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Kali Belladonna walked through her house, her giant ass swayed back and forth in her dress. Her tits went up and down as she stepped, her curvy body was sexy and she always loved to feel herself. Her neck long black hair was shiny and her cat ears poked up. Kali really didn't know what to do with herself anymore, she was sexy enough to have sex every night with anyone but she wanted to do something special for her daughter Blake. Kali went into Blake's room, Blake wasn't home and so Kali looked around and tried to think of something she could do. Kali looked at her music and all artist's had big bellies. Kali never really took in her daughter's room but looking now she saw big squirming belly pictures every where. Kali knew people were able to eat each other whole but it seems Blake was really into it. Kali looked down and saw Blake's diary, she picked up and sat on the bed. Kali opened it and saw drawings of Blake with a big belly. Kali turned the page to see a comic that started with Blake eating Kali. Kali didn't know what to feel, Kali went to the last few panels which showed Blake shitting her out and a skull on top. Kali had no idea Blake wanted to eat her and she felt weird and thrilled at the same time. Kali put the diary down and thought about eveything. If this would make Blake happy then she would be more then willing to be shit out of Blake. Kali got nude and sat on her couch waiting for Blake to come home. The door opened the Blake walked in, her long black hair flowed and her small tits pushed against her black crop top. Blake had a curvy ass and of course cat ears like her mother. Blake saw Kali naked and covered her eyes.
 "Woah mom go put some clothes on" said Blake
 "Blake I went into your room and saw your diary, I enjoyed the comic of you eating and digesting me" said Kali
 Blake uncovered her eyes and looked at Kali
 "You weren't supposed to see that oh god that is embarrassing" said Blake
 "Oh honey its okay because I want you to eat me, make your fantasy come true" said Kali
 Blake couldn't believe what she was hearing, she really wanted to hope Kali was serious.
 "Are you serious can I eat you" said Blake
 Kali nodded her head and Blake's eyes glowed with excitement.
 "Eat me right here and hurry, I want to feel myself churn inside you" said Kali
 Blake went over to Kali and grasped her arms. Blake smiled and then opened her mouth as wide as she could. Kali stuck her head in Blake's mouth and Blake swallowed. The happy face of Kali bulged on the outside of Blake's throat and Blake started to gulp her down. The shoulders were narrow and easily fit inside Blake, Kali bit her lip and loved the feeling of going down the slimy tight gullet. Blake swallowed and got to the huge tits Kali had. It took her a minute but Blake got the giant melons in her maw. Blake wasted no time and swallowed the boobs.
Kali's head went through a hole and she was finally going into the stomach. Blake's belly started to bulge out and so she contiued to eat Kali. The round booty Kali had nicely fit into Blake's mouth, Blake swallowed the ass down and with that the legs started to come as well. Her thighs were inside Blake and soon only 2 feet were left. Blake pushed them in and swallowed Kali compeltly. Kali braced herself and finally got all nice and snug in the belly. Her body was put pushed against itself and Kali was okay with it. She liked the feeling of the walls pushing against her and the acid going on top of her. Blake held onto her Kali shaped belly and smiled. She was so happy Kali was willing to let herself get eaten for her.
Blake burped and then walked to her room. Kali shuffled around inside Blake and tried her best to make Blake's fantasy true. She pushed the walls making acid squirt on her and put her face against the walls and screamed.
All the moving Kali was doing kept making Blake belch. She didn't mind though and was happy she finally had a big full belly.
*Glorp churn gurgle*
Blake couldn't hear anything Kali said since her stomach was too loud and she couldn't tell if the moving was in pain. Kali was burning but she only felt love and pleasure for Blake. The acid was slowly rising and making Kali softer. Kali wished she could see the smiling face when Blake shits her out but she knew time was almost up
*Churn gurgle*
Blake couldn't help herself, she started to finger herself on the bed feeling Kali get softer. Blake came on the bed and finally a few curves started to leave the form. Kali finally passed out and the stomach pushed in on her even more. Her body was crushed up and turn into soup, all the curves left the outside and was replaced with a few bones that got pushed up against it. The new soft and round belly continued to gurgle and melt Kali's bones as well. After a while the stomach got louder and Blake moaned as she felt her intestine's get filled with Kali. Blake's ass grew fatter and her tits were bigger and fuller. Blake groped herself and loved additions Kali gave her, her fantasy was almost done. Blake let out a nasty fart and she squatted on the ground. A great big log of shit started to push itself out of Blake. It fell onto the ground and some bits of hair and bone were in it. Blake squeezed and thinner but longer loaf of shit came out. It plopped on the ground and the pile started to rise, small pebbles of shit rained down while some logs filled with bone came as well. Blake let out another huge squeeze and thick log with a skull in it fell from her ass and finally all of Kali was out of her. Blake wiped her ass and looked at the 3 foot pile of shit. Blake took a picture and loved it to death, she wanted more now. Perhaps Yang would be willing to become her shit.
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Blake's Fantasty Comes True By Coolwoman -- Report

This request is for Arbus 1

Art is by MommyMercy

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Posted by Taliaofaxeris 10 months ago Report

Is this your first RWBY thing?


Posted by Taliaofaxeris 10 months ago Report

Also I aslo wonder if Yang would be willing to become shit


Posted by Coolwoman 10 months ago Report

It is. I might do another with Yang


Posted by Taliaofaxeris 10 months ago Report

Maybe she is not willing to become shit. Shitting the kitten out on the other hand


Posted by FireRed2 10 months ago Report

Nice story


Posted by Arbus1 10 months ago Report

Oh my God this was amazing!!! Thank you so much I loved it!


Posted by comandmaster 10 months ago Report

nice story

a link to the artis would be nice


Posted by MadKing 10 months ago Report

Could you some work. Alot of it seems redundant. But it was a good idea.


Posted by Christess12 10 months ago Report

More RWBY stories would be fantastic