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Soraka and Twitch were not having a good laming phase against Leona and Lulu. Between Leona's aggressive playstyle, Soraka’s inability to deal with the angry tank jumping on her constantly and with Lulu protecting and buffing Leona whenever she dashed in, meant Twitch just had to farm for late game.
“What’s the matter? A sewer rat and a goat can't deal with a lowly pair of supports?” Leona calls out hammering her fist into her boogie board as she rapidly set up her deck chair before cancelling her recall.
Twitch just kept firing at her minions, doing his best to ignore the 4/0 Leona. Her early sheen purchase hurt so much.
Twitch was so intent on catching up on farm and making it to late game, he wasn't paying attention to the elixir of Iron his main opponent had bought .. and barely noticed when they both hit 6.
Immediately Leona flashes into range for her ultimate, activating her elixir at the same time. Instinctively Twitch tries to camouflage even as the solar beam slams into him and his support.
As he disappeared from view, Leona dashes in towards Soraka, getting Lulu ulted mid transit. However as she rapidly grows even larger, this causes her to trip forwards, slamming her chest into the scorched Earth.
Groaning in slight pain, Leona leans back and looks around, her 9 foot form laying down on the ground. “Dammit!” She calls out, the brush obviously allowing Soraka to escape while Twitch would have stealthed out anyway he pleased.
Sitting up, she notices her swimsuit has been pulled down, revealing her rather tender all of a sudden nipples. Quickly snapping it back in place, Leona fails to notice the enemy bot lane struggling and squirming in each of her breasts.
Pushing the wave, Leona bases, frustrated. As she walks back to lane, both elixir of iron and lulu's ultimate wear off at exactly the same time, plummeting Leona back to her regular height
...and revealing just where her enemy laners went.
Leona couldn't help it, she laughed and laughed at her opponent's misfortune. “You .. you two managed to get stuck in my boobs. I just - mwa ha ha ha ha!” she says slapping a hand down on Soraka’s quietly struggling form.
“I mean, you weren't much before being a goat and rat duo, but by the end of the match you're going to be reduced to a creamy, sloshing load of milk~” Leona says bouncing her chest around, jiggling her trapped opponent's wildly.
“Hmm .. I wonder if I can speed this up…” Leona says, puffing her chest out before clenching with her boobs.
Her breasts seemed to shrink down around Twitch and Soraka, the pressure growing tighter and tighter until with a crunch, Leona hears something break and muffled screaming emanates from her boobs.
“Whoops .. sorry. I didn't think League champions would break so easily~” Leona says as she struts back to lane to help out Lulu once more. “In fact, maybe I should see if the rest of their team breaks this easily~” Leona says with a laugh as moves around the fields of justice.
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Was also written for a contest. I don't usually write Leona like this, but it was fun for something different I guess.

Inspired by the art from here, not used with permission -

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