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Poco's ears perked up, her tail swishing excitedly from under her skirt, long before the victim of her attention noticed us. He was bent over in the field, probably sweating under the sunlight beating down on us. "Lookit him!" she murmured. "He's so chubby!" She was practically licking her lips.
"You really like those forever alone types, don't you?" I replied, feigning disinterest, although of course she was right in assuming I'd help her.
"It's not about forever alone or not, it's about how juicy and squishy they are. And this one's probably all salty from being in the sun all day, too." She was practically licking her lips.
"I still don't believe you can taste them down there," I said with a roll of my eyes. "And even if you could, sounds gross to me."
"All the more for me," she grinned, and waved as the chubby young man looked up in our direction for the first time.
"Hello there!" she called out, practically bouncing in time with her greeting. "Nice to meet you!"
The farmhand, assuming that's what he was, waved, but even at this distance I could tell he was a little befuddled. It wasn't normal for a pair of cute girls to be traveling alone in this world. It also wasn't normal for cute girls to have cat ears and tails. Stupid Shin.
"I'm Poco, and this is Kiki," she introduced us as we got closer. "We're passing through and looking for a place to stay. You wouldn't happen to know somewhere we could wash off and snuggle up for a night, would you?" The subtle hand gestures she used to emphasize "wash off" and "snuggle up" made it embarrassingly flirty. I watched the guy pause nervously, could practically see him fighting through his reservations before finally giving in.
"Yes, of course. I have room at my farmhouse if you like," he conceded. "It's humble, but it's the least I can do."
"Woohoo!" She shouted and jumped up and down, diving in to hug the rotund farmer, making sure her chest rubbed on his upper arm a little bit. "I love you already!" Inwardly, I marveled at her shamelessness, trying not to let my own cat ears twitch.
"Thank you for your hospitality," I added with a bow.
"I-it's nothing," he replied with a deep blush.
Poco's offensive left no time for the farmer - Vou, apparently - to catch his balance. "Woo, I'm sweaty, do you have a bath I could wash off in?" He did. "Oh gosh, I seem to have accidentally soaked my towel, can you bring another one?" That was on purpose. "It's OK, I don't mind if you see." Making sure he got a good look at her big, round boobs. "You look sweaty, too, let me wash your back." Less than ten minutes after entering his farm house, she had them naked together.
I posted a quick update to my blog and glanced around the farmhouse to confirm. It was pretty small, so he was probably just a serf in the employ of the local lord. A rich lord, then, considering even his peasants were fat. And, fortunately for Poco and me, this Vou guy clearly lived alone.
"Vou and I are done with the bath for now," Poco called not long later. "But you should come join us in the bedroom after you finish your turn," she added. The young farmer was flushed deep purple and covered in a towel while Poco was totally in the buff except the cloth she'd tied over her hair to help it dry.
"Have fun," I waved, and took my time hopping in the bath next, while listening for the sounds of them getting started.
As I soaked and relaxed, the sounds of Poco's exaggerated, erotic moaning echoed through the tiny farmhouse. Vou was quieter, but I could hear some grunting noises indicating that he was going along with it.
After I'd had enough, I casually crept into the bedroom and pulled up the livestream app on my phone. I found them sixty-nining, or something like it, with Poco perched on top of the rotund Vou, working his shaft between her tits while he licked her slit. "It's been maybe forty minutes since we met this guy," I narrated to the stream, keeping my voice down so Vou wasn't distracted.
Vou's back stiffened up a bit and Poco recognized her cue, sucking the tip of his cock with her lips just in time. Seconds later, she swallowed exaggeratedly, for the camera or for her lover I wasn't sure, and breathed a sigh of enjoyment. "Mm, delicious. But I'm not satisfied yet," and she began thrusting her hips a little more violently.
Vou seemed to take this well, and he doubled down his effort, sticking his tongue out and poking his nose into her slit whenever she slammed it down on his face. Of course, each time she pushed a little harder, spreading her labia a little farther across his face, until, with a wonderfully erotic slurping sound, her nethers swallowed up his whole head.
While still holding the camera in my off hand, I put my other hand to use on my own lower lips as I - and a few dozen stream viewers - watched Poco work.
Her hip thrusts were relentless, and she rode his face like a normal girl rides a cock, sometimes lifting up until barely the crown of his head was inside her, then thrusting down to take on his neck, his round chin, rubbing against his collarbone.
