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Dylan’s and Tori’s lust filled moans snapped Stacy out of her grim fantasy of ending her life, her skin crawled at the thoughts that had just invaded her head. Stacy felt broken, she wanted to die, but there was still this sad sense of… Hope? No, it wasn’t hope, but something was keeping her alive. Stacy just sat there, her eyes red after the past hour of crying, they finally stopped with a heavy sob as she wiped her gunk laced face.
Stacy truly thought Dylan had loved her, but here he was, fucking her sister harder and with more gusto than anything he had ever done with or for her. His ripped body, his gigantic cock, especially in size compared to the shrunken Stacy, his, perfect everything, all sunk into Tori’s overly corpulent body, like someone who just jumped into freshly calmed snow. He kept grunting various slurred words each time his cock slipped back into Tori’s impossibly deep cootch. The entire display of the blob of a shut-in, getting railed by someone who could be ranked top 10 in a fashion magazine was so repellent, it hypnotized Stacy in the same way a violent and gory car wreck would, completely enthralling as it was traumatizing.
For every schlicking sound of wet genitals bumping up together, there was an evacuation of gas, either through the smeared ass cheeks, or or from Tori’s mouth straight into Dylan's face. There was no sign of discomfort, or displeasure, or even disgust on Dylan’s grinning chiseled facial features. The smell of flatulence and sex was making Stacy feel worse and worse, her only thought at that moment being, that of just wanting to empty her stomach out of any and all vile contents within it. The only problem being for her, that her stabbing stomach was completely empty.
Tori scratched at her asshole as best as she could, then brought her rank hand up to grab Dylan’s face, pulling him in for a slobbery, encompassing kiss. As she held him there, smearing his face with her tinted silvia, both their bodies started tensing up, signalling the arrival of orgasm for the opposite appearing creatures. After their sticky loads started to leak out from the fat and skin, a bubbly, cum-covered fart squeaked from Tori’s rear, earning a laugh and kiss from Dylan. Stacy couldn’t handle it any more, not for today, she had enough, and simply turned over, just wanting to rest for a bit.
Dylan gave Tori’s fat ass a slap, again earning some gas, as the two “lovers” said their goodbyes, Tori blowing a burp to the blushing Dylan as he closed her door. After a heavy, almost dreamlike breath, Tori stretched her lardy limbs, and got to her feet, and turning to where the shivering Stacy was trying her hardest to even get a moment of peace, a smile cutting through the musky and dark atmosphere of the room. As she looked at the inconifigant bug on the nightstand.
“Awe, is the little bug tired? What’s the matter, I always thought you had energy” Tori mocked, a painful poke being placed into Stacy’s suddenly frozen back, Stacy’s body tensed up worse after the assault on her tiny frame. “God, that was such an amazing fuck… I almost called him YOUR boyfriend, but then I remembered something…” Tori leaned her consuming face over Stacy “An insignificant bug like you could never know or feel love, especially compared to the Goddess that I am” Tori’s atrocious smelling breath wafted all over the clenching doll of a girl.
“Shit… I’m feeling horny again” Tori said in a bored voice, with just a touch of annoyance. Tori knew full well that she cold get Dylan to come back, but she thought it would just be way more fun to hurt Stacy some more, and promptly picked up the yet again surprised girl. “You’re gonna help me get off my cleaning up my caves hehehe” Tori spat appallingly at Stacy who was starting to uselessly struggle in the mitt of a hand.
What Tori did next could have created an earthquake or a tsunami with the force of impact she caused as she slammed her whale of a rear forcefully down on her creaking gaming chair, right in front of her PC. “Alright, I am going to fuck up some faggots shit, so I expect my cunt to be clean by the time I lose” Tori muttered in a stark voice as she thrusted Stacy straight into her snatch, pushing her in deep.
