how delicious her meaty ass would taste. Another hungry growl came from his belly and he had to resist the urge to pounce on the cute feline and gulp her down, he imagined the management wouldn't look kindly on him eating his waitress before he had even ordered. The lynx lead him to the back of the building and pulled back a curtain to let Rex into a private room very much like the one he had been in last time with three dancing poles in the middle of the room surrounded by cushioned seats. "If you'd like to have me for dessert I'm included free if you order three or more felines." the lynx said as she offered him a menu, he sat and began looking through the various breeds of cats available. Rex was just trying to decide between a lioness who was depicted in the menu as sitting on top of a plate of salad, legs spread wide and a snow leopard who was on all fours, her tail lifted, when the waitress commented "if you're having trouble deciding we do have a special tonight, we just received several foxes with our last shipment.
  Rex looked up from the menu at that. "Foxes?" he repeated. He had never tasted a fox before, not many dogs had. Rex knew the stories of course, long ago when dogs had first come to that part of the world the land was teaming with foxes, but as soon as the canine settlers got a taste of them they couldn't stop eating them. Vulpines were the perfect prey for the dogs, even more delicious and filling than cats and entire tribes were consumed. This was before genetic alteration had made prey species more fertile and virile to help them keep up with the fast rate at which they were eaten and soon the yummy foxes had become almost extinct. It was so rare for dogs living in the modern times to see a fox that many believed that they were completely made up, Rex didn't even know what they looked like, but there were still a few places left where, if they were lucky, a dog could find a fox or two. Given how rare they were they were very expensive, but if the rumors were to be believed, a fox was a meal of a lifetime.
  The lynx nodded. "We had five and I believe there are still a few left. I'll even let you pick out which one you'd like."
  Rex look back at the menu and made a hasty decision, "I'll have three snow leopards and I'll eat you afterward if I still have room..." he closed handed the menu back to the waitress "...and show me these foxes."
  Rex followed the lynx back into the main area of the restaurant then through a double door that lead to the kitchens where he saw hundreds of the exotic felines preparing themselves to entertain the patrons. Some were grooming themselves or rubbing spices into their fur to give themselves extra flavor while others were sleeping or eating mice out of a tub in the middle of the room, it was much like Rex's own pantry at home only with a wider variety of cats. At any other time Rex would have wanted to grab one or two and stuff them into his jaws but now his mind was set on a bigger prize. The lynx guided him past the cats and down a hallway where they passed another dog, a dalmatian who had his arm wrapped around a creature that Rex had never seen before. She was bigger than any cat, almost the same size as Rex her bright red coat was more luscious and smooth than satin, as if she had been brushed with the finest of combs for an hour every day of her life, her creamy white belly fur was even softer, Rex could tell just by looking. Her naked, lavish figure was such an image of perfection that even the most devout and loyal mate would have turned their head to watch her pass, her bushy tail swished and twitched betraying her excitement even though she managed to keep a calm and professional expression on her pointed muzzle and sly eyes. All prey were trained in pleasing their predators but a single glance told anyone that this specimen was an expert courtesan. Was this one of the foxes? the dog who had bought her, on the other hand, was making a bit of a fool out of himself. His drool dribbled down the side of her face as he lapped at her ear and his erection poked into her hip through his pants as he walked behind her, he was practically dry humping her. It was plain to see that he was happy as a pup to have such a treat.
  The lynx opened a door for Rex and ushered him into one of the rooms which looked like a sort of office except for five glass cases that stood against one wall. Two were empty but inside the others were three more of the same beautiful creatures that he had seen in the hallway. When Rex came in they all stood to attention and each did their best to look as desirable as possible. Rex took a moment to inspect each of them, any of them would make a fine meal but he had only purchased one, it was a difficult choice. Each of them was endowed with a curvaceous figure, unlike anything Rex had ever seen. And the way that they flaunted their bodies made it clear that each was a seductress to be reckoned with. It took Rex a good long minute before he made his decision, he looked to the fox in the left case who was sensuously moaning as she fondled and lapped at her own breasts and gave her a wide toothy smile.