"Oooh, yeah, gimme more," she cried, and - testament to her thorough seduction - Vou lifted himself up towards her and counter-thrust, shoving his shoulders until they had spread her legs apart enough that she took them in. A few thrusts later, and she had crested his man-breasts and the bottom of where his rib cage would be. She was howling in pleasure as she sat up to ride him deeper as her belly stretched to be even bigger than his, though perhaps less round.
"Mm, yeah, I love you!" she cried to her partner, who was over half buried in her twat by now. "Love me with your whole body!"
I should mention, Poco's normal figure was relatively small, probably less than half the weight of this chubby farmboy and certainly far less pear-shaped, but her pussy stretched like a snake's maw to swallow up more and more of the poor, clueless guy. He seemed to be enjoying himself, mind you, but I still couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. Just a little.
Of course, I was more proud and impressed with my girl who'd arranged this state of affairs (and was earning me some sweet stream revenue in the process). She'd gotten so much of the farmer into her that she's gone from being on top of him to now sitting with her legs spread wide as she desperately fed his lower half into herself using her hands. I moved to get a better angle on the action just in time for her to *schlup!* the guy's toes inside, her outer lips sealing closed on him.
"Ohh, so good," she said, petting the form of her distended belly as she flopped to her side on the farmer's simple bed. "You're the best."
"Oh come on, you say that to everyone," I chided.
"And I mean it. They're all the best," she said, relaxing contentedly as her belly wriggled just a little bit. "Aren't you?"
"It's too bad we have to keep moving," I commented. "The air is nice here." I kept the stream camera trained on Poco.
Poco's enormous belly twitched some more. "What's that? You want us to bring you with us?" she said to her uterus's oversized contents. "Oh, don't worry. That was the plan all along."
I bit my lower lip a little. Here it was. The best part. Poco took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and gulped. Her stomach wiggled. Then suddenly it got... smaller. In a moment it went from being almost twice the size of the rest of her to being about even. Then she squeezed some more, and it tightened up again. In a span of seconds, it condensed again, so now it only looked like she'd fucked a beach ball. Basketball. And then it was back where it had started, trim and flat. She breathed a deep, deep sigh of contentment. "Ohhh, I'm so full. C'mon, Kiki, put your phone away and c'mere. I need some company to fall asleep."
"Uh huh," I said. "Well, I guess that's all folks. Stay posted for the next update." I signed off the stream and put my phone to sleep.
"I swear, you're so spoiled," I said, petting the top of Poco's head, right behind the cat ears. She purred contentedly as I slipped into the bed with her. The woolen sheets were not the softest, but Poco's skin pressed against mine was. This would do.
"How'd we do on the stream?" she asked.
"Made enough to cover our Netflix this month, at least," I replied.
"That's nice," she murmured, already drifting off. Of course, she cared less than I did. She didn't have a phone here, in this world, and overall she was more attached to this place. Why wouldn't she be? It was an all-you-can-eat buffet.
"We'll have to get going early in the morning," I said, though she was probably already asleep. "The hunters will be on our tails soon enough." It was mostly Shin's fault because of his stupid fetish. It wasn't hard to keep track of a couple of girls with cat ears as they passed through the countryside. Of course, the fact that Poco left a trail of missing persons in her wake didn't help, either. But at least she was getting a lot of satisfaction out of her habit.
The three of us had each gotten one power from the evil god that had dumped us on this world. I got to keep my cell phone, always maintaining a full battery and five bars of signal to our old world. Poco had gotten the ability to eat people with her pussy. And Shin. Shin had the stupid power to give cat ears and a tail to any girl he fucked. Lot of good that did him now, having long since melted away in Poco's pussy. But not before he left us both marked, like a goddamn stigmata, as cursed creatures.
Well, whatever. At least the cat ears were damn cute. Especially on Poco. And the internet agreed.
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Posted by sadcatinsnow 10 months ago Report

Having just started reading isakei light novels myself, you did a great job writing the story in that style. I like the "humping down" unbirth method too. Your stories hold up as solid, polished writing and you're one of the three artists I follow here. I hardly ever leave comments but saw your blog post and wanted to make sure you knew you have a fan.


Posted by anonymous19999 10 months ago Report

thank you. really appreciate your thoughts.