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The two angels had been fighting for hours. One fallen, one otherwise. Both were reduced to exhausted imitations of their usual glory. Morgana gasped for air as her Black Shield flickered out of existence and Kayle was not much better as her Intervention flickered out of existence.
Taking a deep breath, Kayle ready’s herself, before dashing at Morgana in a last ditch effort, putting everything into this one thrust.
There was a sickening sound of blade cleaving flesh and Kayle felt a warm liquid splatter across her face. Glancing down she sees that she’s stabbed Morgana, straight through the chest. ‘I did it’ She thinks to herself ‘After all these years, it’s finally over…’ She says taking in a calming breath of fresh air.
‘I can’t believe .. my own sister…’ she thinks as tears start to drip down her face.
“Do not cry for me dearest sister…” Morgana says suddenly, causing Kayle to look up from the ground to Morgana’s face. Morgana gently touches Kayle’s sword, binding Kayle’s fingers to the grip. “Afterall .. didn’t you think it strange I never used my soul shackles?” Morgana says, smiling around the blood dripping from her lips.
Eyes widening in realisation, Kayle tries to pull her sword free, but .. something was holding it firmly in place. Letting go, she tries to just abandon her sword in a desperate attempt to get away from the sudden presence her sister had, despite just standing there impaled on her sword.
Chuckling evilly while raising her arms Morgana starts to speak. “While I would have preferred not to be stabbed, I am looking forward to being rid of you .. once and for all” Morgana says darkly as Kayle’s sword is pulled deeper .. with Kayle’s hands still stuck to it.
“What?!” Kayle shouts as she’s pulled forward, her fingers slipping directly between Morgana’s breasts. Deeper and deeper Kayle is pulled, fighting her sisters twisted magics every inch, until Kayle was elbow deep in her sister's breasts, when she suddenly felt her sword leave her grip.
Thinking this was an opportunity, Kayle reefs as hard as she can, trying to pull her arms free from Morgana’s chest. It’s to no avail as Morg’s chest stretches the tiniest little bit, before the fallen sister glares at Kayle, and Kayle balks as chains suddenly erupt from Morgana’s boobs. Quickly wrapping around Kayle, the angel can’t help but panic as she’s stuck in place by Morgana’s Soul Shackles, before being violently pulled forwards into Morgana’s chest.
Pulling the sword out of her back, Morgana grimaces in pain, before moaning in pleasure as her sister’s armoured chest slide into her own. From there Morgana’s magical chains seem to grow even stronger, relentlessly dragging Kayle forwards into her steadily swelling bustline.
Lifting the heavy sword that belonged to the judicator, Morgana chuckles as the wound in her chest rapidly heals while her boobs continue to work on Kayle. After a few minutes and the loud churning noise stopped, Morgana drops the sword on the ground and reaches down to her breasts. As she squeezes them, she suddenly hears a ‘AAAAAAHHHHH!’ in her own mind.
‘I see my adjusted Soul Shackles are working as intended’ Morgana says in her mind, playfully squeezing her boobs, making sure to rub them against each other.
‘What did you do to me!?’ Kayle screeches back, going into a full panic.
‘Nothing much, I simply absorbed your mind, body and soul and put them in my boobs. I must say though, your entire being wasn’t worth very much. I think you only barely made me go up a single cup size…’ Morgana mentally speaks to her sister, turned tit-fat.
Ignoring whatever Kayle had to say, Morgana then reaches inside her nipples, feeling Kayles useless armour still floating around in there. Finding the helmet, Morgana stretches her nipple, moaning softly and enjoying the high pitched squealing her sister was making as she slowly but surely tugged the golden helmet out.
...Perhaps not so golden anymore. When Morgana’s milk was churning Kayle into more boobs for the fallen angel to enjoy, it hadn’t managed to keep Kayles armour untouched. What looked like acid burns and tarnished Angelic steel was all that remained of the faintly helmet shaped mess of metal.
Shrugging she drops it on top of Kayle’s sword and proceeds to pull out the rest of Kayle’s armour over the course of the next 30 minutes.
Looking over the pile of armour that used to be her angelic pain of a sister, Morgana smirks, jiggles her breasts around a little more before simply leaving. Kayle would always be with her now. Perhaps to hold her stuff, perhaps to wrap around or press against a very lucky mortal’s privates. Either way, Kayle was not going to enjoy being her sister’s boobs.
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A rivalry between the Fallen angel and her more divine sister is finally settled.

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