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Cooch Cuisine (3/3) By doomfister -- Report

….. Gritting her teeth Bug began to suck in Flitter’s carcass, the creaking groans of the poor Pegasus' body as bit by bit her calcium frame was reduced to dust making pops, not unlike rice crispies dowsed in milk. The snaps, crackles and pops low like soup simmering on a hob, causing very little disturbance over the carrying voice of the enthused lecturer at the front who was now discussing crossbreeding and its benefits like a cleric on combat stimulants.

One by one the vertebra gave, the disks slipping with slurping sounds as the next bone was crushed like hard candy, the brittle bones turning to a bone meal in the grinding mill of a munching vagina. The shoulders folding together like a piece of paper, closing tight and a light snap sealed it as the tendons gave and the forelegs buckled and were bundled under the barrel in a nice tucked in a pose for ease of ingestion.

With the bones of the shoulders removed as an obstacle Bug rode down Flitter’s barrel slowly and methodically, making sure not to shatter too many bones too quickly as to make a disturbance, turning the ingestion into a slow burn instead of her normal speed that would have sounded like someone aggressively chewing tobacco. Instead, it was a snail’s pace over Flitter’s form as bit by bit she was kneaded into little more than a mulched ball of flesh and disintegrating bones. The slug trail forming over the plush coat as with pops like popcorn kernels the forelegs were broken as bone by bone they exploded like rivets under strain.

The ribs giving reminiscent of someone undoing a zip, as the twined bones snapped like wishbones in a series of rhythmic breaks. The pressure too much as Bug systematically broke every bone allowing the battered body to slide into her like inverted toothpaste. The shunting sucks taking another inch of the slack corpse and turning it into an indistinguishable mess of gore, the skin holding the pulp together like a plastic bag of chicken bones.

The final obstacle being Flitter’s pelvis, the hardest part of her body forming a bulwark that proved a hard nut to crack. Bug wrinkling her brow and flexing her loins, as she worked around the wide bung that was the mares foal bearing hips as it was now like trying to force a circle into a square as Bug’s birth chute was not wider than her meals. Bug sucking, increasing the pressure and straining before with a loud explosion of shattering tissue, the pelvis imploding in a splintering eruption that was way louder than Bug was expecting, causing her to freeze like a deer in the headlights.

The sound seemed not to carry though, as the only reaction Bug got was a sneeze from her left, as some mare decided now was the ideal time to clear the sinuses. Bug pausing for a few seconds to be sure she wasn’t compromised before finishing her marehood meal. Flitter’s cutiemarks and entire plot disappearing now the hips were no longer structurally sound, and the wide bone folded over like the cover of a book closing pinching her innards with a lewd squelch. Bug placing a hind hood over Flitters ponut, and pussy to prevent the organs prolapsing like silly string as the body cavity’s pressure was irrevocably damaged. The hoof plugging the holes and preventing a spillage and allowing Bug one last feel of the growing cold cooze. The hoof lingering until Bug's yawning honeypot could enclose over it leaving Flitter as nothing more than a pair of hind legs that were slowly sinking into Bug’s abyss like fanny.

The long leg bones snapping like match sticks, breaking just as easily as any of the previous bones. Femur and tibia snapping like twigs as they were bundled up in the faggot that was Flitter’s mutilated body. The legs soon squirreled away, leaving just an aqua green tail to waggling weakly from the slowly closing cunt, getting a thorough waxing with drizzling mare honey from Bug’s stormy sex. Murmuring slightly in bliss, Bug slurped up the tail like a long noodle that soon disappeared like the rest of Flitter to fill out a stuffed womb until it was digested down to a waterfall of femcum.

At this point, Bug came for the second time, and the force was too much with the realisation she had taken the pegaslut as little more than twat treat. A deep moan coming out of Bug's mouth as she could no longer contain herself, and she basted the floor beneath her desk like a fire sprinkler. Panting for a moment she visibly cringed when she heard her name get called.

“Miss Zapper is everything alright?” came the gloomy voice of the lecturer, the mare not looking the least bit enthused about interacting with her student who had caused an interruption.

