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(CM) Raven’s Transformation By GoldenHeart -- Report

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It’s a cool breezy Spring night at the Changeling Manor, the halls are mostly empty except for a few maids and servants cleaning things are tending to the many women of the Prince’s Harem. Though in one room very close to GoldenHeart’s is Raven’s room, she was a recent newcomer to this new world after leaving hers behind, even though she won’t show or tell it to him personally spending all that time with him and getting to know each other was actually...good? Well that’s beside the point in her mind anyway right now she’s a bit confused and focused on her big churning belly which had ripped her iconic black leotard exposing bits and pieces of her grey flesh, a few rips just under her breasts show just the underside of those big grey orbs “I can’t believe Golden likes this sort of thing” she says in her strict iconic monotoned voice staring at her engorged belly as it grumbles and gurgles almost happily it seems, the feeling of being this full and the way her meals struggled felt truly wonderful, and how they’re slowly digesting inside her just felt...right? It doesn’t matter right now she just wishes to enjoy this feeling as long as possible “I could show Golden.....but I won’t, gotta see what happens after they’re digested” she says lightly stroking and prodding the exposed parts of flesh listening to the sweet sounds of digesting which make her blush very very slightly, obviously she couldn’t deny these feeling of pleasure doing this after all the other women she’s seen here when she eventually does leave the room seem to enjoy eating other people, especially that Gamer Girl with the skin tight suit. Raven then proceeds to hover over to her bed in this lavishly simple designed, morbid dark room and sits her already big juicy rump down and let’s her full stomach hang a bit off the side trying to add to the feeling of pleasure, soon she begins to stroke and caress ever inch of her stomach the sounds of digestion filling her ears and making her blush again “This does feel good though, I can’t deny it” the goth beauty stated as her stomach slushes and glorps in response it seems “Guess I’ll take a nap and let my stomach get to work on those two...I don’t really wanna change ether having my stomach so tightly compact feels...” she doesn’t even wanna finish the sentence for it’s so unlike her to express this much emotion in anything let alone the feelings she has for the Bug Prince that took her to this world to live with him, she starts to lightly maneuver back in bed till her belly wasn’t hanging off anymore and laid down in a comfortable spot, closing her eyes and rubs her stomach while slowly drifting off to sleep.

Soon those purple gems called her eyes open slowly as they wander the room a bit, she sits up and lightly rubs her eyes ,that was the best sleep she’s had in a long time it seems and she feels a lot lighter in her midriff area but something just doesn’t feel right like she’s heavier in her already impress bust and her backside, she levitates out of bed and is hovering in the air as she looks down at her breasts and my goodness have they grown why they have to be at least an E cup size now, she then quickly looks back to see her rump barely fitting in the leotard showing off its juicy perfection, her thighs seemed to have grown in thickness as well, how long was asleep for she wonders but that was a fleeting thought at best right now a heavy lair of blush form on her face and she actually smiles though it’s a very small one “Guess Golden was right about this.....I..I can’t wait to show him my next catch” she stated aloud to no one in particular but first before anything, she decides to head to the shower and freshen up before starting her meditation and getting ready for tonight to show Golden some love after he’s done so much for her.

Hope you enjoyed the little story was trying something new, please comment below if you’d like more stuff like that where I write a little short story to go along with the image. I love Raven so much she’s my favorite human girl and always had a huge crush on her.

This was a commission done by my friend  TurnipUpp

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