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The Direst of Diplomatic Incidents[4k] By MadameMaeve -- Report

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Kaayo Dako, an inexperienced diplomatic envoy, might be the most crucial character in the history of Móranian and Human relationships. Though she had a hidden secret. Long before the cohabitation city centres we know today, there was a moment where she almost blew it all.

The shunt between subspace and realspace awoke the young woman as the ship folded back into reality. She sat up and stared out the window. A very alien planet was but a speck in the distance, A world none of her kind had seen in person. The Terran capital planet - "Earth". After several seconds of staring, she decided to wait until they were closer. Going about her morning routine on the shuttle, she settled down to review some documents on a personal device.

Returning to her quarters and watching the planet below grow larger, she decided upon getting ready for the formalities ahead. She was to formally negotiate the end of the war. A war declared decades ago and not formally fought. A war they could win easily, if not for the other front they fight on. Peace with the humans, and even possibly an alliance, would allow them to focus on the threat from another sector of the galaxy. The humans too wished for peace, Moran systems contained untapped resources the Terrans required. This was in everyone's interests.

The pilot's voice penetrated her cabin as she finished preparing.

"The Terran station is getting ready for our visit, but it'll be a while until it's safe to dock." she announced.

Of course, these Humans had primitive technology. It'd be some time until they're close enough to make the incredibly slow approach. Kaayo explored the cabin - her sister's cabin on her sister's shuttle. Gently jumping to reach something on a shelf, she knocked over a box, and in that instant, her mission was in serious trouble.

Four humans floated out, unaffected by the gravity fields emitted by the ship. They were followed by the vapour of a rudimentary stasis system, and as they came to, they began to flail and make annoying little screams. Kaayo gently moved her hand to stop them bumping into surfaces and hurting themselves, but then one spoke words she understood.

"Please! Don't eat us!" A tiny voice shrieked.

And the situation became even worse.

Not only did these prisoners happen to be floating around her shuttle, they were also witnesses to a heavily hidden Móranian secret - they used to sell some prisoners to use as pets, or delicacies. Kaayo herself had never bought one of these, but it was a fact known by the elite of their society. And her heart sank, watching them float around, ready to scream about these war crimes and ruin her mission. The solution was obvious - vent them into space, but as she went to call her security officer, she had a second thought. She had never had this chance, and if her mission is successful, will never get this chance again. These little creatures sold for so much money, they had to be worth it...

She grabbed the nearest one and quickly slid the tiny feet into her mouth. The taste was... unique, pleasant, but nothing special. The texture, smooth and warm, was to be expected. It was the fact the little human was struggling and fighting back, was the appeal. There was something primal about this, devouring a living thing whole. The tiny feet kicking against the back of her throat, the little hands trying to find purchase to pull herself out of the giant alien maw. Kaayo simply pushed down on the tiny woman's shouters as she made eye contact with one of the other prisoners.

While the tiny morsel slid down to the back her throat, she heard the others shouting about the station nearby. She'd have to eat them before they dock up. A forced swallow sent the first down her gullet, to her admittedly empty stomach. The little being moving around inside her was enough to make her consider abandoning the mission, returning home, and just enjoying this. But she remembered the other galactic threats, and decided to simply make the most of this situation.

The second and third fought as much as the first, but they all ended up in her belly. She grabbed the fourth and last, the one that has not struggled at all until now, but then held her front.

She felt incredibly full up. The worst thing now would be to make herself sick in front of earth's emissary... She idly ran her thumb over the last humans front, looking around for somewhere to hide it for the time being.

Acting like she didn't have a stomach full of humans, while talking to very important Humans, a species she had never met before today, will be a fantastic challenge.

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Posted by Moonlightshadow 1 year ago Report

Just a three snack bar sized humans without even their clothes and she was already a too full to eat anymore without getting sick...
What a weakling!
o 3o

(A very nice piece, by the way)


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Wow, nice story and an equally nice image, I hope you will continue it. All of them looks very nice and quite sexy if I might add so, and I am rather curious about this Kaayo, she has indeed quite a challenge ahead if she is a new diplomat.