  As Rex made his way back to the private room accompanied by his crimson feast he passed the dalmatian again though he no longer held his vixen under his arm, it wasn't any great mystery where she had gone though as the other dog's belly was remarkably rounder than the last time Rex had seen him only moments before. Rex grinned at him "how was she?" he asked.
  The dalmatian patted his round gut which visibly squirmed under his paw "she was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten." he replied enthusiastically with a wide smile of satisfaction across his face "but..." he added and his face dropped a little "I didn't even get the chance to fuck her. She was so delectable that once I got a taste I couldn't stop myself. I wish I would have stopped myself just long enough to shove my cock in her tight little pussy just once." Then his gaze fell to the fox Rex had just selected whose own eyes were transfixed on the dalmatian's swollen stomach, he eyed her longingly but only said to Rex "ave fun, she'll be a real treat." Rex looked back at the fat dog for only a moment more before he felt the fox tugging on his arm, she was eager to get started.
  When Rex re-entered his private room he saw the three snow leopards he had ordered were already waiting for him. They danced around the poles on the small stage in the center of the room, curving and contorting their bodies, testing their flexibility in enticing and erotic ways normally such a treat for the eyes would have captivated Rex but he barely even noticed their display as he sat next to his vixen. "I've never eaten a fox before," he told her as he placed a paw on her knee "but you didn't come cheap. I hope I'm going to get my money's worth out of you."
  "You didn't just buy me for my good looks" she replied "although I expect that was a factor" she ran a paw appreciatively over her curves "a cat has to be taught how to pleasure a predator but foxes are born knowing it as instinct." Rex moved his paw a little farther up her leg, slowly tracing his way up the inside of her thigh. "I have plenty of genetic modifications that you would never even think of putting on a cat, for example, my body regenerates faster and more effectively than usual, especially in my lions meaning that no matter how much you tear me open when you fuck me I'll be just as fresh and tight as a virgin within a couple of hours" Rex's paw reached her genetically altered pussy and he could feel the moisture on her lips. "The regeneration makes my metabolism much faster though so I'll always be able to keep my lithe figure no matter how much I eat" Rex's other paw reached out and cupped her perfect breast "another modification is that my body retains the some of the flavors from it touches. My fur is naturally finer and more flavorful than any feline's, but just to go the extra mile I bath myself in flavoring oils every day for my entire life. When you eat me, I'll be an entire three course meal, my head has all the essence of a gourmet appetizer, my tits are a milky starter for the main course, the red fur on my back is a cinnamon seasoning for my belly which tastes better than the juiciest steak, and my ass, pussy, and tail are all a sugar-coated desert as you finish me off, and..."
  Rex had heard all that he wanted to, his mouth was watering as he cut the vixen off by pressing his muzzle to hers in a wet, sloppy kiss. As he ran his tongue around the inside of her mouth as well as over the fur on her muzzle and he was pleased to find that her taste was divine, a powerful, succulent vulpine aroma combined with the flavors of the finest appetizers at the highest class diners. His belly chose that moment to start growling again reminding him why he had come to the restaurant in the first place. The delicious fox who was already practically inside his mouth was such a tempting meal, every predator impulse he had told him to stuff her down his gullet as fast as he could, he opened his jaws wide and prepared to feast, pushing forward he enveloped the fox's head, her taste. Then suddenly he remembered the dalmatian he had met earlier that night, how quickly he had gobbled up his fox and how he had wished he could have had more time to savor his fox. Then he remembered something else, something he had been told by a very domineering panther the last time he had eaten at this restaurant "you're a big greedy predator, You're supposed to take the time to enjoy your prey as much as you can, not just gulp us down." The only thing that remained of that panther now was a bit of flab lining Rex's middle completely indistinguishable from the countless other felines that Rex had swallowed up but her words still echoed in the wolfdog's memory. Rex decided something then, it took every ounce of willpower and discipline he had in him but he managed to do something he had never done before, he spit out his prey. The vixen gave him a quizzical look as saliva dripped from her face wondering why he had stopped. Rex had to turn away from her fearing that even looking at her tasty form would tempt him into finishing what he started. He was determined not to eat the fox, at least not yet but he needed something to satisfy his hunger. He noticed, almost for the first time, the three snow leopards who were still performing their erotic routines in an effort to catch the wolfdog's attention. Rex beckoned the nearest one over and as she approached he opened his maw wide, an invitation that the feline was all too willing to accept. She rubbed her face against the predator's thick tongue as she pressed her nose into that hot throat. Rex was quick to gulp her in up to her shoulders, she may not have been as satisfying at the fox but she was still an alluring and exotic breed, her belly was so soft and tender and her pleasured squirms as Rex licked her pussy excited him.
