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Toons and humans live peacefully with each other. There was a toon town in every city with many toons. The one in New York though was dangerous many women go in but never come out. In that city lived Jessica Rabbit, many toon men and human men come to fuck her. She always lets them. Once in awhile though a girl comes but every time that girl goes missing. Mindy a lesbian girl went searching for Jessica, she wanted an interview and perhaps mabye some tongue action. Mindy was 25, she had black and blue short hair, she wore a skull shirt and red jeans that were to small for her. She asked around for Jessica but each one said to turn back. Mindy entered a bar where a man said he would tell where Jessica was. She saw the man smile and wave for her. Mindy walked over and sat next to him.
 "So you want to find Jessica Rabbit" said the man
 "Yes very much" said Mindy
 "I will tell you only if you are willing to risk your life" said The Man
 Mindy thought about it for a second and nodded. The man frowned and slipped an address to Mindy. She read it and smiled. Jessica was in the hotel she was in, perfect. Mindy walked back to her hotel and to her own room. Mindy put on bright red lip stick and a sexy outfit that showed her tits off. She now had a blue dress that went to half way down her thick thighs. Mindy walked to Jessica's room and knocked on the door 3 times. Mindy heard someone walk to the door and when it opened Mindy was in awe. There stood Jessica Rabbit in her red dress looking as sexy as ever.
 "Yes?" asked Jessica
 "Oh I wanted an interview and maybe some sexual things after" said Mindy
 Jessica stood there and then smiled.
 "I haven't eate- sexualized someone all day, come right in my tasty snack" said Jessica
 Jessica moved and Mindy walked in and studied the place. It was clean and nice, on the carpet was some plastic. Mindy shrugged it off and sat on the couch. Jessica sat next to her and Mindy couldn't stop looking at her boobs.
 "S-so I heard many women go missi- oh god I can't, let me fuck you please" said Mindy
 "That is fine with me" said Jessica
 Jessica kissed Mindy and they laid on top of each other. Mindy went up Jessica's dress and fingered her. Mindy closed her eyes and felt 2 fingers down her pants. Mindy moaned and couldn't stop the amazing feeling. Mindy then felt her face become wet and hot. The feeling developed her whole head and she opened her eyes. Mindy screamed as she looked into the pit of Jessica's throat. Jessica engulfed Mindy's head and was loving it. Jessica didn't eat men since they didn't taste good but women always did. Jessica ripped Mindy's dress off and left her bra and panties on. Jessica gulped and the screaming face of Mindy shaped her throat. Jessica opened wider and slowly gulped in the frame of the girl. Mindy's breasts hit Jessica's tongue and Jessica nicely slid into her bra and licked her nipples. Mindy moaned and stopped screaming for a minute. The gullet was tight and breathing was difficult but she was able to live. Jessica sat up and got Mindy on her knees. Jessica brushed her hair back and steadily went down on the girl. Jessica got to the wide waist and tilted her head back. This revealed a small bulge from her belly, it moved with Mindy inside. Mindy couldn't help but moan, sliding down the wet gullet made her horny, she still didn't want to be food. Jessica managed to get the big booty Mindy had and gulped it down. Last was the legs that Jessica easily sent down within a few seconds to stew with the rest of Mindy. Jesscia held her growing belly as the nice reporter filled it nicely.
Mindy's bra shot out from Jessica's mouth and she sat back in her couch. Jessica watched Mindy squirm and push the stomach walls. Jessica gently rubbed her belly feeling the girl inside.
 "You were asking me about the missing girls, well you found where they go, right to my stomach were they are churned up into fat for my tits, why do you think they are so big" said Jessica
 Jessica could only hear muffled sounds but she knew Mindy heard her.
*gurgle blorp churn slosh*
Mindy heard Jessica but the sounds of the stomach processing her were a big louder. Acid was all over her body and it hurt. She didn't think Jessica would eat her, she didn't want to be toon shit. Mindy fought back hoping it would cause her to get sick but when she heard the moans she knew it wasn't working.
Jessica burped and half melted panties spit up next. Mindy was nude and crammed into a ball with acid up to her chest and almost all the air was gone. Mindy just cried and waited for sweet death. 10 minutes later the acid overflowed her and she drowned. Jessica slapped her belly when Mindy stopped moving. The curves of the girl slowly turned smooth and Jessica's stomach turned round. Mindy just like the other girls that went Jessica for sex ended up being mush. Her bones pushed the stomach walls and cracks were added in with the gurgles. After awhile Jessica's belly started to get smaller and just like the others Mindy was turned into fat on Jessica's tits. Jessica squeezed her new breasts and then kissed them to make Mindy feel welcome. A fart interrupted her kiss and she went to her plastic. Jessica squatted down and lifted her dress. A long brown turd hit the plastic. After that smaller shits filled with hair and bone fell and piled up. Mindy was somehow the biggest shit Jessica has ever taken and she was kinda small. Jessica yelped when Mindy's skull stretched her asshole to the limit and plopped on top. Jessica wiped and watched the skull sink in a bit and scat poured out of the eyes sockets. Jessica wrapped Mindy's remains in the plastic and threw her in the trash where 10 other bags of plastic full of shit sat.
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