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Hela has taken over Asgard. She killed Thor and Loki and put Valkyrie in prison. Hela sat on her throne proud of herself and then her belly rumbled. Hela had an urge for a big meal and a prisoner would do nicely. Hela ordered her undead guards to bring Valkyrie to her naked. The guards came back with Valkyrie and put her on the ground. Her nice brown toned skin and big breasts made Helas mouth water. Her belly rumbled again for a meal. Hela stood up and walked down the stairs to Valkyrie. She stood in front of Valkyrie and looked down her in hunger. She grabbed Valkyries head and put it against her stomach. Valkyrie could here its groans of hunger clearly
 "You will be in there soon, churning away becoming fat on my body and shit out and be forgotten" said Hela
 Valkyrie was terrified. She struggled in the rope but it did nothing and Hela grabbed her. Hela lifted Valkyrie up and opened her mouth. Valkyrie looked into the abyss and slowly Hela pulled her closer till Valkyries face touched Helas lips. Hela licked Valkyries face and shoved her whole head in her mouth. Valkyrie struggled but it did nothing and Hela swallowed. A face imprint was seen in Helas throat moving. Valkyries shoulders slid into Helas mouth and Hela swallowed again bringing them all the way in. Another gulp later and Valkyries double D's were in Helas throat. Valkyrie screamed while going down the tube to the stomach. She smelt death coming from the stomach were others were churned into fat. Hela swallowed getting Valkyries mid section in her maw and then lifted Valkyries other end in the air, she pushed on Valkyries butt and swallowed all the way there. Valkyrie kept struggling but it didn't help and only made Hela start getting wet and horny. Hela brought in Valkyries ass and licked her pussy. Valkyrie moaned from pleasure and soon climaxed in Helas mouth giving a salty flavor. Valkyries head entered Helas stomach and Hela kept swallowing making more of Valkyrie enter the stomach. Helas belly grew with each swallow. Hela slurped down the rest of Valkyrie and closed her mouth over her feet. One last gulp and Valkyrie was gone. Helas belly kept growing and her black latex dress ripped with its new meal. A human looking bulge appeared in her stomach in a upside down fetal position. Hela rubbed her gurgley moving belly and felt Valkyries head in the bottom. Valkyrie pushed the squishy walls but they came back and more digestive juice came on her. She felt cramped and hot inside. She screamed and fought against the stomach but the acids were starting to rise. Hela burped and smacked her stomach which made Valkyrie struggle more. Hela walked to her throne and sat down. The gurgles from her stomach echoed through out the room loudly which made Hela horny. Valkyrie stopped moving because the acids have reached the top of the stomach. Hela rubbed her stomach to aid digestion. In 1 hour Valkyries body was all squishy and mushy. In 2 hours her body started to collapse and melt into a liquid. In 3 hours Helas stomach was rounder and smaller then before. In 4 hours Valkyrie went into Helas intestines becoming calories and fat for Hela. Helas thighs and ass grew to wear she could barely fit in the throne. With her belly mostly gone Hela finally could finger herself which she did. She pushed in and out of her pussy till she cummed every where.
 Hela farted a few times and decided to let the prisoner out. She walked to the royal toilet farting the whole way. She reached the royal toilet and took her dress off. She sat on the toilet and pushed. She made grunting noises and a tip of the first log appeared. It was dark brown and slithered out into the bowl where coiled at the bottom. It fell and plopped in the bowl. Hela shit out 3 simaler logs out and then shit for 5 minutes of smaller turds filling up the bowl. One last log remained and it was big. Hela squeezed hard and a thick log started coiling on the top of the pile. It plopped down and Valkyrie was gone. Hela wiped anything on her ass off and threw the toilet paper in the pile. She flushed and that was the end of Valkyrie.
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Posted by TheRPKing 1 year ago Report

Good first story but could definitely be much better.


Posted by SuperheroFood 11 months ago Report

Nice work, I love this kind of thing, especially when it's superheroes. But I wish it was longer. Maybe with Hela taunting her pray a little more, ideally during the whole process, and what each of them was thinking. Especially Valkyrie at the end, as she suffers this truly humiliating defeat.