The next few hours, Stacy balled her eyes out while she lapped up her ex-boyfriends spunk, and her sisters vaginal fluids. “This is revenge for the time I didn’t give Dylan a blowjob after the game isn’t it?!” Stacy thought to herself, just trying to rationalize anything she could. Finally, with a painfully full gut, Stacy had cleaned the flesh and other various things she didn’t want to think about filled tube.
After Tori had lost, she surprisingly lived up to her word, and took the sticky Stacy out. This however, much to the bemoaning of Stacy, led to Stacy being forced into a routine, one she would have to fulfill for the next few weeks. This entailed cleaning lint from Tori’s navel, licking her feet clean, and other such various tasks that truly showed that Stacy was even below subhuman, since that still had “human” in the title.
The day went on as Stacy was subjugated to even more tasks before finally being discarded back into the soda sticked cover of the nightstand, Tori picking up Stacy’s phone and calling Dylan as she shuffled her way over to the bathroom. Some grunting and echoing anal noises of varying degrees of firmness covered up any conversation Stacy might have been able to hear as the two cheating lovers chatted about their next vile acts.
A loud flushing signified both the end of gassy shits, and apparently the phone call, as when Tori finally made her panting way out, the cell phone was, hopefully as Stacy was begging, in one of Tori’s few pockets. Tori gamed for a bit, ignoring her sister, which Stacy counted as a blessing, since time not being played with and beaten was few and far between it seemed.
A knock on the door made Stacy jump and curl back into her shaking ball, and Tori, who had her headphones at full blast, couldn’t hear a thing from the outside world, the only thing noticeable to her were screams of frustration from other players, and gunfire. Finally after another round of rattles, the door finally opened, Dylan walked in, smirking as he saw Tori’s backside spilling down towards the ground, and her stomach not doing much better in terms of healthy weight.
Dylan sat down a paper bag printed with one of the local fast food places logos, and went over, and gave tori a groping, grinding hug from the back. This had the opposite effect of what he wanted, as the moment Tori’s character dropped dead in game, she whirled around, her fists raised, her eyes afire with hatred for the preventable fictional death that had just been caused, souring her K/D by 1.
Before she struck Dylan with a blow not even the muscled giant could prepare for, her fist loosened, and she got a crooked smile on her face. “Good, you did get slurp & burp” Tori said, looking at the bag and walking over to the confused and mildly surprised Dylan. “I hope you’re ready for some good fucking, because I LOVE me some of that~” Tori said, followed by a blown belch turned kiss.
The next few moments Stacy watched, were that of Dylan strip himself, and Tori remove the few articles of clothing that she actually ever did wear, Tori herself laying her back down on the nearly broken bed, her sagging cow tits drooping to either side. Tori opened up, and beamed like a girl who just got a dream castle for Christmas when she saw that her favorite burgers awaited her devourment. “Oh shit, you got them extra stacked? They must have made you think of me huh?~” Tori spoke in a lusty tone, not fully realizing that that could mean Dylan, like Stacy, saw Tori as nothing but a fat cow. But that wasn’t what Dylan saw, all he saw laying before him, was a smoking hot fuck who he loved so much.
As Dylan finally removed his underwear, Tori wasn’t even paying attention to the God in front of her, she was too busy drooling over the burger she had just unwrapped. “God you look tasty” Tori dribbled in pleasure. “You say something babe?” Dylan flexed, smiling at the compliment, “What? No you dumb shit, I was talking to the burger! I can’t eat you!” Tori snapped, Stacy cringing at the thought of Tori grabbing Dylan and gulping him down like the burger she was about to eviscerate.
Dylan just stood there for a moment, unsure of what his next move should be, before Tori cut in “Um, are you going to fuck me? Or are you really only good for food?” She said with a huff, one hand scratching her hairy midriff trail. “Oh Shit! Yeah!” Dylan exclaimed, quickly hopping over to her, beginning the mounting and climbing process.
Dylan started to position his body and cocks head to where it would penetrate his lovers open hole, but honestly, with all the flaps of fat, it was kind of hard to determine, the only key indicator of being in the right place was the hair… Which even then indicated a few other places. While Dylan played “where’s pussy”, Tori started to dig into her sauce laden burger, chewing sloppily with her mouth open, chunks of chewn food falling on her chin, chest, and to the bed on her side.
