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Page 15 - Hungry for Justice Comic ( The end By 1ZUMY -- Report

The end! (シ_ _)シ
Thank you so much for enjoing this comic! \( ˵・▽・˵)/
I hope you has much fun reading it has I had Drawing it!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Mount Lady will probably come back but for now this is all guys!!

Love ,
1ZUMY♥ (˵• ᵕ •˵)♥

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 years ago Report

Best hero


Posted by Stunlocked 3 years ago Report

Ah, I think this page should be part 17?


Posted by MR_Z 3 years ago Report

question: when she shrink does her meal also shrink?


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 years ago Report

This comic is just awesome. You draw Mt. Lady really good!


Posted by Realmwars 3 years ago Report

Honestly this comic ended up being a lot more impressed than intended (I was mostly hyped for Mt.Lady uvula.) but in the end this felt like a short story that could come from My Hero. I can definitely give this comic a rating of Plus Ultra.


Posted by GuysSeriouslyImFine 2 years ago Report

I just found you in the gallery and I'm binging all your art at once (no pun intended) and it's all so good oml, you're legitimately the best artist


Posted by NewRebellion 1 year ago Report

Are you SURE it's the end? Couldn't you turn this into a running series?

Like, for example: Mt. Lady is able to absorb the Quirks of those she digests! And considering she just ate a guy with elastic powers....

Can you please continue this?!


Posted by Muryoku 1 month ago Report

Is he gonna... digest?