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Reindeer Games By DirtyMac -- Report

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Santa's reindeer have always been hard working when helping with the jolly red giant delviering gifts all around the world.  Of course they deserve some time to unwind and relax.    

Somewhere in a secluded cabin in the north pole, these cervines expressing the ways the like to reward each other and keep warm all at once.  

Dasher and Comet are usually found togeher at the gym or out in the tracks.  Being gym buddies, they always push each other to go the extra mile, and being locked in intercourse is no exception

Dancer isn't usually one to be expressive, though Cupid's flurty nature is something she can't help but find adorable.  

Prancer and Donner usually find themselves helping Mr's Claws. Whether it's reading stories to visting children, or preping in the kitchen for feasts or just cookies. Seems like Prancer wants sample Donner's personal 'eggnog."

Vixen and Blitzen, being the eldest deer, act as parental figures for the others.  Especially Rudolph.  Growing up he's always been self concious about his body.  It ain't just his nose that's big, red, and glowing.  While his but isn't red, it sure is big and curvy.   Some may think he was bullied for his freakish nose, but with Mr's Claws omnipent "naughty senses," no one who's lives in the north pole DARES to.  Doesn't stop Rudy's anxiety, but a little reassurance from mommy and/or daddy deer is usually all he needs to calm his nerves. While Rudy likes to swing both ways, it seems all they other;s "south poles" are a bit preoccupied.  Thankfully he still has one of his fanvorite present's from Santa for this occasion.  

I hate the shit job I did with this backgorund and some of the lighting but I wanted to get this done in time before the Tumblr purge.  Hope it's something fellow lewd mutuals can enjoy.  ^w^

Also fuck Tumblr.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Best kind of games


Posted by DirtyMac 1 year ago Report



Posted by CarnivorousVixen 1 year ago Report

This is good stuff! I like it a lot~


Posted by DirtyMac 1 year ago Report

Thanks. ^w^


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 year ago Report

Leaving Tumblr out in the cold eh?

Nice pun, I see what you did there. xD


Posted by DirtyMac 1 year ago Report

Uhh yes! That was totally my intention. Hehehe...


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 year ago Report

Lol. Best way to make it seemed like you planned it is to play along. xD