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Feeling The Urge By immortalsane -- Report

A lovely young vixen has a serious problem. When her balls are empty, she gets hungry...very, very hungry. Hijinks, of course, ensue.

This delightful story is a result of my work with  CindyTaur of her vixen character Tanya having some slight issues.

Speaking of CindyTaur, we have a Free First Friday coming up! 3F is a project sponsored by my patron,  CindyTaur so that we can get new and exciting stories written for all of y'all on her dime! Some of you astute peeps may notice that we have missed the first Friday, and that is because Sana is a dork and forgot to advertise it, so we only got a couple requests. (oops).

So we will be doing 3F on the 12th this month, and you have until the 10th at 11:59 pm EST to get those requests in! We are doing monsters this month for October, in keeping with our new theme system. Human monsters (Jason, Freddy, etc) may be considered, but animalistic, feral, and non-human/never-human monsters will probs go to the front of the line!

In keeping with the new rules, no sex for chars under 16, pls!

So hit up mah commissh page, read the rules, and get those submits in!

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Posted by HungryAL 8 months ago Report

This was a fantastic read. The casual, feeding her cock theme, was so fucking hot.


Posted by immortalsane 8 months ago Report

LOL, thanks! It was a lot of fun to write!


Posted by Bookie 6 months ago Report

Kyle's description and demeanor makes him an absolutely adorable and really attractive cock snack. Would l o v e to see more of him.


Posted by immortalsane 6 months ago Report

He was a lot of fun! We'll have to see about seeing more of him, though!