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Ch5 With friends like these who needs synths By tgawsome -- Report

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Chista struggles with indigestion but the call of adventure waits for no belly. Here is part 2 of the last chapter now its own fully developed story. I have been learning the art of screen posing this will be the first real test to see if I succeed at the basic stuff.

Now for the next chapter, I recommended people check with my blog for an very special update.

Edit: I forgot to scale the pics in the story so you might have to scroll to see the entire pic for a few of them. It doesn't affect text at least on pc. If its unreadable in any format let me know and I will re-upload ASAP.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fallout 4 or its characters. Belly meshes are from Gat. All of this is possible thanks to Voremersion by Carreau.

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Posted by Graywolf18 9 months ago Report

That bit with the hairball had me laughing so hard I woke up my family. I'm in the dog house now. :C ...but it was worth it. :>

I get the feeling that Sentry bot is going to look up Jules on tinder the first chance he gets. That was love at first sight if I ever saw it. <3

Sh#t! You cranked up the comedy in this one. Poor Jules, threatened and abandoned by his friends only to survive to be viciously teased by an 8' tall mutant who cant undress by herself.


Posted by tgawsome 9 months ago Report

Chista will one day learn not to think with her stomach or you get massive hairballs ruining your attempts to negotiate an escalating situation. As for Jules he's gonna get a bit more love this time around. not just the sentrybot kind.


Posted by Raesetsu 9 months ago Report

I really liked this one. Keep up the good work, and I really love the details input in the digestion process. :D


Posted by tgawsome 9 months ago Report

Thanks! Digestion is a critical part of vore in my mind. It kinda gives me the chance to demonstrate that Chista is an experienced predator rather than simply tell. I hope my detailed digestion helped convey that.
Its also a joy to write.

The K

Posted by The K 9 months ago Report

Every time I look at Chista's model and at that massive belly of hers I imagine all the heavy digestion going on inside with all the wonderful details you put into it. Every story of yours puts a smile on my face. I love them so much.


Posted by tgawsome 9 months ago Report

Chista's gut may get in the way sometimes but it really does earn its keep, churning up all those pesky raiders. It's hard to keep up a voluptuous figure in the wasteland with out a lot of protein and fat, and thankfully her gut is up to the task.


Posted by minasan 9 months ago Report

I'm really liking this story. I hope she doesn't put on too much weight though.


Posted by tgawsome 9 months ago Report

Downside to a raider diet is that it they are pretty fattening. Upside is that fighting raiders burns a lot of calories so I think Chista will keep most of those pounds off. Unless she finds a place that will let her lounge and stuff herself then we will have a problem.