“Fuck, are you even in yet?” Tori’s bored, stuffed face wined at Dylan, who was trying his hardest to get his monster of a dick, into the monster of a girls body. “I-I’m tryi- AH! THERE! GOT IT!” Dylan said, with a sense of pride of victory. Stacy just watched the contrasting pieces of flesh wrestle, trying to get their bodies to connect. It was Stacy’s only source of entertainment, her only sense of the fact that she was still alive. The pain of seeing this happen, right before her eyes. Her tear, cum, sweat stained eyes.
Tori stroked Dylan's abs while he started to slowly move back and forth, her sticky condiment covered hands feeling them up and down, clawing them a little with her overgrown and nibbled on dark fingernails. “Fwuk babe, tell mweh howh smexy I ahm” Tori said through mouthfuls of burger and grope of muscle. “Fuck, where do I even begin with this un-earthly body of beauty?!” Dylan said, and his voice spoke only the truth.
Instead of seeing a disgusting piece of fat and filth, he saw a women who outclassed Stacy in every single way. Tori in Dylan's eyes was perfect, from her uncountable chins, to her scale breaking weight, down to the dark wide eyes of someone who has never seen the sun, he loved her. Dylan leaned in for a kiss, but had spit, chunks of burg, and moist, smelly, rotten air blown in his face, before Tori herself painfully grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him in for a kiss. Dylan’s throat noticeably bulged out, as if he was giving oral, as Tori stuck her terrifyingly long tongue down his neck.
After invading Dylan’s throat, she snaked her tongue back out, and licked at her boytoys immaculate features. Tasting him like he was the tastiest piece of meat there ever could be. But then again, she remembered she had some burger left, and quickly went to eating that instead of playfully devouring the guy in front of her.
After the take out was finished, Tori being the glutton she was, of course wasn’t full, and reached her thick arm over to her desk, and grabbed the week old burrito she had saved for later… Or forgotten about, either one applied with how Tori ate. Tori tore into the vile, smelly, starting to rot burrito, the rancid flavor not bothering her in the slightest, as Dylan’s thrusts sped up more and more, him grunting and enjoying the fuck session more than Tori was.
“Tell me how sexy I am compared to my shit of a sister… And MAYBE I will let you cum… Maybe, if your Goddess is feeling generous” A bored drawl came from in between bites of seemingly never ending burrito. “O-Of course my queen! I barely even forgot about that uptight bitch!” He said, followed by a string of ever increasingly lewd compliments.
If you could capture a moment someones heart broke, it was the moment Stacy was called an uptight bitch. Stacy stopped shaking, and stood up, she didn’t have anymore tears to cry. Stacy slowly walked over to the edge of the high rise stand she was on, and looked to the ground, before returning to her seat. She knew that even jumping might not kill her, and with how it has been, she didn’t want to find out what Tori would do to her broken body. Her life was this, and it was always going to be this, watching Dylan and Tori fuck, insulting her, before Tori used Stacy like the object that she truly was now.
“Y-You’re so lucky to have me! Stacy would have wanted you to have kids, and waste your life with her! HAH! What a stupid fucking future!” Tori cruelly laughed, as Dylan’s body clenched up, little whimpering noises as he bucked his hips. After a moment, little glistening threads of cum started leaking finally out from the cunt-hair forest.
“Are you fucking serious? I TOLD you! I told you that you could ONLY cum when I told you!” Tori shouted, slapping Dylan’s afterglow covered face, Tori acting like the biggest brat of all. “That’s fucking it!” Tori started to shift to a sitting position, grabbing Dylan’s stupidly grinning face and shoving him onto his back. “You ALWAYS serve your Goddess first!~” Tori snapped, this time in a slightly more of a playful manner as she slowly added all of her weight onto Dylan, absolutely burying his upper half under a sea of lard.
