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Android 21's Belly Bulge[Patreon Pin-Up #119] By Starcrossing -- Report

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Android 21 relishes in the feeling of her prey struggling in her belly.

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Posted by RyanKrakinski 1 year ago Report

There should by a version where the clothes aren’t covering the belly bulge.


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 year ago Report

Yes! I love this outfit and such; it's sad her eating people without being a maijin is so rare!


Posted by Starcrossing 1 year ago Report

Interestingly, this was actually drawn in the short window before her Majin form was even announced as being a thing.


Posted by Idemand17lewdieluv 1 year ago Report

She must have eaten Android 17 uwu


Posted by Bowyer2 1 year ago Report

This is now my favourite Android 21 vore art. You did amazing job. :)


Posted by porlay 1 year ago Report

I love it! Very nice work, indeed! Excellent job. I am very pleased that you managed to make some art with Android 21! You drew her amazingly well, and so, I highly encourage you to try out some more art featuring her, in the future! I for one would adore seeing your take on her true "Majin" form, sometime soon, since it shows a lot more skin, and has a very different design. Perhaps she could have swallowed someone whole and alive, and you could draw the impression of her meal as it pushes from the inside of her stomach? Might be fun. Just an idea, really, but you're more than welcome to give it a shot.

Whatever the case, I just hope that you can make more art with Majin Android 21 soon! I'll be looking forward to the possibility. Best of luck in your endeavors, regardless, and keep up the great work!


Posted by porlay 1 year ago Report

PS: I'll see if I can send some friends of mine your way for Patreon. I can't spare any cash myself, but it's the least I could do in return for you sharing your talents with us here. Keep it up!


Posted by Starcrossing 1 year ago Report

Thanks for all the kind words and support! If you were unaware I have done a pic of Majin 21 as well.


Posted by porlay 1 year ago Report

Ah yes, I see it. Very nice! I like how you had her turn her prey from candy back to their usual self while they were already inside of her. Very creative. I would adore seeing some more art with her, sometime soon, especially in her Majin form! Hope you can manage. :)


Posted by joeburp22181 1 year ago Report

Lucky prey!


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

I really like the stretch of the clothing here.