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(Cm) Girls Hanging Out By GoldenHeart -- Report

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It’s a quiet day in the Autumn Planes and resting in the shade by a group of tres is Elora the Faun and Sheila the Kangaroo both with saucy smiles upon their faces

“Ain’t it somethin or what Elora? Can’t believe my eyes that there’s still baddies to deal with” Shelia says clutching a shiny glimmering gem as small rays of sun hit it in one hand while the other rest atop of her groaning and seemingly happy sounding belly as it churns away at the meal inside who has since grown still

“I know right? You think after Spyro dealt with Ripto and the Sorceress these baddies would get the message” The adorable big breasted Faun says as she holds a orb a loft in her hand while the other is placed behind her head as she gets comfortable resting against the tree her meal still active a bit, though the struggling is steadily declining as a visible handprint presses against the furry mass of engorged flesh, it rumbles, glorps and churns happily as well almost in sync with her Kangaroo friend

“Yea, But I think our bellies are making nice work out of these baddies, eh?” Sheila says giving her belly a few good pats as it slushes and sloshed about

“Yea, If only we thought about this while Avalar or the Forgotten Realms were actually under attack” the Faun retorts back with a adorable chuckle as she looks down at her slightly wriggling belly before it goes completely still and a last visible handprint is seen stretching the side of her belly before it disappears and heavy groan echoes out from the furry orb “but just think of the gains we’ll be getting after these two are dealt with”

“You don’t have to tell me twice Elora, I mean we were already eye catching...” the Kangaroo looks back at her already huge thicc and juicy ass and smirks a bit a light chuckle escaping between her lips “we’ll be even harder to resist~”
This absolutely beautiful Commission was done by the extremely talented  CarnivorousVixen
As a side note however Elora was my first ever Video game crush and still is my favorite video game girl today, she’s so dam adorable and sexy

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Posted by RedNastyFoxy 4 months ago Report

I really love both girls here, thank you for commissioning them!