“You’re gonna work your magic, or else it’s gonna be game over for you~” Tori was grinding her cunt on Dylan’s face, his muffled moans barely even escaping the flesh. Tori could see Dylan’s leaking cock was stiff again, but she ignored it, instead a puff of gas was blown from not just her ass, but also from her other front facing hole. Tori bit her lips as the gas started to rise, Dylan’s tongue started to work faster, and the whole ordeal became worse and worse, with Tori squirting more than enough to satisfy her lust, but matter it did not, as she kept Dylan under her just up to the point she could tell he was started to suffocate near death.
After Tori struggled to get off of Dylan, who, even though he loved all the scents and smells of Tori, even he needed to breath in some air down his beaten and fucked lungs. Tori gave another sloppy kiss to Dylan, as they said their goodbyes again. After Dylan left, Tori yanked stacy and brought her right up to her mouth, that could easily eat an entire planet. “So… I bet you want to die… Well, death won’t be that easy for you, since bugs don’t deserve quick and painless deaths… I will permit you to die, BUT only if you sacrifice yourself to become one with your Goddess~” Stacy sat there silently, simply thinking about her previous fantasy about dying the same way her sister spoke of. Stacy refused to answer though, too mentally tired to even respond.
“Fine, your Goddess will give you time you don’t deserve and give you till morning” Tori simply let Stacy fall from, to the tiny girl, around 15 feet, thankfully not breaking anything in Stacy’s already purple and bruised frame. The next few hours were the same, Tori gaming, gorging, and shit smelling gas, along with a few fingerings.
The next few weeks were the same torturous experiences for Stacy, but somehow, Tori managed to think of something horribly new each day. Each day Stacy was woken up after passing out if she could with a flick, at this point Stacy’s skin was starting to tear due to the sharp nail stabbing her with such force each time. Then, tori would open her mouth and mock Stacy into jumping, Stacy just not having the strength to end her own life.
Some days it would be what was considered usual when Dylan wasn’t around, with Stacy cleaning out or pleasuring various areas. Sometimes Tori would drop Stacy into the toilet and let her have fun at “the pool”, but some days, Stacy would have to protect herself from falling logs. The worst, or at least one of the worst things Tori did to Stacy, was after Dylan brought over Mexican food for the evening, Tori had the shits, and needed a plug. The closest thing (and only thing Tori wanted to use) to plug such a leak was Stacy. After that night, Stacy started to warp from braindead, to utterly and completely broken, seeing no light in life, only darkness.
Near the end of Stacy’s time being anything resembling a living creature, she remembered vividly one thing that just burned itself into her eyes. It was another shit filled night of every junk food imaginable, brought over of course by Tori’s fuck toy Dylan. Tori sat on her porcelain throne, and after a harsh grunt, the floodgates opened. This wasn’t the worst part however, and Stacy had seen and done what some might consider worse, but this touched something deep inside that stabbed her. As Tori violently shat out drop after drop of muck, Dylan leaned over, and started to lick her pussy. Not just a small lick here and there, but pushed his face right into the bush, as a brown waterfall trickled right down in front of his face, his tongue lapping at the nectar.
All Stacy thought of, was the time Dylan had rudely commented on her going to the bathroom once… It put her in small spirits all day. But here he was, eating out a girl while she took a dump, not giving a single shit himself. After Tori came, she just sat there, Dylan a voluntary prisoner, his face trapped between her thighs as a few meezily farts and a final splat hit the water, splashing Dylan's face with the dirty mirk below.
Dylan decided to spend the night that same night. The evening was filled with fucking, raunchy acts, and more fucking. Stacy hadn’t noticed it, or maybe she tried not to, but due to all the food Dylan was feeding Tori, Tori had ballooned out even more. What once looked like a ball of lard, not looked like a planet sized girl of fat. Her toes, fingers, everything was just rounder and the pale girl somehow looked meaner and more hateful than ever before.