  All the while Rex was eating, the fox watched mesmerized as the snow leopard took her spot sliding down the wolfdog's throat. She was a little jealous of the feline but more importantly, she was aroused. Watching her new master feed sparked a sexual desire in her like she had never known, a desire that had been carefully designed and bred into her genome even before she was born. Then she felt something else, another basic instinct, one that she shared with the canine, hunger. The fox looked to the two remaining felines and then to Rex as she asked him "do you think I could have one?"
  Rex slurped down the spotted tip of his meal's tail and gave the vixen a surprised look "what? you eat cats?" he asked.
  "Well, not very often. I never had them on the farm where I was raised, I was only allowed to eat the same mice that the cats ate but I always knew I was a predator. Once I grabbed a cat while no one was looking and ate her, the farmer was furious when he found out but she was so tasty it was worth it."
  "You mean you're a predator and you've only eaten one cat your whole life" Rex felt a pang of sympathy for the vixen, no predator should have to go through life without savoring a delicious cat now and then. At a nod from Rex, another one of the snow leopards joined them. Rex grabbed her with both paws and lifted her into his lap where his thick, rigid cock had been waiting for a pussy to fuck all night, now it found one as Rex impaled the feline and bounced her on his cock a few times before angling her head toward the fox. "Eat up" he instructed. The fox met the snow leopard's eyes, a look of blissful satisfaction on the feline's face, moaning as the wolfdog pounded her. The vixen licked the cat's face and the flavor exploded across her tongue, no wonder dogs loved to eat cats so much, their flavor couldn't even compare with that of rodents. The hungry fox opened her mouth to expose her sharp fangs as she engulfed the felines head. As her head was swallowed the cat shuddered and orgasmed but Rex continued to buck his hips into her pushing her deeper and deeper down the vixen's throat with every thrust. The vixen savored every bit of her meal, lapping up her soft fur and eagerly gulping more and more of the feline down into her hungry stomach. Soon the snow leopard's hips slipped down the vixen's throat and Rex's still hard shaft slid out of the doomed prey. The vixen quickly picked up where the feline had left off though. Rex moaned as the fox's talented tongue danced over his tip like a ballerina. He moaned in delight and it didn't take long for him to spill his load into the fox's mouth. Deep inside the fox's belly the snow leopard was just getting settled when a thick white goo started to dribble out of the sphincter that she herself had just entered through, she gave a knowing smile realizing what the two predators were up to as she opened her mouth and let the salty slime drip down her throat.
  Rex wasn't finished with the fox yet though. He summoned the last of the snow leopards. The horny canine forced his cock up under her tail and allowed the fox to eat out the feline's pussy. The cat moaned sensuously as she was double teamed by the two predators but her moans were soon muffled as Rex's jaws clamped shut over her head and with a few gulps she joined the first snow leopard in Rex's belly. As he swallowed the last feline Rex gave the vixen a forceful shove pushing her onto her back, the vixen barely had time to catch her breath before the canine straddled her and forced her legs apart by shoving his enormous shaft between her delicate lips. Rex growled passionately as he rode the fox, her insides were like soft velvet enfolding around his member and caressing it each time he bucked against her. The vixen cried out as Rex hit her cervix but he kept going, sliding himself in and out of her flower until with a groan he unleashed his load and filled the vixen with warm, sticky cream. Rex collapsed on the cushions nearly falling asleep, the vixen still playfully teasing his cock "that was a lot of fun. I've never been fucked like that before." She brushed a paw under his chin as she asked him hopefully "are you going to eat me now?"