“Yes….” Replied Bug, her mind hazy from the post orgasm hormone shot. The mare a mess, her unkempt mane even greasier than normal, and her body caked with sweat after having a solo lovemaking session with a mare sized sextoy. Her professor just racking it up to her student being on the drink or some other recreational drug, and rolled her eyes not giving this dreg any more of her time.

“ Then please be quiet, those who actually want to pass finals are listening,” replied the Professor, as she got back to drawing some sort of plant diagram on the board, that Bug had no idea what it represented as she had zoned out on her for filling mid-morning meal.

Bug didn’t mind the remark, the bitch would have what was coming to her, the thought causing her hoof to caress her bulging belly. There was no evidence of Bug’s wrongdoing except an empty seat to her side, and the no longer present students lost looking possessions. Bug's gut bulbous but lacking the incriminating bulge one might find when normally ingesting a pony, as no fetal bulge warped her barrel.

Flitter was gone, little more than a pony meat puree sitting in Bug’s foal factory simmering slightly as it was metabolized into naught but a ball of lingering hair. The tight tunnel that the unfortunate pony had passed through rendering her unrecognisable, so she left nothing more than a dull oblong bulge in Bug’s abdomen as there were no large bones to pitch a tent in her entrails as Flitter had been reduced to something with the fortitude of jelly.

With the dirty work done, Bug could now just sit here, letting her belly work over the tender morsel, and sort her into useful components and tripe to be discarded in a concise leaving of former pony. Bug clenching her loins to tighten them back up, flicking loose a few droplets of her tart loin juices, that joined the puddle under her now slightly plumper rump. The small pond of sexual secretions that had been plastered onto the floor and underside of the desk drying into a thin crust leaving an off smell, but that was some janitors problem. As would be the pretty pellet of hair with a pink ribbon on top that Bug would squeeze out and deposit in the hand towel bin in the girl’s toilet.

That was a few hours off though and for now, Bug was content to get back to doodling her demented drawings. Her mind wandering as she felt the fullness of digesting her quarry, and the future sounds her professor would make when she travelled the same path after finals………………


Today we have another collab between me and Crazy Water ( ). This one slightly more exotic, as it shows Bug in university dealing with a mare under the table ;)

This project came up from a discussion me and Crazy had into the relation of why Pegasus are the best prey. Part of that was their hollow bones, that digest easily during digestion, as well as breaking making them an easy meal to position in the gut. Ofc we take this to the logical extreme like the deviants we are and this is the end result. Hope you guys find some enjoyment in it, as its a bit of a different take in the standard unbirth formula.
Put a lot of stuff out in this 24 hour time window, hope you guys enjoy :)

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Posted by whitpey 11 months ago Report

Very interesting. Loved it.


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago Report

glad you enjoyed it, it was a fun concept ot play with. :)


Posted by Afunlittlegetaway 11 months ago Report

Game over


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago Report

Mission failed we'll get em nex time


Posted by TheDragonBoy 11 months ago Report

Nice. Not often I see fatal unbirth like this.


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago Report

wanted to try something new, glad you liked it :)


Posted by Zyrian 11 months ago Report

I'd like to think that everyone knew, and she wasn't being as quiet as she thought.


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago Report

Well if they did, no one told the lecturer, she ended her days as a greasy hairball sitting in Bugs shower.


Posted by Zyrian 11 months ago Report

Nah, he probably knew too.

She should probably get around to cleaning her shower one of these days. Corpses start to smell after a while.


Posted by doomfister 11 months ago Report

Only if Bug can be arsed, she is a bit idle, when it comes to house keeping, though not when it comes to getting a pony dinner.


Posted by HMDVore 10 months ago Report

Fucking brutal, I love it


Posted by doomfister 10 months ago Report

aye, a fresh spin on unbirth. hopefully it catches on.


Posted by ForgottenLegends 6 months ago Report

I think i loved the story more then the picture. I could see the 3 part story being its own post with Bug's plaster look of pleasure being the cover for it. Good as always i just love Bug Zapper, id honestly love to see one with that teacher getting their demise in the same manner as Flitter......


Posted by doomfister 6 months ago Report

Maybe oneday, I am sure Gill Knot got what was coming to her, that senile old pegaslut. The dark magic of the lemons is dangerous lewd magic though, so only time will tell.