Dylan was laying face first into his doughy love, sinking in more and more as time went on, but Tori herself hadn’t fallen asleep just yet, she was playing games on her handheld, and occasionally munching on the food she had by her. Something in Stacy changed there and then, watching her ex so peacefully sleep with Tori. This was the night, this was the night that Stacy was going to kill herself. She knew now, that Tori was better than her, she had always been better. Tori showed Stacy that, no matter how little she worked, she always had life how she wanted, compared to Stacy, who always had to work hard for whatever she wanted. The universe loved Tori, and Stacy, Stacy was just going to add to her Goddesses body.
Stacy waited until Tori was finally asleep, not wanting to disturb her. After she finally heard her sisters chainsaw sounding snores, she figured out a way to get down to the bed. It was a painful process, leading to Stacy nearly breaking her leg in the fall, but she knew that soon it would be over, and she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.
It was a good hour or so as Stacy finally limped her way up the hairy mountain of womanhood in front of her. Stacy used what little strength she had left to climb as best as she could, moving past the pulsating cock of Dylan. Stacy was blessed by the fact that there was so much hair leading up Tori’s stomach, as it had become so round, it was too steep to even climb. But after quite a bit of effort, she was nearing the top, and would just have to remember not to fall down into the never ending navel hole.
Stacy, after making her way past potential crushing by Dylan, Tori’s sleeping hand, and nearly falling off a few times due to a fart or burp here, she finally had reached Tori’s face. Chin wasn’t a right word, as there were too many to count. Stacy was finally ready to sacrifice herself.
Stacy looked into Tori’s maw, looking down at the dark throat. Stacy’s eyes had a look in them that no other human would ever come to know. Her body had changed, as what was once a fit, strong, healthy women, was a malnourished, weak, barely alive creature. Stacy’s beautiful long hair was indescribably dark, clumped together, and like the rest of her body, didn’t resemble what once was at all. She was a pale, sickly stick of a girl, and her time was up.
Stacy took the plunge. Closing her eyes, not wanting to remember the world around her in the slightest. Tori’s tongue detected the foreign food, and lapped her up like she was any other crumb, swallowing her down the tight, pink, fleshy monster. The trip down all the working parts of the throat was a long, and tight one, Stacy’s leg finally breaking with a tearful scream in the process as it was bent the wrong way, her arm nearly meeting a similar fate before she fell shrieking down into the chamber below.
Stacy made a splash in the sizzling and soda feeling and sounding surrounding liquids. Why wouldn’t it just kill here?! She frustratedly splashed the gunk around her around, just wanting her Goddess to absorb her body, but even that wasn’t that simple, as the acids slowly started to get a feel for her.
Finally, Stacy started to feel some of the itching that would come with digestion, it starting to burn away her crotch hair first, her pussy receiving a painful stinging feeling that made her bite her lip painfully. Each splash she made spread the acidic juices all over her body, starting to chew away at it, her flesh turning hot red. “O-Oh Goddess! PLEASE! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” The pain starting to make Stacy, or what was slowly becoming less and less of her, beg for forgiveness, as her lower body had totally turned into a foamy red soup floating around her.
“PLEASE!” The food shrieked, before the screams turned into pained gurgles, Stacy was no more, as only a barely living piece of meat was left. A final gurgle signaled as the meats brain shut off, the last thought that being of the smiling faces of everyone she know in her life, but they weren’t smiling at her, they were smiling at Tori.
Tori smiled as she thought about her sister feeding herself to the one true Goddess, a low belch blowing from Tori’s face into Dylan’s, as she scratched her gut hair. Tori loved life. Life was good.
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Tori's Torture Continues By radmann -- Report

Was it all just a nightmare for Stacy? Nah, slob NEET's always win!

A directors cut of sorts to the previous story: this was wonderfully commissioned by  madsci and I am really happy to give the original story the best TRUE conclusion it could have!

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I cant get enought of this <3


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Same as last time; this is genuinely sad. And I love it.


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Love this kinda of gross!