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Reference list of my stories (1 to 200) By French_snack -- Report

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Here’s a reference list of all my stories so far. I hope it can be useful.

The IVC, the snackas and Aenhue are settings I invited myself. The Vore Restaurant was invented by bedfordsb, based on the IVC. Felarya is the creation of Karbo. The Forbidden Dish is the creation of girlfood.

As you can see, this list includes illustrations of my stories and characters by various artists over the years. Many thanks to all, and to any whose works I didn’t have room to fit in. If you want to look up NickOnPlanetRipple’s comics, Silver Scales begins here (at the bottom of the page): .

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Update: Due to this list getting ever longer, I'm splitting it. This first part now only contains Stories 1 to 200. For Stories 201 onward, see here:

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Posted by Kasra 2 years ago Report

That is a ridiculously long list, and there's not a bad one among 'em. This must have taken ages to put together! And I love the collection of artwork.


Posted by French_snack 2 years ago Report

There are one or two of those stories I don't much like any more, but thanks. Yes, with 210 stories it took me a little while, but I realised it was a nice opportunity to match the pictures to the stories in one same place, and bring them together as (in some cases) a visual story arc.


Posted by ArtaxIsSleeping 2 years ago Report

Will you be updating this list in the future? Given the... "terse" naming style of most of your stories, this index is really helpful.


Posted by French_snack 2 years ago Report

I hoped it would be, yes. And I'll update it from time to time.


Posted by Scrumptious 2 years ago Report

Thanks for making this available. It is extremely helpful for selecting which I'm interested in reading. I just re-read the Zoey stories (honestly, I hope you write one where the narrator finally gets gobbled, or comes even closer, but preferably gobbled.)

I'm currently reading the Star Wars one. I'm also a big Star Wars fan, and this is a real treat. (I'm hoping for a little more vore, though.)

Despite my suggestions/implicit criticisms, obviously you need to be true to what you want to write. Generally speaking, you capture the desires that are also closest to my ...erm... heart.


Posted by French_snack 2 years ago Report

He he. Thanks. And you're welcome; I thought finally have an explanatory list could be useful, including for showing which stories are inter-connected as story arcs.

I haven't currently got any more plans for Zoey stories, but there'll definitely be more Star Wars ones.