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Moray Munchies By doomfister -- Report

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Rarity and Rainbow Dash have an unexpected encounter with an apex sea predator.

this is my half of an art collab with  hellonurse .
they put out an offer to do art trades/collabs and seeing as I was a fan of their stuff for quite some time I snapped them up on the offer. i will post the link to their part ASAP as it is posted.

we bounced ideas for a while before settling on sea ponies as we both agreed that in terms of MLP vore there have been neglected.

the idea of eel pred was also theirs, and I again had been considering doing moray eel pred, so this was an excuse to finally write their unusual ingestion method, so in my books, it was a perfect storm of "yes, I am game for this"

all in all, I had a lot of fun with this and I hope they enjoy my half of the collaboration, as it is an unusual pred that is rarely seen in vore situations.

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Posted by Philosoraptor 2 months ago Report

Very good description of a Moray Eel's predation and digestion of prey.... even if it is in the MLP world! Thanks for sharing!


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

i like to write my vore in the case of feral preds in a realistic manner as it adds variety to the standard grab and gulp, and there is something great about the almost alien morphology of the moray eels. specifically its digestive system, which from as second pair of jaws to pressure differentials assisting in ingestion was a fun thing to write as i don't think i have seen it on paper before.


Posted by Philosoraptor 2 months ago Report

Check out the gallery of Fischie, who had done some pretty realistic Moray and Shark stuff. He is studying to be a Marine Biologist as I recall, and is quite knowledgeable.


Posted by doomfister 2 months ago Report

aye, we have talked, I studied as an animal conservation scientist at uni, specialized in insects and herpetology. Fischie does some good stuff and I have read a number of his stories, unfortunately, he likes to do male or agendered prey, and that doesn't do much for me. though i am sure he knows the workings of these wonders of the ocean to a high standard based on his work.