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Packing on the pastery (And pony) pounds! By RusticPony -- Report

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Another new pic, here we have pinkie pie after swallowing that cake whole with a certain rainbow pony inside it, the pink mare rather surprised she gained so much weight! Look at that big fat pink butt~ x3

It is up to you guys if she just gained weight from the cake or from both it and rainbow dash who possibly added alot of fat to that rump due to all that protein!

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Posted by Battle541 1 year ago Report

XD I believe it's both.


Posted by RusticPony 1 year ago Report

Very likely, with all that sugar and fats along with a whole pony x3


Posted by Battle541 1 year ago Report

Eeyup~ :3


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

Now that is one big pony XD I love it.

The only thing I would recommend to improve here is to darken the text in the speech bubble. After Pinkie’s exclamation, the text gets very faint and hard to read.


Posted by Killjoy364 1 year ago Report

depends on how predatory dash was in here I think XD


Posted by HyperlinkError 1 year ago Report

really good stuff fam


Posted by Gelus 1 year ago Report

Holy crap, that is a big fat ass even compared to what you usually draw. I just wanna bury my face in it. I always felt like her flooftail would be tickley.


Posted by 2groovey 1 year ago Report

Just a Dash of Skittles Pinkie. ;)


Posted by CGR-7 1 year ago Report

Ha! XD


Posted by Dukinu 1 year ago Report

well I get a feel at she RD will soon get out of her again


Posted by Redfire 1 year ago Report

Add more weight plz~<3


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 1 year ago Report

Powers that are, do I want to ride those cheeks!

This is why I find Pinkie so sexy (and that is no clearer exhibited than in my story about her).