  Rex seemed to contemplate it for a moment "uh... I don't know." He rubbed a paw over his middle "what do you girls think? would you like this fox to join you in there" the vixen gave a start of surprise as she heard two voices replying.
  "Yes, yes. Please eat her. I want to feel her foxy tongue on my pussy as I digest."
  "Oh yes, send her down to us. Maybe she has enough room left to eat us too."
  The vixen had never considered what happened to food after it was eaten, she had been taught about the biology of the digestive system, of course, but she had never actually conversed with prey inside a stomach before. She would have thought that the felines would have disappeared or digested or whatever happen to them by now. Was the feline in her own stomach still alive? she leaned down and pressed an ear to the wolfdog's fat stomach. She could feel the snow leopards squirming around under Rex's fur "can you two hear me in there?" she asked.
  "Yes, hello miss fox" came the reply.
  "I thought you were gone already, aren't you digesting?"
  "Oh we're starting to dissolve but I think we have some time before we're completely digested."
  Leaning in a little closer the fox asked almost in a whisper the question she had wondered all her life "what's it like in there? what's it like to be digested?"
  "It feels amazing. First, you get a tingling sensation all over your body, then the stench and to hot air makes you light headed. If you put your pussy in the acids then they soak into you and start dissolving you from the inside, it's like shoving something inside that keeps growing and growing as it liquefies more and more of you. You can feel yourself starting to soften and you know that soon you'll be a part of your predator forever but maybe you can climax one more time before you do. Oh, the other snow leopard has her head under the acids right now, she licking my pussy and it's like icing on the cake. I think she's passed out now but it still feels so good. Oh. OH. AAH!" as the feline described what the stomach was doing to her Rex was licking his lips and savoring the last orgasm of his meal.
  The vixen looked up at him with pleading eyes "Please eat me. I want to be in your stomach so badly."
  Rex had already made up his mind, he might never get the opportunity to eat another fox again and he was determined to savor her for as long as possible, but he gave a thoughtful hum as if he was making up his mind "hmm, I don't know, you are really tasty." He emphasised this by licking the vixen's face making her blush "but I think I've filled up on snow leopards." The vixen looked a little dejected but Rex tried to cheer her up by adding "I'll just have to eat you later, and we can have lots more fun in the meantime foxy... uh... do you have a name?"
  "I was never given a name at the farm, and none of the cats have names here at the restaurant, neither do the foxes."
  "Well I'll have to think of a name for you then" Rex said "all my cat's at home have names, I like to name them after different meals or foods." He considered the fox for a minute "you're a very special meal though, I can't just give you a common name like 'Dinner' or 'Lunch.' You're more of a delicacy. That's it, that's your name, Delicacy."
  The fox perked up at her new name "Delicacy, I like it."
  Just then the lynx waitress re-entered the room and asked "did you enjoy your meal, sir?"
  Rex licked his chops and said "mmm they were exquisite."
  "Very good sir. Are you ready for dessert or would you like some more time with your fox?"
  "Actually," said Rex, "I think I'll take a doggy bag."
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well it took a little longer to write this than I anticipated but better late than never. I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've written anything but I've had other things going on in my life. if you followed me a while ago and you're still around to read this then thank you so much for sicking with me, even when I was away. I'm afraid I'm a lot more busy these days that when I used to upload twice a week. don't worry, it won't be another 4 months before I get the next chapter out. actually, if all goes well I should finish with Dog's Delicacy before MFF, but then again things hardly ever go according to plan so we'll see how life plays out. for now lets just say that although I won't be able to upload as frequently or routinely as I used to I'll do my best to get these out as often as I can.

as always
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