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An Innocent Request By Omnium51 -- Report

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A hungry girl in a rush stumbles upon a potential meal on the beach.

For legal/moral reasons, (Pred is 16) this story is set somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Compliments and/or critiques welcome! Let me know what you think.

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- Name: Elsie Hewitt

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Posted by jgzman 1 year ago Report

Very nice. Keep up the good work.


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

Thank you! :)


Posted by Cobbly 1 year ago Report

Ya know, you can write erotica about underage ppl. So long as an actual child isn't hurt, no body cares


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

I know, but it doesn't tend to sit well with me personally.


Posted by Cobbly 1 year ago Report

Fair enough, but legal reasons aren't really a big deal here


Posted by karn 1 year ago Report

good work as always but I think it has missed post vore content, the most popular work you did is the modeling girl, it has post vore content, I love it and will be glade to read path 2.


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

Thanks! I usually decide whether I'll include post-vore content on a story-to-story basis. Also my most popular work is still my first story, Track Star. That one had a mix of implied post-vore and implicit stuff.


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Always find it fun when friends of the prey are just okay with the person being eaten.


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

Yeah, it's definitely a fun scenario to play around with. Glad you liked it!


Posted by innertrack 1 year ago Report

Exquisitely hot scenario!

I'm not sure I'd call the people Peter hung around with "friends" under the circumstances. But when they clearly want him to be eaten, that's hot.

I kind of like your story universe, where vore is commonplace and it usually doesn't take much to coax someone down the hatch. And I also like that you buck the trend here at Eka's, and go for fatal digestion vore - my favorite.


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much!

Peter's friends just knew that he had a tendency to get himself in trouble, and figured that they'd see it through. Besides, it's not like he has a chance to find better friends anymore. ;)

In general, I prefer a mix of casual and fatal vore. It adds more finality to scenarios and makes encounters between preds and prey much more sexually charged in my opinion.


Posted by anonymous19999 11 months ago Report

i deeply appreciate stories where the pred is underestimated like this and the prey is on the border of willing and unwilling.

came back to this one a couple times and its still great.

thanks for the story and your support on my stories in the past


Posted by Omnium51 11 months ago Report

Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it a lot! :)

The fun thing about Pred/Prey combinations is how varied they can be in terms of stuff like personality, motivations, willingness or unwillingness, etc. I've always enjoyed the humiliation aspect of a pred being weaker and/or a bit younger than their prey or underestimated like you mentioned. The "Oh shit" moment where the prey realizes the trouble they are in and that they are falling victim to a pred who they thought was harmless is very fun and sexy to me.

And thank you for your stories as well!